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OTOSAVER Dash Cam introduction

  1. 후가공 코팅 Reveal the truth, OTOSAVER Automatically save and remember your valuable video record. Highest Quality Dash Cam Blackbox Authentic Road Network System (주)네오로드 대전광역시 유성구 가정로 218 한국전자통신연구원 융합기술생산센터 607호 305-700 Tel 042-536-7900 F ax 042-536-6800 Mobile 010-9373-7900 ne
  2. OTOSAVER is created by the accumulation of technology and the highest quality authorized all of the world. Brand name OTOSAVER is neologism of‘Auto + Saver’and a word of 'OTO' is used to symbolize an image of owls’s eyes that can penetrate in the dark and it alludes to the highest quality of product with smart image. 02
  3. ETRI is abbreviation of Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute established in 1976 and this government-contributed research institute has long history about 37 years. Most of new technology in Republic of Korea are created here. Created estimation of economic effect about 169 trillion 8096 hundred million (2012year) Top ranked in the world for registration of a patent rate and thesis rate per a person. Top ranked of patent valuation in the world. Korea' Electronics & Telecommunications Research Institute Ieads the initial ranking of Innovation anchor scorecard ™ BY IPIQ in USA. The Innovation Anchor Scorecard™ combines 237 institutions previously included in IPIQ’s University Scorecard™, Government Scorecard™ and Research Institution Scorecard™. 2013 Developed ‘Manless valet parking technology’ controloing by smart phone 2012 Developed world’ s best level 4G telecommunication system ‘LTE-Advanced’ 2011 Developed ‘transmittance Controling transparent display technology’ providing vivid images even in the daytime 2007 Developed World’s first ‘3.6Gbps 4G wireless transmission system(NoLA)’ 2004 Developed World’s first portable internet service (Wibro) and ground wave (DMB) 1996 Succeeded World’s first CDMA commercialization and standed on as world’ s top class in PCS industry. 1988 Developed 4M, 16M, 256M memory semiconductor and took the leadership in the world market. The NEOROAD Co., Ltd occupied in ETRI(government-contributed research institute) always does our best to develop better products and better technology with close cooperation for highest technologies with ETRI. 05 . NEOROAD thinks human first. TECHNOLOGY FOR HUMAN NEOROAD does our best for safety of family and people-oriented technology development. The company occuping in the ETRI, government-contributed research institute. ETRI is government-contributed research institute and top of technology-oriented research institue in Republic of Korea. 10 OTOSAVER DRS-2000HD 출시 History 2013 12 selected as A this moth’ s small and medium enterprise’ s promising product 11 Made Business Development Cooperative Agreement with Asia Research Center of Woosong University OTOSAVER brand received bronze prize by 2013 Trademark-Design Right Award Became one of six winner in 2013 Global Up Program Competition in Daejeon Metropolitan City and received "Global Excellent Company Certificate Award”. 5 6 DAS-3000HD was selected as HIT 500 7 Received the grand prize in Digital YTN E-BIZ Brand Award 2 Launched 2channel vehicle camera OTOSAVER DAS-1300 11 Successful M&A with R&Tech 4 Established NEOROAD R&D Center 3 Best seller of vehicle's security camera industry in domestic market 10 Established NEOROAD CO., Ltd 2014 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 9 Certified Promising Small & Medium Enterprise by Daejeon Metropolitan City DAS-5000L certified HIT 500 by Small & Medium Business Corporation. Launched 2 channels Full Touch LCD camera, OTOSAVER DAS-5000L. 8 Obtained ISO:14001 & ISO:9001 Certifications.
  4. 진정한 블랙박스의 혁명 DAS-5000L 4 inch Wide Full Touch LCD Car Dash Cam Dual Camera 1280X720P HD Recording I Anti-heating System for preventing degradation phenomenon I Over 3times quicker operating speed I The highest quality CCD type rear camera I IR rear camera for both indoor and outdoor installation I Convenient User-friendly interface with full touch screen I Adoption of the highest IPS panel I High Brightness, High Definition, Wide Viewing Angle of 170 degree for left and right I 160 degree for above and below I Security LED 4inch Full Touch LCD Full touch type controling all features on the newest 4.0 inches wide LCD Screen provides High Brightness, High definition, Wide Viewing Angle by using the highest quality IPS panel. Wide Viewing Angle is, the newest technology to show original image of LCD screen in wide angle’ s large territory without distortion for human’ s eyes. Hard RTOS Method Used industrial program ‘Hard RTOS’ for stable operating instead of ‘Micro CRTOS’ program which is old version that has a problem editing and improved liability and successfully provides stabler and upgraded level as a new dash cam in the world. Quad Play System The device operates maximum 6 orders at once for quad play system and its error is reduced because it resets when a segment has error by segment management system that is changed to parallel processing from series processing. Also it provides the newest innovation of over 3 times faster processing speed than any other car dash cam in the market today and provides quick booting and loading speed in less 5 seconds. IR Waterproof rear camera This IR waterproof rear camera with 6 IR lights proveds bright and clear images in the dark. And for perfect fourfold waterproof, it provides perfect rear video recording without blind spot if you install IR waterproof rear camera on the rear outside of the vehicle. Description Division Item LCD 4 inch, Resolution, Resistive touch screen Front angle 130 f : 1.5 Resolution 1280X720p Frame 1 channel, 2channel, Front, Rear Recording Type Continuous Recording, Event Recording, Motion Recording, Emergency Recording. Storage Micro SD Saving method MP4 Battery Super capacitor Temperature Sensor Digital Temperature Sensor All functions displayed on the screen (OSD Support) Touch operating type Playback of both front and rear recorded video / Avaliable to play Video Output type Power DC 12V - 24V Continuous power supply type, Internal power disconnection system Operation Full Touch type Power Disconnect Function Elementary embedding (5~6 level setup) Reset Automatic reset with CPU error GPS Avaliable to install (Optional) Resolution 640X480p Supported voltage 3.5V Lens's angle 130 f : 1.5 Car Dash Cam Rear camera 06 07
  5. “Now you could be special” The unique car dash cam makes your vehicle shine! DAS-3000HD Vivid and Clear images with 5Mega Pixel Color CMOS Full HD It boasts the highest resolution of 1920X1080 Full HD, Provides realistic image of video recorded. Subminiature Car Dash Cam OTOSAVER DAS-3000HD with polished black color OTOSAVER DAS-3000HD has stylish design with minimal size of 40x90 and does not bother driver’s veiw when it’s installed in the vehicle. Also, 360 degree revolution rack of DAS-3000HD support free recording view for user’s convenience. Avalible to use DAS-3000HD as a digital camera or a camcorder with internal battery The DAS-3000HD has an internal battery that when fully charged, can provide 10 minutes of continuous use when removed from the vehicle power supply. In this way you can use the device as a Digital Camera and/or Camcorder in Emergency situation and provide stable saving recorded data into micro SD card. Various way to see recorded images Recorded images can be played through various way. First, if you connect the device to navigator or other various display devices, you can see real-time recording video and recorded video. Secondly, you can also see recorded data through various media players such as Windows Media player, VLC Player, KM player on PC and/or Smart phone immediately with micro SD card. 5Mega Pixel 1080P The highest Quality of Full HD car dash cam Vivid and clear Full HD image I Continuous Recording I Parking surveillance mode I Event Recording (Event files recorded are saved seperately) I Power disconnection function I Digital Camera and Camcorder Function I Self-format Function I Mapping Function with GPS I Supporting Video Out Display I Voice Recording I Audio Guidance I Image reverse function for right and left I Security LED “Feel difference with Premium Car Dash Cam OTOSAVER DAS-3000HD!” OTOSAVER DAS-3000HD Specification Item Description Camera 5Mega Pixel Color CMOS Full HD Angle 140 Video : H.264 / Audio : AAC File Compression Method Picture quality] Full HD (1920X1080), HD(12820X720) Maximum 30 fps Continuous Recording, Event Recording, Emergency Recording, Parking surveillance recording, Voice Recording Recording Frame Various Recording Type G-Sensor Internal 3D G-Sensor GPS External GPS module (Optional) Data Storage 16GB~32GB SDHC Micro SD card AV-OUT Connection to exclusive PC viewer and/or various media program DC 12V-24V -20℃~80℃ Voltage Support Operation Temperature 08 09
  6. Save your data with perfect security car dash cam OTOSAVER 2000HD!" Clear Definition of 2.0 Mega Pixel It provides clear and realistic definition as supporting high resolution of True HD 1280X720P Front Camera and D1 720X480P Rear Camera and 30fps. Curved design that doesn't outstandOTOSAVER DRS-2000HD is designed curvedly so that it doesn't block drivers' view and it fits to the vehicle's roof and the device boasts the best security as not outstanding whether or not the device is installed in the car. Saves recording video safely for super cap even when emergency OTOSAVER DRS-2000HD saves recording data safely for super cap instead of internal battery as maintained normal operation for certain time when the power is cut off because of sudden accident. Also, the map function can be used without GPS connection for internal GPS. Manages data safely with exclusive PC viewer and password The user can see the recorded video on the exclusive PC viewer by compressing and saving the data in the special format form of H.264. And for security, the user should input password to see the recorded video. DRS-2000HD provides easy and perfect security service. DRS-2000HD OTOSAVER DRS-2000HD 2 channel HD high security Blackbox I High quality 2 channel recording resolution I 2Mega Pixel Color CMOS Camera Lens I An angle of 100 degrees I Various type of recording mode I Switch to automatic parking recording mode when the device is connected to continuous power supply I Internal Super Cap battery I Saving a recording data safely when the device is cut off the power suddenly I Internal G-sensor I Voice guidance I Security LED/ State sign LED I Video Out socket for external output display I Internal GPS I Internal RTC Division Description Division Description Camera 2Mega Pixel Color CMOS HD Camera Lens G-Sensor Internal 3D G-Sensor Angle 110 dgress GPS Internal GPS Extention Method H.264 / AVI included calss 10 Micro SD (8GB) Data storage Resolution Front : HD (1280X800) / Rear : D1 (720X480) seperately sell 16GB, 32GB Frame Max. 30FPS Voice Recording Internal microphone LED 2LED (TBD) Video Out Avaliable to connect with various display devices Display Exclusive PC Viewer Software with Password Supported Voltage DC 6V ~ 24V (1CH : 150mA ± 10%, 2CH : 220mA) Various Recording Types Continously Recroding / Event Recording Emergency recording / Parking surveilliance Recording 10 11
  7. OTOSAVER Smart and Various Recording modes OTOSAVER is the highest technical car dash cam which has internal digital temperature sensor to prevent system error or damage. It turns off the power when the temperature gets over 80℃ and it has heavy condition, and turns on the power again when the temperature gets down. Operation Temperature : -20℃~80℃ Conducted and passed the reliability test of stable operation in high temperature and with continuous impacts by RF test board of ETRI. Teste de confiabilidade pela ETRI para a OTOSAVER It provides detailed information of data recorded through PC viewer software. In case of dual camera product, you can see both recorded image of front and rear together at once and can save as a picture of some of important moment in the video data recorded. The device shows a accident location and driving routes on the Google map when GPS is connected and a user can search recorded video with recording type and date. “Most electronic devices can’ t handle the heat?” “ No matter even in hot summer! ” Continuous Recording : The device provides continuous recording when it turns on the power. Event Recording: The device saves the data recored into additional folder of Micro SD card automatically when sensing sudden shock such as extenal impacts, sudden brake, acceleration, sharp curve by internal sensor. Emergency Recording : It is also called as “manual recording” and users can record directly as they want. Voice Recording: Device supports voice recoding by internal microphone. If you don’t need this function, you can turn off the voice recording function on setting page of PC viewer and/or on the screen of device. OTOSAVER SMART exclusive PC veiwer It’s absolutely different OTOSAVER의 SMART Anti-Heat system ETRI(한국전자통신연구원) 고온환경 동작 테스트 확인서 12 13
  8. OTOSAVER의 스마트한 배터리 방전 방지 기능 OTOSAVER의 제품은 배터리 방전 방지 기능이 탑재되어 있어 별도의 배터리 세이버가 필요하지 않습니다. OTOSAVER DAS-5000L 설정해놓은 일정 전압 이하로 떨어지면 자동으로 전원을 차단 시켜 차량의 배터리 방전을 방지합니다. 또한, 차단 시간을 설정 가능하여 사용자가 자유롭게 조절할 수 있습니다. OTOSAVER의 스마트한 셀프 포맷 기능 OTOSAVER는 메모리카드가 제품에 장착된 상태에서 버튼을 눌러주는 간단한 방식으로 메모리카드를 쉽게 포맷 할 수 있어 간편하게 메모리카드 관리와 사생활 보호를 할 수 있습니다. OTOSAVER의 스마트한 고객 지원 서비스 OTOSAVER DAS-3000HD 차량의 배터리 전력이 11.8V 이하로 내려가면 자동적으로 차량으로부터의 전력 공급을 차단하며, 차량의 배터리 전력이 정상화 되면 자동적으로 신호를 받아서 다시 정상 녹화 동작상태로 변경됩니다. OTOSAVER 블랙박스는 국산제품이며 확실한 고객 서비스가 큰 장점입니다 It’s absolutely different OTOSAVER extending to the world OTOSAVER 블랙박스는 수리업체를 대행하는 방식이 아닌, 블랙박스 AS 우수 인력을 보유한 네오로드 본사에서 직접 AS를 담당합니다. Canada Brazil Singapore Malaysia Australia New Zealand USA UK Italy Ukraine Russia Cyprus Etc. 14 15