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Career Rocket Fuel: Here's what you really need to get right about work

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Brian Fetherstonhaugh has spent over 35 years in business in global firms, and has seen tens of thousands of career trajectories–from the first steps of entry-level millennials to the long journeys of Fortune 500 CEOs.

But he feels most people have the wrong approach to their careers. He says people think about the immediate next step, not the pathway; they treat a career like a sprint, when in fact it is a 40-plus-year marathon. People are more focused on getting promoted on Tuesday than they are about having great choices when it really matters–in their 40s and 50s.

Brian has been thinking about careers for decades and lecturing on the topic for the last dozen years at places like Yale, MIT, Harvard, Columbia, McGill and NYU. Here are some of the things he feels you might not be thinking about your career, but should be.

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Career Rocket Fuel: Here's what you really need to get right about work

  2. Let’splay“CareerMath”
  3. Q1: Take 62 and deduct your current age
  4. Q2: On average, what % of personal wealth do you accumulate after the age of 40?
  5. Q3: How many hours does it take to become really excellent at something?
  6. Q4: How many Facebook friends and LinkedIn contacts do you have?
  7. Q5: Howmanypeoplewillyoumeet in‘careerheaven’?
  8. A career is a really, really long journey
  9. The idea is to end up in your Forties with several great career choices
  10. STAGE 1: Take on rocket fuel ‣ Transportable skills ‣ Meaningful experiences ‣ Enduring relationships
  11. Transportable Skills ‣ Critical problem solver ‣ Convincing salesperson ‣ Team player ‣ Talent magnet ‣ Intelligent risk-taker ‣ Use internet for competitive advantage
  12. STAGE 2: Pour gasoline on your strengths ‣ Find your sweet spot ‣ Align to your passions ‣ Set a high ambition ‣ Differentiate or perish
  13. STAGE 3: Pass the torch ‣ Succession ‣ Teach ‣ Mentor ‣ Stay fresh
  14. You are a brand
  15. 3% 5% 2% 10% 20% 60% Teach & Learn Fitness Chilling Family Work Community TIME PORTFOLIO : 30’S
  16. TIME PORTFOLIO : 50’S 20% 5% 5% 10% 15% 45% Teach & Learn Fitness Chilling Family Work Community
  17. TIME PORTFOLIO : FLAME-OUT 5% 10% 10% 75% Teach & Learn Fitness Chilling Family Work Community 0% 0%
  18. Find a career where you can play harmonica, or whatever makes you happy
  19. Linkedin:‎ Twitter: @BrianOgilvy For more about Brian Fetherstonhaugh: