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  1. EMPOWERING ECONOMIES WITH BLOCKCHAIN Adding security, efficiency, transparency.
  2. Years in the Software Development & Consulting Clients with Annual Revenue >$1B Finished Projects Trusted Partners Awards Allies in the FinTech Network 16 6 200+ 12 8/ / / / / / 80+ Working in the software development field since 2010, we’ve made a contribution into a great variety of projects of some of the biggest names in the world. ABOUT US
  3. CORE TECHNOLOGIES Ethereum Ecosystem Truffle Web3 Solidity Serpent Aragon Open Zeppelin Raiden Ganache-cli 0x / / / / / / / / / Exchanges Coinbase Kraken ShapeShift Bancor Binance / / / / / Public Blockchain Ethereum Bitcoin DASH Neo Nem / / / / / Permissioned Blockchain Hyperledger Fabric Quorum Hyperledger Sawtooth Etheremint Hyperledger Burrow / / / / /
  4. ENGAGEMENT For large, long-term projects Dedicated Team Features: Monthly Fee Excellent Scalability Close Collaboration Deep Dive Into Your Niche Inert / / / / / For small projects like consulting or training Time & Material Features: Hourly Fee Weekly Reports Time-efficient Analysis Responsive / / / /
  5. ENGAGEMENT PHASES 3 Feedback 4 Discovery Phase 1 Intro Call 5 Execution 2 Internal Analysis
  6. OUR SERVICES Our tokenization platform makes the digitalization of assets quick and cost-effective. Asset Tokenization Implementation of secure and reliable methods of the cryptocurrency processing. Cryptopayment Integration A highly customizable white-label ICO platform, deployment in under 2 weeks. Crowdfunding & ICO Training, consulting and workshops for educated decisions and effective planning. Blockchain Advisory Blockchain-based mobile and web applications for improved security and high performance. DApps Development From business analysis and modelling to deployment and support. Permissioned Blockchain
  7. ENTERPRISE BLOCKCHAIN While the public blockchain (such as a bitcoin) is hardly suitable for any business applications due to its low speed, huge power demands and lack of privacy and control, permissioned blockchain systems is perfect for enterprises. We are experienced with Hyperledger Fabric Quorum Hyperledger Sawtooth Etheremint Hyperledger Burrow / / / / / 3MVP Development 4Refinement & Support 1Preliminary Analysis 2Discovery Phase STAGES OF DEVELOPMENT ENTERPRISE BLOCKCHAIN
  8. ASSET TOKENIZATION Extensively tested and already implemented in a variety of projects, our tokenization solution has proved secure and effective in such areas as FinTech, education, logistics. Made out of the independent modules, the platform can be easily and quickly modified to best fit specific requirements and deliver the highest value. 3 Development 4Integration with your System 1Business Analysis 2Customization Estimation STAGES OF DEVELOPMENT APPROACH Customization based on specific business needs Basic Package Our tokenization platform is a ready-to-deploy backend solution that takes couple of days to integrate.
  9. TOKENIZATION PLATFORM USE CASES Supply Chain & Logistics/ Escrow Multi-Currency & Crypto Wallets Assets Trading Cross-Bank & Cross-Country Payments Crowdfunding Fintech/ Profile Sharing Between Medical Institutions and Patients Healthcare/ Profile Sharing Between Partners Insurance/ Development for Tokens Booking/Rent for Tokens Real Estate/ Public/Government Registries/ Distributed Autonomous Organizations Asset Holders Voting /
  10. CROWDFUNDING: Our specialists have come up with the white-label crowdfunding platform called ICONX and we are ready to provide all sorts of technical support for its quick and trouble-free deployment. ICONX best works for startups and individuals lacking the financial backup. 3Deployment in 2 weeks 4Full Tech Support 1 Demonstration 2Customization Estimation STAGES OF DEVELOPMENT APPROACH Customization based on specific business needs Basic Package ICONX
  11. CROWDFUNDING: ICONX http:// ICONX is the crowdfunding platform (investor & admin panel) seeing marketing a main priority. Why ICONX? Launch ICO in 2 Weeks Effective hacking protection Easily Customisable High-Quality Technical Support Comprehensive Marketing and Analytical Tools Integrated with Shapeshift, ZenDesk and / / / / / / MORE INFO
  12. DAPP DEVELOPMENT “DApp” is short for “Decentralized Application” – a blockchain-based software. The decentralization prevents any of the participating computers from taking the full control over the system, effectively counters DDoS and other malicious activities, and, once again, eliminates a middleman. We provide the full-cycle development, from a business analysis to the DApp launch. 3MVP Development 4Dedicated Team Allocation 5Full Tech Support 1Business Analysis 2Discovery Phase STAGES OF DEVELOPMENT
  13. CRYPTOPAYMENT INTEGRATION Cryptocurrency payments are increasingly popular among businesses because their direct P2P transactions are cheap, quick, private and can transfer any sum at any time. Implementation of cryptocurrencies into an enterprise, however, is a technologically complicated activity that has to be performed by a trusted and a simply professional company.
  14. BLOCKCHAIN ADVISORY TRAINING Several Hours/DaysDuration 2-3 Weeks Several Days – 1 Week Remote/In personPlacement Remote In person SuperficialDive Medium - Deep Deep None Required Background Formulated Business Expectations Basic Understanding of the Technology The all-encompassing introduction to the blockchain by the professional delivering fresh, relevant and consistent information Informational support - analysis and suggestions - for the rational decisions on the operational level. The close, face-to-face cooperation between our team and your staffers devising the business requirements and brainstorming the best blockchain strategy and tactics. CONSULTING WORKSHOPS APPROACH Time & Material
  15. CASE STUDY: WINSTARS Winstars is a decentralized gaming platform featuring a catalog of gambling resources with a core built on blockchain and smart contracts. Based on the ICONX, Winstars relies on the blockchain protocols developed and reviewed by our specialists. Learn More: http://
  16. CASE STUDY: ORMEUS A smart contract platform that connects emission to the mining process of the farm, ORMEUS acts as a centralized smart exchange sustaining the liquidity of the in-house tokens and BTC. The system uses bitcoins for tokens the way financial institutions use gold for the fiat currency. The algorithm is built on the BTC Relay tech. The entire ecosystem was crafted by our engineers. Learn More: http://
  17. http:// CASE STUDY: BITRENT BitRent is the blockchain platform offering commercial and residential property investments the increase of profit via connecting developers directly to the investors. We conducted the security audit of the BitRent’s 9 smart contracts hence allowing their ICO to proceed a protected way. Learn More:
  18. CASE STUDY: RECYCLE CHAIN The blockchain-based system focusing on the interaction among those who don't need a thing and those who are ready to buy it out. Ethereum based DApp “RecycleChain” ensures an effective and secure cryptocurrency transactions between households and enterprises in the field of waste reclamation and recycling.
  19. CASE STUDY: CRYPTO IMPROVEMENT FUND For the CIF’s ICO, we fixed multiple errors of the previous team and created a coin (dash fork). Our engineers were ensuring the technical support and consulting for the project after the finish of the CIF’s crowdfunding campaign. Learn More: http://
  20. http:// CASE STUDY: SocialMedia.Market is a global marketplace for advertisers and opinion leaders within all major social networks. The system is based on smart contracts developed and reviewed by our team. Learn More: SOCIALMEDIA.MARKET
  21. http:// CASE STUDY: Kepler Collective is the platform aiming to make the cryptocurrency fundraising more secure, more honest and more effective by forming financial pools. For the project, our team developed backend, integrated with KYC provider and an array of other features relying on the blockchain as a core concept. Learn More: KEPLER COLLECTIVE
  22. KEY BLOCKCHAIN DEVELOPERS Solution Architect, Lead Engineer KIRILL KIRIKOV Solution Architect, Lead Engineer ALEX LOCKSHYN Senior Engineer, Security Expert BOHDAN MALKEVYCH
  23. HELEN PETRASHCHUK Partner at 4ire Labs / / / / / +38 (097) 111-67-54 helene_petrashchuk START BUILDING YOUR BLOCKCHAIN FUTURE NOW!