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Table of Contents Foundation Social The Ultimate Guide to Startup Marketing

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Table of Contents

Social Media

Startup PR

● Choosing a market

● Choosing social media networks

● Craft meaningful position statements

● Defining success

● Defining the best times to post

● Define your startup sensitivities

● Defining keywords

● Using a keyword list

● Identifying writers for a media list

● Setting core metrics

● Creating & using an influencer list

● Creating a press kit

● Estimating a conversion rate

● Setting up a blog

● Reaching out to journalist

Slides 17-19

Test and Iterate

Slides 20-23

Best Practices

● Creating a topic list

● Setting up analytics tools

● Sell the solution

● Knowing what content to publish

● Measuring against benchmarks

● Have a compelling story

● Guest blogging

● Brainstorming creative new ideas

● Use all your resources

Slides 1-6

Slides 7-11

Slides 12-16

● Setting a budget

Content creation

● Capturing emails

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Slides 24-27

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