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Pinch pots how to ppt2016

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Pinch pots

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Pinch pots how to ppt2016

  1. 1. Pinch Pots Lidded Jars with Handles and Feet
  2. 2. Forming a pinch pot 1. Begin with a ball of clay. Push your thumb into the center. Then pinch up the walls 2. Turn the piece as you pinch. This will help you to keep an even thickness in the walls of the piece. Walls should be no thinner than your “pinkie”, no thicker than your “pointer”. 3. Double check that the walls and bottom have an even thickness. 4. Gently pat the bottom on a flat surface to create a flat spot on the bottom of the piece
  3. 3. How to make 2 pinch pots that will fit together Begin with two balls of clay that are the same size. Thumb hole in middle 1 pinched, 1 not yet! If the rim is uneven-you can trim it with a fettling knife These pinch pots fit together nicely! Cracks need to be smoothed with a very small amount of water and your finger. Seam will be covered with a coil or snake of clay
  4. 4. If 1 pinch pot is wider than the other, what do you do? Cut a triangular wedge out of the pinch pot that is wider Fold the clay over itself and smooth
  5. 5. Combining 2 pinch pots Cutting a lid http://cerami pottery- making- techniques/h andbuilding- techniques/b asic-doesnt- have-to- mean-boring- pretty- organic- forms-from- simple-and- complex- pinch-pots/
  6. 6. Professional Lidded/Footed Pots
  7. 7. Handles/Knobs for Lids
  8. 8. Feet