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De meerwaarde van samenwerking bij data- en contentdonatie | WikiconNL 2019

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Presentatie 'De meerwaarde van samenwerking bij data- en contentdonatie' tijdens WikiconNL op 8 maart 2019 door Federica Fantone en Janneke Jorna.

Publicado en: Datos y análisis
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De meerwaarde van samenwerking bij data- en contentdonatie | WikiconNL 2019

  1. 1. De meerwaarde van samenwerking bij data en content donatie Federica Fantone & Janneke Jorna Wikicon NL 2019 Utrecht, 08.03.2019
  2. 2. WO2 Open Data Depot • Content: meer kwalitatief hoogwaardige oorlogsbronnen • Beschikbaar voor het brede publiek • Samenwerking
  3. 3. Samenwerking met Beeld&Geluid: 170 films van Filmdienst der NSB
  4. 4. erk_Oorlogsbronnen
  5. 5. LINKED DATA / WIKIDATA The rise of Wikidata as a linked data source August 6, 2018 - by Karen Smith-Yoshimura OCLC Research ● “Wikidata is becoming more and more significant for cultural heritage institutions including our library.” (National Library of Finland) ● “Wikidata [is] a potential authority hub.” (British Library) ● “It seems to be a great place where we can share our data and use their data to enhance ours in ways we hadn’t envisioned before.” (Smithsonian) ● “…all facts taken from Wikipedia stored in Wikidata turned to linked data is a tremendous achievement and we’re actively working together to link our data offering with theirs even closer.” (Springer Nature)
  6. 6. concentration camp (Q152081)
  7. 7. Nazi concentration camp (Q328468)
  8. 8. Nazi concentration camp (Q328468) - geo
  9. 9. Added value of data donation ● Wikidata as knowledge base and potential authority HUB for different GLAM sectors ● Improving consistency of data ● Improving visibility of data ● Sharing data and re-using enriched data ● Enhancing multilingual coverage
  10. 10. ● After matching the WO2 Thesaurus with Wikidata items, there is an issue of provenance. As Cultural Heritage Organisation, which link would you use? ● As Thesaurus curator, how would you make sure your data are in sync? ● In case of regular update, which is the most efficient method to check the correct matches and to further update your data? Points of discussion
  11. 11. Website: Twitter: THANK YOU!