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Scaling SaaS on Oracle

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Scaling SaaS on Oracle

  1. 1. Scaling SaaS on OracleKevin O’BrienSenior Director, ISV and SaaS StrategyOracle Worldwide Alliances & Channels
  2. 2. Agenda• Oracle SaaS Offerings• Scaling Your SaaS Application• Scaling Your Business• Resources for SaaS ISVs
  3. 3. Focus Your R&D Investment On Unique Customer Requirements, Leverage Oracle’s R&D For Rest Focus R&D on Your CoreYour Application(s) ExpertiseMiddleware Oracle’s $4.3B Investment in R&D yields market leadership:Database • OLTPOperating Systems • Data Warehousing • Embedded DatabaseVirtual Machine • Middleware • Enterprise OperatingServers SystemsStorage • Server for UNIX • Server for Oracle Database • Development Language
  4. 4. Oracle Product Portfolio for SaaS Applications Cloud Management Enterprise 3rd Party Apps Oracle Apps ISV Apps Manager Application Performance Mgmt Platform as a Service Lifecycle Integration: Process Mgmt: Security: User Interaction: Management SOA Suite BPM Suite Identity Mgmt WebCenter Application Grid: WebLogic Server, Coherence, Tuxedo, JRockit Configuration Management Database Grid: Oracle Database, RAC, ASM, Partitioning, IMDB Cache, Active Data Guard, Database Security Application Quality Mgmt Infrastructure as a Service Oracle Solaris Operating Systems: Oracle Enterprise Linux Linux Oracle Enterprise Ops Center Oracle VM for SPARC (LDom) Oracle VM for x86 Solaris Containers Physical & Virtual Servers Systems Mgmt Storage
  5. 5. A Decade of SaaS Leaders Running Oracle
  6. 6. Partnering to Scale SaaS ISVs- Partnering Across Growth Phases - - SaaS ISVs - SPS Commerce IPO April 2010 Retail Solutions Inc. 500 2010 list of America’s fastest growing private companies Priava Successful ISV launching a SaaS offering
  7. 7. Flexible Commercial Models • Monthly (SaaS for ISVs) • Term • Perpetual • Oracle Financing© 2010 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential
  8. 8. Oracle | OpSource Partnership • Partnering together since 2004 • OpSource and Oracle together provide complete enterprise solutions for SaaS ISVs • Strong sales force alignment© 2010 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential
  9. 9. Resources for SaaS ISVs• Learn more about Oracle product offerings and commercial models for SaaS: • Cloud Computing & SaaS Knowledge Zone (OPN) • Oracle Cloud Computing (• Schedule a SaaS consultation with Oracle: • •