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20190520_OpenAIRE Advance Policy and Legal Task Force

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Webinar to support Open Science Policy Creation and Legal Issues

May 20th 2019

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20190520_OpenAIRE Advance Policy and Legal Task Force

  1. 1. @openaire_eu OpenAIREAdvancePolicyandLegalTaskForce Webinar to support Open Science Policy Creation and Legal Issues
  2. 2. WhatthisWebinarisabout Presenting the policy templates andother materialsdeveloped by OpenAIRE Discussing theelements anOS/OApolicyshould include &legal issuesto takeintoconsideration Presenting examples of practical implementation Focusing onhowtodeal withlegalissues inthe context ofopen science policies 3
  3. 3. • The focus of OpenAIRE onpolicies is based onthebelief that infrastructure and policies aretwo mutually reinforcing elements of Open Science • Open Science/Open Access Toolkit for policymakers ✓ Policy Templates RPOs,RFOs ✓ Checklists RPOs 4
  4. 4. DesigninganOpenScience/OpenAccessPolicy • The structure andcontent of anOS/OA policy should take into consideration factors like theexistence of national infrastructure, cultural aspects etc. • OS/OA policies areof various types (hard/soft) → language is important (e.g. apolicy canmandate orcall or encourage etc.), body adopting thepolicy (e.g. Rector, Library…..) 6
  5. 5. Rights,RolesandResponsibilities Who does What Key Elements of an OS/OA Policy Publications/ResearchData What – Where – When to deposit – Copyright – Licensing Issues, RD, Opt-out, DMP ReviewofthePolicy When and By whom MonitoringandCompliance Key Mechanisms Other OS Elements AssesmentandEvaluation Key Research Processes TrainingandAwarenessRaising Who does What 7
  6. 6. AssessingReadinessforAdoptinganOpenSciencePolicy OpenAIREhasdesignedcheckliststo enableinstitutionstoassesstheir readinessinadoptinganOpenScience policy. Checklists Itcoversmainelementsthatshouldbe takenintoaccountindesigningapolicy thatisalignedwiththeHorizon2020 requirementsonopenaccessandthe keydevelopmentsatEUlevelrelatedto OpenScience. To Consider: Thechecklistisstructuredaround14 statements.Foreachstatement,there arethreepossibleanswers(A,B,C). ResponsesunderAindicatehigher readiness,thereforethehigherthe numberofAsrecorded,thereadieran institutionis. 14 Statements 8
  7. 7. Examples A.Theinstitutionalpolicyspecifiestheroles, rightsandresponsibilities B.Thereisarathervaguedescriptionofthe rolesandresponsibilitiesofeachpartyinvolved intheimplementationofthepolicy C.Thereisnodescriptionofrolesand responsibilitiesinthepolicy Roles / Responsiblities A.OSasaformalcriterioninresearch assessmentandevaluationprocedures B.OSisencouragedyetnotembeddedasa formalcriterioninresearchassessmentand evaluationprocedures C.Nomechanismforincentivizingor rewardingresearchersengagedinOS practices Rewardsand Incentives A. Trainingcoursesareorganizedonregular basisforresearchersatdifferentstagesof theircareers,librarystaffetc.takinginto considerationdisciplinarydifferences B. OStrainingcoursesareprovided,yetnota regularbasisandoflimitedscope C. Guidanceontrainingcoursesofferedby OpenAIRE,FOSTER,RDAandotherrelatedprojects and/ornetworks Training 9
  8. 8. OpenSciencePolicyinTurkey
  9. 9. TUBITAK Open Science Policy 1111 The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) adopted its Open Science Policy which includes both publications and research data on 14 March 2019. The number of researchers affected by this policy ~ 25.000
  10. 10. TUBITAK conducted 2 surveys on Research Data Management and Open Access Awareness and Satisfaction.ştırma-Verilerinin-Yönetimi-Anket- Raporu_2018.pdf TUBITAK held trainings on the Management of Research Data to raise awareness about Open Science and RDM. TUBITAK Open Science Policy Before the policy approval:
  11. 11. Contribution to the preparation of TUBITAK Open Science Policy as OpenAIRE NOAD • Translated OpenAIRE model Policy on Open Science for Research Funding Organisations (RFOs) into Turkish and shared it with TUBITAK to be a model for open science policy. • Gultekin Gurdal who is OpenAIRE Advance NOAD in Turkey, is one of the member TUBITAK Open Science Committee and he has worked together with TUBITAK in preperation of Open Science Policy. TUBITAK Open Science Policy Members of TUBITAK Open Science Committee
  12. 12. Scope: • This Policy covers publications (peer reviewed articles, etc.) and research data that has been produced by researchers who were fully or partially supported by TUBITAK … Principles 1. Depositing by default mandatory (green) 2. Accepting delayed OA 3. Publish in OA recommended (gold) 4. Research data management plan (DMP) recommended 5. Publish O articles with O data 6. Justifying when data are not O 7. DMP templates and guidelines will be provided 8. Depositing e- copies of scientific studies 9. O publishing will be taken in the evaluation 10. OS will be promoted 11. This policy will be monitored TUBITAK Open Science Policy
  13. 13. TÜBİTAK Open Archive Aperta was launched. TUBITAK Open Science Policy
  14. 14. Translated OpenAIRE model Policy on Open Science for Research Performing Organisations (RPOs) into Turkish and adapted it to Izmir Institute of Technology (IZTECH) as a model. IZTECH Open Science Policy was approved by IZTECH Senate on 26 March 2019. This policy, which is the first Open Science Policy in Turkey, includes details on both publications and research data and will be an example for the other universities. IZTECH Open Science Policy
  15. 15. Serbia:OpenSciencePlatform
  16. 16. OpenSciencePlatform:thecontext • AdoptedbytheMinistryofEducation,ScienceandTechnologicalDevelopment(themain nationalresearchfunder)inJuly2018; • Preparedbyaworkinggroupthatincludedtherepresentativesofuniversities,researchers, librarians,theNationalScienceCouncilandtheMinistry; • MajorchangesaretotakeplaceinSerbianresearchfundingsystem(anewfundingmodelisto beestablished,hopefullysince2020;newLawonScience,etc.)andthetrueimplementationof theOSPlatformisexpectedwiththebeginningofanewfundingcycle. • OpenScienceisexplicitlymentionedintheDraftLawonScience. • Yet,manyissuesarestillopen(e.g.fundingtherepositoryinfrastructureandGoldOA, compliancemonitoring). • Majorobstacle:underdevelopedinfrastructure;duetothis,someissuesinthepolicycouldnot bedefinedmoreprecisely. • Itmaybeexpectedthatsomeissueswillberesolvedinby-lawsandinstitutionalpolicies. 18
  17. 17. OpenSciencePlatform • Availablefrom: • ROARMAP: • Averygeneralumbrellapolicyprovidingaframeworkforinstitutionalpolicies; • Coverspublicationsandresearchdata; • HardOAmandateforpublications; • OAtoresearchdataisrecommended; • Twoannexes(topicscovered): • Annex1:definitionsofrepositoriesandtechnicalstandards;APC/BPC,licenses • Annex2:researchdata,FAIRprinciples,persistentidentifiers,licenses,RDMplans 19
  18. 18. SerbiannationalOSpolicyanalyzed againsttheelementsoftheOpenAIRE ModelOSPolicyforRFOs
  19. 19. OpenAIRE model policy (elements and topics) Serbian OS Platform Comment Aims and Scope Defined in the preamble Rights, Roles and Responsibilities Only the obligations of the grantees are defined. The costs related to OS activities are not addressed. In the Draft Law on Science, OS activities are recognized as activities of general interest that should be funded by MESTD. No incentives for OS activities are foreseen. May be specified in other documents, e.g. funding contracts. Open Science Only publications and research data are covered. Open peer-review and citizen science are not mentioned. Open peer-review was mentioned in the initial policy draft but the idea was not accepted in further discussions. OA to publications Hard OA mandate for publications; Publications: articles published in scholarly journals, chapters in edited volumes, conference papers and conference abstracts, PhD theses, monographs, etc. funded fully or in part from the national budget of the Republic of Serbia Green OA, embargo periods: 12 months for STEM, 18 months for SSH Hybrid OA is not considered ineligible; Mandatory deposit for Gold OA publications; Eligible OA journals are not specified; Gold OA publication costs will be considered eligible but it is not mentioned who is to cover the costs; This is yet to be negotiated; may be specified in other documents, e.g. funding contracts Machine readable CC licenses are mandatory.
  20. 20. OpenAIRE model policy (elements and topics) Serbian OS Platform Comment OA to research data Deposit is not required but recommended. FAIR principles are explicitly mentioned. Situations when data cannot be made open are defined. Machine readable CC licenses are required (preferably CC0, CC BY or CC BY-SA). It is recommended that a RDM plan be an integral part of each research project. Data-related costs are not mentioned. Licensing CC licenses are required. Expectations from Researchers ORCIDs are not mentioned. May be specified in funding contracts. Funding acknowledgment is not mentioned. Already required by funding contracts. Researchers are required to deposit in repositories that meet quality standards. Compliance The implementation of the policy will be monitored and the monitoring results will be used in the evaluation of project impacts, future applications for funding, etc. This is expected to be defined in funding contracts once a new funding cycle begins. Reporting methods and periods are not defined. Defined in some institutional policies. No sanctions in case of non-compliance are foreseen. Resources for OS training/awareness-raising Not mentioned Policy Review Not mentioned