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Open Access Repositories

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A presentation by Ian Wellaway as part of Open Access Week at the University of Exeter.

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Open Access Repositories

  1. 1. Open Access week – October 2012 Ian Wellaway
  2. 2.  A website where you can submit data and descriptive metadata Its: ◦ Secure ◦ Robust ◦ Publically accessible (or not if you don’t want it to be) ◦ Archive not backup!
  3. 3.  Free safe storage – better than on a: ◦ PC ◦ Laptop ◦ Pen drive ◦ CD/DVD ◦ External hard drive ◦ Third party storage Backed up every night Your funder Accessible by others Handle – unique identifer (URI) Searchable via search engines (Google, etc)
  4. 4.  Demonstration - ◦ Using the ‘out of the box’ submission process
  5. 5.  Remembers details of a previous submission Allows faster selection of multiple files and or folders Uploads very large files Aimed release: early 2013
  6. 6.  The Dark archive...Dar-kive? ◦ Data not publically accessible ◦ Still securely stored ◦ Same submission process
  7. 7.  Good question – what do you think? Competition
  8. 8.  Ian Wellaway ◦ Infrastructure Systems, Exeter IT ◦