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OpenPOWER SC16 Recap: Day 3

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In our final recap of SC16, we learn how OpenPOWER members are working together to address the changing needs and demands of HPC!

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OpenPOWER SC16 Recap: Day 3

  1. 1. SCSalt Lake City, Utah | November 17, 2016 16 OpenPOWER Recap Day 3
  2. 2. What a day at SC16! After hearing the latest news from OpenPOWER the first two days, we wanted to talk to members about what they’re working on in HPC.
  3. 3. And understand the current trends shaping HPC.
  4. 4. Deepak Vinchhi Co-founder & COO Julia Computing, Inc. Deep Learning is now ubiquitous in the machine learning world.
  5. 5. Srini Chari Managing Partner Cabot Partners The convergence of HPC, big data analytics, and HPDA is the next game-changing business opportunity. It is the engine driving a Cognitive organization with data as its fuel.
  6. 6. OpenPOWER members are working to directly address the market’s demands
  7. 7. Will Ramey Director of Developer Marketing NVIDIA With GPU accelerators, the process of training & retraining neural networks as you expand the amount of data you have is relatively fast & doesn’t require a lot of manual effort.
  8. 8. The low cost & wide availability of high-performance systems like the IBM S822LC for HPC server with NVIDIA NVLink technology helps researchers all over the world to deploy supercomputers. Sumit Gupta VP of HPC & Data Analytics IBM
  9. 9. Including making sure that developers have the tools they need to succeed.
  10. 10. Doug Miles PGI Compilers & Tools NVIDIA A well designed parallel programming model, supported by well optimized compilers, can greatly improve developer productivity.
  11. 11. Of course, the collaborative model of the OpenPOWER Foundation helps!
  12. 12. Phil Pokorny CTO Penguin Computing With the complex solutions our customers demand, Penguin Computing is delivering a choice in traditional or OCP-based OpenPOWER systems, well suited for new applications like machine learning that can leverage NVIDIA NVLink on OpenPOWER.
  13. 13. Supermicro is extending its strong IBM relationship by working with IBM on OpenPOWER systems that deliver maximum performance & efficiency. Wally Liaw Co-founder & SVP of International Sales Supermicro
  14. 14. Eliot Eshelman VP, Strategic Accounts & HPC Initiatives Microway Microway integrates OpenPOWER systems into our turnkey HPC clusters. This is enabling higher throughput than we’ve ever seen before.
  15. 15. Todd Raeker Research Technology Consultant University of Michigan Mellanox, NVIDIA, & everyone involved in the OpenPOWER foundation allows us to seamlessly integrate different components of ConFlux.
  16. 16. Ken King GM, OpenPOWER Alliances IBM Like any successful racing team, Tencent knew that their ‘race car’ had to be built with collaborative innovation from organizations all over the world, so they turned to IBM & the OpenPOWER Foundation.
  17. 17. This concludes our coverage of SC16! We hope that you learned as much as we did! Until next time!