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Cloud / Build to cloud using Open Source - Jean-Francois Caenen, CapGemini

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Capgemini is delivering a best of bread user experience and e-business platform in the cloud using open source technologies and cloud service providers. This offering, named Capgemini Immediate, has already attracted several customers in Europe including Royal Mail Group in UK.

The presentation will describe the customers' issues and business contexts, the solution built to address these issues, the Capgemini project approach and engagement model and the reasons to use open source technologies. It will also present the resulting benefits and the key success factors of this new approach.

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Cloud / Build to cloud using Open Source - Jean-Francois Caenen, CapGemini

  1. 1. @Build To Cloud using Open Source technologiesBeyond just cheaper & faster – transformation at scale23 Sept 2011jean-francois.caenen@capgemini.comChief Technology OfficerCapgemini France
  2. 2. CFOs love Cloud Computing ! No investment before use. Pay for what you need, when you need. Instead of investing in rigidity, you buy flexibility.@ 2
  3. 3. Businessmanagersknow & loveCloud Computing!ImplementBusiness Applications we needmuch quickerSource:HfS Research and London Schoolof Economics, Oct 2010846 Entreprises @ 3
  4. 4. A MAJOR SHIFT IN SOLUTION SOURCING From This Experimenting with Cloud Some Open Source (in commoditized or embedded stacks) Mostly Commercial Software on-premise @ 4
  5. 5. A MAJOR SHIFT IN SOLUTION SOURCING From This To This Experimenting with Cloud Cloud-based Some Open Source Services (in commoditized or wherever embedded stacks) viable Mostly Open Source Commercial Continual Software Software reappraisal (on IaaS or PaaS) on-premise Commercial SW on-premise due to lack of viable alternatives, only where needed or for risk mitigation @ 5
  6. 6. BEYOND JUST CHEAPER & FASTERTRANSFORMATION AT SCALEYou will not getall the businesssolutions you needfrom a single CloudService Provider ! From Systems Integrator to Services Orchestrator @ 6
  7. 7. Capgemini Immediate Capgemini Immediate offer aims to deliver a world class customer experience by bringing together a broad range of market leading cloud services into an integrated technical and business process ecosystem. Not a 3 Customers in Europe one-size-fit-all approach ! B2C e-commerce Extended CRM & Billing forContinual Innovation a Service prodiver for car owners Ecosystem of Partners B2B platform for one of the largest electronics companiesBest of breed @ 7
  8. 8. CONTINUAL INNOVATION A team to monitor the market constantly, interrogating new value propositions and constantly assessing and evolving our current partner landscape @ 8
  9. 9. Capgemini Immediate Engagement Model Value Based Charging / Global SLA Capgemini Service Management, Supplier Management, Delivery management IaaS SaaS Costs Resource Costs Licenses / SLAs Costs / SLAs 1 to n vendors @ 9
  10. 10. THE ROYAL MAIL GROUP One of the world’s Responsible for the Responsible for the oldest organisations 1st postage stamp, the 1st post boxes, red Can trace itself back Penny Black c.1840 pillar boxes c.1850 to the organisation formed by Henry VIII in the 1500sAugust 2011 @
  11. 11. THE ROYAL MAIL GROUP 165,000 employees 4,500 employees 92,000 employees 69 Mail Centres 2 Hubs 13,850 branches (more than any other UK 1,400 Delivery Offices 47 Depots retailer) One of the world’s 30,800 vehicles 1,800 vehiclesfor the Responsible Responsible for the oldest organisations 1st postage stamp, the 1st post boxes, redper 63m transactions 80m items handled 207k parcels handled Penny Black c.1840 week pillar boxes c.1850 per day itself back Can trace per day 15p in every £1 to the organisation Deliversby Henry VIII formed to 28m transacted in the UK in the 1500s addresses per day handled via the Post Office NetworkAugust 2011 @
  12. 12. RMG BUSINESS CONTEXT Core postal business in decline Customers increasing online… everywhere RMG Core Business Constant change in business, Challenges IT- Constant game of catch-up regulations, public policy, & customers @ 12
  13. 13. E-commerce Platform RenewalLegacy replacement3,000+ pages100+ applications Next Generation E-Business @ 13
  14. 14. EVOLVING CONSUMER DEMANDSNEXT GENERATION EBUSINESS Targeted Inbound Click- Marketing through to Sign-up for personalised offer Existing web page customer Personalised data Online Advertising Aggregated Potential Product / Service Information interest in Segment and product / Target service from profile I want… Extend your offer! Website Automated Marketing Reward Loyalty Join our community! This product Share your experience may be of and access special offers interest Automated Cross Sell / Up sell Build a Loyal Online Marketing Community Collaborate In Social site Targeted, relevant offer Automated Target & Segment Marketing Collaboration @ 14
  15. 15. BEST EBUSINESS PRACTICES SUPPORTED BYAN INTEGRATED SET OF MARKET LEADING SERVICES 8. Drive “eyes” to Website and to targeted, 1. Track and record customer personalised landing pages behaviour. Recording transactions to commence building customer profile 7. Execute multi-channel campaigns Email, direct mail, Facebook, CRM System telemarketing 6. Build targeted 2. Segment & profile lists based on web Marketing Web Analytics activity and score System leads 5. Or…move to automated lead nurturing program or CRM System retention program Analytics & 3. When prospect becomes Reporting ‘hot’ move to SFA & alert AE Measure & Optimize 4. Analyze and Manage Marketing Performance @ © 2011 Capgemini - Internal use only. All rights reserved. 15
  16. 16. BEST OF BREED SOLUTION INCLUDING18 SAAS AND OPEN SOURCE SUPPLIERS Identity Service Personalization and Interaction Management Management Content Management Personalization Collaboration Search ID Management Customer Management Event Access Management Management Marketing Data Customer Web analytics Warehouse transactions Data Customer Reporting Web analytics Customer Transaction Management Warehouse transactions Service Service Integration Support Auditing Services ETL Interface Reliable File Master Data Process Traffic Management Workflow Adapters Messaging Transfer Management Orchestration Service Continuity Interface Publish Exception Translation Business Business Activity Encryption Adapters Subscribe Management Transformation Rules Management Services Directory eRetail Mail & Parcels Services Services Information Supply Chain Insurance Financial Document Government eRetail Archiving Aggregation Services Services Services Management Services Security Infrastructure Credit Checking & Common Shopping Configurable Pricing Anti-fraud Address Validation Basket & Payments Common Services @ © 2011 Capgemini - Internal use only. All rights reserved. 16
  17. 17. USING OPEN SOURCE TECHNOLOGIESIdentity Management Content Management DevOps Tooling eCommerce Drupal Drupal Commerce Service Integration Data Management @ © 2011 Capgemini - Internal use only. All rights reserved. 17
  18. 18. BENEFITS OF USING OPEN SOURCE Business Model You can’t have elastic computing with inelastic licensing Low upfront cost Abillity to scale out and scale up usage Open Source is driving Innovation in Cloud Computing and DevOps Tooling Usual Open Source benefits Very High Quality solution Early-stage proof of concepts demonstrating feasibility before committing project resources Designed to be easy integrated No Vendor lock-in Gain the knowledge of a community @ 18
  19. 19. Development and deployment by iterationsdefined by a business value analysis 6 releases in 16 months to go out of the existing legacy platform. A continuous enhancement approach based on business outputs @ 19
  20. 20. INNOVATION & COST CONTROL ‘‘This contract is great news for our business, our customers and our employees. Once the migration is complete, we will be paying for the IT we need as and when we need it, so that we can for the first time bring our IT costs firmly in line with revenues. Capgemini’s services integrator and ecosystem model can also provide access via a single point of contact to a wide range of reliable and pre-vetted IT providers, services and facilities. I am confident that this new way to buy IT also gives us a sound basis for cutting our ongoing IT cost while transforming services to customers and supporting new business ventures. ’’ Stuart CURLEY, Chief Technology Architect of Royal Mail Group @ 20