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Future of Augmented Reality

  1. Augmented Reality (AR)
  2. Introduction to Augmented Reality (AR):- The augmented reality is the technology based on the combination of real world and imaginary world which is computer generated .
  3. Components of Augmented Reality Camera + 3D Software
  5. Three dimentional:-  It also contains 3D objects that looks very realistic in real world .
  6. FEATURES  Changeability
  7.  Synchronicity and instantaneous transformation
  8.  Antecedent
  9.  Hidden Reality
  10. HISTORY (1968)
  11. HISTORY (1974) Myron Kruger
  12. HISTORY (1990-1994) Tom Caudell Louis Rosenberg All most 1994 AR technology in movies
  13. HISTORY (1998-1999) NASA X-38 (1st AR) Battlefield Augmented Reality System (BARS)
  14. HISTORY (2000-2009) NFL’s AR Camera Ways Speed
  15. RECENTLY & NOW (2010-2014) World's 1st 3D Printed Car MARTA App Google Glasses
  16. RECENTLY & NOW (2015-2018) Microsoft HoloLens is the most advanced AR now days
  17. CURRENT WORK Facebook is working on it..
  18. Uses in different fields The features and uses of “AR” are as follows  Gaming In order to attract gamers more towards game the game developers and creators are adopting new technologies and methods to attract more gamers towards their new products.The “AR” technology is being adopted very fast by game developers and creators.The gaming consoles companies are also introducing “AR” technology in their products. One of the well known company is NINTENDO. there are more than 20 android games in which “AR” technology is used.The one of the wellknown android game is Pokémon go .
  19.  Education The “AR” technology is also becoming very familiar in the field of education . The “AR” technology has the potential to change the location and timing of studying, to introduce new and additional ways and methods. Capabilities of Augmented Reality technology may make classes more engaging and information more apprehensible.The potential of combining smartphones and Augmented Reality for education is big, though it still has to be fully discovered.
  20.  Health Care Augmented reality has also a vast scope in this field . It can help in operation and in explaining the structure and various parts of human and other living things to the medical students . It also help to operate the complex parts of human body like brain through its 3D technology .
  21.  Industry Another application of “AR” technology is easy installation of machinery and manufacturing things and maintenance in industry . In the automation the augmented technology is considered both as competitor and coordinator of it.
  22.  Decorating homes Augmented reality is also useful for decorating homes .There are android applications through which we take photo of furniture and then adjust the furniture through the app in your home or your office.
  23.  Military Augmented reality is very useful in military. It helps to give military training to solders. It helps to reduce expenses for military training and bring cost to very low level. It also helps during war situation.
  24. Future Weather CloudyLooking at weather on AR Sunny Rainy
  25. BOOKING & INFO ON AR Analyzing Urban Scene Info & Booking ofTrain/Bus Info & Booking of Hotels Info of Building & Entertainment
  26. Aim is to watch & update every thing in virtual way Sunset timing with temperature
  27. Advantages The advantages of augmented reality are as follows  Advances in technology  Reducing the line between real world and imaginary world.  Interactive abilities.  More realistic experience of gaming.  Less dangerous surgeries and operations.  Less expensive.  Rapid augmentation in tourism.  Making things memorable and eye catching.  Sensory oriented digital ads are inexpensively and the personal experience to be had through augmented reality. These all advantages makes augmented reality the next best technology and the future of the technology and humans.
  28. Disadvantages The things that are created by human has its advantages but also have disadvantages so augmented reality also have disadvantages.  The lack of privacy.  People other than military can also misuse this technology and become threat for country/world.  Augmented reality is leading to an era of no privacy, where criminals could simply point their phones at victims and learn anything they need to know about them.  Information overload and augmenting without permission.
  29. Reason to select AR  Just one time requested to build AR Hardware & Software.  In future technical skill replace designing skill. Work in every field.