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OuiShare Editorial Guidelines

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These are editorial guidelines for contributers to our magazine

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OuiShare Editorial Guidelines

  1. 1. How to write a great post -Editorial Guidelines & Adivce
  2. 2. In this presentation:1. Getting started2. What is worth reporting?3. Defining your angle4. How to make headlines5. Structuring your article6. SEO Guidelines7. Pushing your content
  3. 3. How to startJoin our tool Trello here to● add your article ideas● discuss them with others● get the "go" from editors to start writing the article● give others feedback and input on ideasHow? Send an email to ● stan[at]ouishare[dot]net (french & english) ● francesca[at]ouishare[dot]net (english)
  4. 4. Done? Trello Have a look here Give feedback, insights Writing your post? Move the card here & Move the card here & notify Offer help update the editors! editorsHere you can findthe guidelinesagain ;-)Have a new idea?Create a card hereand fill in thedescription with apitch + notifypotentially interestedpeople
  5. 5. Different categories of posts● Brief news● Analytic post (usually long)● Opinion piece● Interviews
  6. 6. What makes news worth reporting? Exclusivity?Did other websites reported about it yet?In which language?
  7. 7. What makes news worth reporting? Originality? Is this really new? Is it likely to happen again?
  8. 8. What makes news worth reporting? Value added on the longer-term? Opportunities to link back to previous posts? Will it feed further posts? Does it emphasize our expertise?
  9. 9. Define your angle !
  10. 10. Making your headline awesome Focused VS.
  11. 11. Making your headline awesome impertinent & provocative VS. VS.
  12. 12. Making your headline awesome Metaphoric & Creative AWESOME
  13. 13. Making your Headline OK... In case of imaginations shortage.. Keep it simple:
  14. 14. How to structure your article Respect CC licence Size must be 940*300 pix Put source at bottom of Beautiful & illustrative picture articleNot an introduction!Short & attractive Tell a story!summary of what the Anecdote, recent news, Awesome Headlinearticle is about (max 3- personal experience - and4 lines) lead people to your Lead paragraph reasoningStart with a short Introductionsentence making thebridge with previous § Sub-headings Not to generalist! Your amazing text Take a quote if youre out of imaginationNormal width is 640px Sub-headings Good picture Your amazing text Bring perspective for further discussionbelow a <hr/> tagPut footnotes & Your amazing openingpictures credit here Footer
  15. 15. Making your content searchableSEO guidelines● link to relevant content from previous OuiShare and other articles● make sure to fill out "title" field with text related to the link
  16. 16. SEO GuidelinesHere you can search forexisting articles with keywordsyou would like to link to
  17. 17. SEO GuidelinesDo the same forpictures:● Fill out title● alternate text● add the link to original picture on flickr (if CC)
  18. 18. This is what the GoogleFill out the preview of your article willWordpress SEO look like.PluginAdd one keywordyou find mostimportant for thearticleTitle that showsup in Google. Nolonger than 70caracters.= lead paragraph.If possible, addmore relevantkeywords in thetext.Fill in an Excerptwith 1 -2sentencessummary. Thistext appears onour front pageunder the picture.
  19. 19. Pushing your content1. Facebook● mind to post as Ouishare (not yourself)● check if the feature picture appears correctly (otherwise use this tool: )● Write an introduction statement or good quote● delete link after fully loaded● you change link title/ text if necessary● target to right audience (Spanish article -->Spain)2. Twitter● add relevant #hashtags● @mention the author● adapt the title
  20. 20. A few last things...This key items do help us a lot: ● Spend 5-10 minutes on the trello board everyday : provide feedback, ideas, insights to other contributors ● Update the status of your article so that it does not get forgotten ● Ask for help when needed ● Check out the editing guidelines before sending the final version to the editors ● Have fun !
  21. 21. Stanislas Jourdan Stan[at]ouishare[dot]net Francesca Pick francesca[at] ouishare[dot]net OuiShare @francesca_sp