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Patrycja Slawuta- Upgrading the Human OS

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Moore’s law says that the computational power of machines doubles every 18 months. As a consequence, change becomes the only constant. We live in a world of constant hacking, rewiring and upgrading of various systems around us. Same goes for the human OS. Programmed early in our development by powerful forces such as culture, religion and family, this system, more than any other, requires a continuous upgrade to reflect who we are, what we want to become and where we are heading. Come join us for this powerful and insightful session as we learn how to hack, rewire and upgrade the ultimate supercomputer between your ears - your mind.

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Patrycja Slawuta- Upgrading the Human OS

  1. 1. @Patrycja_NYC Patrycja Slawuta Upgrading the human OS • Patrycja Slawuta • SelfHackathon • @Patrycja_NYC
  2. 2. @Patrycja_NYC Today WHO am I? WHAT is mind hacking? HOW can we hack & upgrade ourselves?
  3. 3. @Patrycja_NYC Who am I? Researcher Entrepreneur Mindhacker
  4. 4. @Patrycja_NYC What is SelfHackathon? Science Personal Development Technology
  5. 5. @Patrycja_NYC What is MindHacking? Inspect Rewrite Upgrade
  6. 6. @Patrycja_NYC Framework Human Mind = most valuable resource
  7. 7. @Patrycja_NYC Framework Neuroplasticity = human mind as living code = Wetware
  8. 8. @Patrycja_NYC Framework Every life skill = hackable & learnable
  9. 9. @Patrycja_NYC Today How to hack the Human OS: • Head • Heart • Body
  10. 10. @Patrycja_NYC Are you ready?!?
  11. 11. @Patrycja_NYC Head The software Psychological OS Apps: Pre-installed & Downloadable
  12. 12. @Patrycja_NYC “Apps” to install Confidence Power to… Self-esteem Self-Compassion Growth Mindset Warmth Self-Awareness Mindfullness Presence
  13. 13. @Patrycja_NYC Heart Map of the human heart
  14. 14. @Patrycja_NYC Heart Map of the human heart
  15. 15. @Patrycja_NYC Hacking the Heart Emotional OS Fully pre-installed (+biases) Rapid decision making mechanism
  16. 16. @Patrycja_NYC Hacking the Heart “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” Victor Frankel
  17. 17. @Patrycja_NYC Body Hardware Primal code Mindhacking Tool
  18. 18. @Patrycja_NYC Merci beaucoup Join the upgrade