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Predictive Analytics World for Industry 4.0 Munich

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12-13 June, 2018 in Munich

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Predictive Analytics World for Industry 4.0 Munich

  1. 1. Predictive Analytics World for Industry 4.0 Where AI meets IoT: 12-13 June 2018, Munich
  2. 2. Executive Summary The Predictive Analytics World is the leading vendor independent conference for applied predictive analytics around industry 4.0. Business users, decision makers and experts in predictive analytics will meet from 12th until 13th of June 2018 in Munich to discover and discuss the latest trends and technologies in machine & deep learning for the era of Internet of Things and artificial intelligence.
  3. 3. Where AI meets IOT Data and analytics are the two sides of the same coin. Without analytics data is worthless. Without data analytics is useless. The same goes for IoT and AI. Without artificial intelligence the gigantic amounts of sensor data produced by the Internet of Things devices will be worthless because humans won’t be able to analyze it. Without the Internet of Things the artificial intelligences will be useless because they would lack of training data for the machine learning algorithms and the predictions and recommendations generated by the algorithms wouldn’t reach the devices. To realize the vision of smart devices, smart factories or even smart cities, we need smart algorithms that solve the challenges specific to industry 4.0 analytics, e.g.: enabling real- time processing, combining edge and cloud computing, dealing with uncertainty and connectivity issues, securing the data collection and transmission, and many more. Also, we need smart data scientists who combine analytical expertise with industry domain knowledge. For this reason, we invite you to participate as a speaker or visitor to the Predictive Analytics World Industry conference and share your experiences, challenges and achievements with other participants.
  4. 4. Speakers from previous years
  5. 5. Facts & Figures Predictive Analytics World in general:  Berlin 2017: +40 Sessions & +250 Participants  Global events series:  Further Information at:
  6. 6. Participant satisfaction "This is the second time we have taken part in Predictive Analytics World and we were once more extremely impressed by the quality of the presentations. In addition, we managed to win a prestigious customer at Predictive Analytics World, so participation for us was doubly worthwhile." Dr. Michael Allgöwer, Head of Competence Center Data Science, b.telligent GmbH & Co. KG
  7. 7. High proportion of decision makers 52% 44% 4% Decision Maker Employee Self-employed
  8. 8. Professional audience 12% 20% 16% 16% 24% < 1 year 1-3 years 4-6 years 7-10… 10 +…
  9. 9. Topic proposals Past lectures included the following topics:  Predictive Maintenance & Logistics  Anomaly Detection & Root Cause Analysis  Fault Prediction & Failure Detection  Risk Management & Prevention  Route & Stock Optimization  Industry & Supply Chain Analytics  Image & Video Recognition  Internet of Things & Smart Devices  Stream Mining & Edge Analytics  Machine ~, Ensemble ~ & Deep Learning  Process Mining & Network Analyses  Mining Open & Earth Observation Data  Edge Analytics & Federated Learning … and many more related topics.
  10. 10. Presentation formats Keynote: A visionary lecture on a major topic in the area of ​​predictive analytics. 45-50 minutes plus 10 minutes Q & A. Case Study: Presentation of a concrete application of predictive analytics in industry including clear statements about the economic success of the project. 25 minutes plus 5 minutes Q & A. Deep Dive: Introduction to a specific technical or analytical topic or guidance for a concrete predictive analytics method or (open source) tool. 50 minutes plus 10 minutes Q & A.
  11. 11. We are inviting service providers and product providers to present their services and products to the professional audience in sponsored sessions or sponsored deep dives: Sponsored Session: Presentation of your own product or customer project by means of examples from the customer's practice. 25 minutes plus 5 minutes Q & A. Sponsored Deep Dive: Introduction or guidance on your own product using practical and easy-to-understand examples. No pure presentation - instead, active discussion with the participants and / or the participants can follow the examples on their own computer. 50 minutes plus 10 minutes Q & A. Max. 20 participants. Presentation formats for sponsors
  12. 12. Tips for a successful abstract  Grab the visitor’s attention – with a short and concise title.  Like a good appetizer the abstract should leave you wanting more: it should motivate the visitor to take part in your presentation.  Be concrete: Identify the problem, describe the solution and quantify the benefits.  Make a promise: tell the visitor what he can take away from your presentation for his work.  Examples from PAW16: programm/
  13. 13. Tips for a successful presentation  Not a sales show. Convince through your project, your personality and your expertise.  Be open, honest and concrete: How did you solve the problem? What did not work? How great is the benefit in numbers? How did you validate the forecasts?  Simply begin at a level which is comprehensible for everyone and increasingly enter into detail for the experts.  Make space and take the time for substantive issues and technical discussions.
  14. 14. 28. February 2018: Deadline for Abstracts 1. June 2018: Presentations must be submitted 12-13. Juni 2018: PAW Industry in Munich Dates
  15. 15. Spread the news! Share the buzz! Predictive Analytics World Germany:    Predictive Analytics World International:    Twitter-Hashtag: #pawcon
  16. 16. Contact Martin Szugat Program Chair Phone +49 176 1019 0176 Email Web Sandra Finlay Conference Director Phone +49 8151 5566045 Email Web