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Quinn's Story

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Quinn's Story

  1. 1. winkleton the weasel by Quinn Evarts
  2. 2. the Flonus family weregoing on vacation to the Winkis shore they rented a beach house. They went to the beach and swam. Little didthey know what horrors were about to start.
  3. 3. Lara flonus the oldest daughter was taking ashower when she hearda big BAAAAAAM! Lara got out of the shower and to her amazement, she saw the urbanlegend of winkis shore WINKLETON THE WEASEL!
  4. 4. Winkleton was a scrappy black weasel with beady red eyes and long bloody fangs and razor claws.Just as legend, Winkletonrode on a mesmerizing comet. Lara screamedbut help was too late for when Rizo, Lara’s younger brother opened the door, he saw Lara lying on the bathroom floor... decapitated.
  5. 5. The next victim was Sally,Rizo younger sister shewas found hacked to bit inher room. just before ithappened, she scratchedinto the oak floor, withher nails WINKLETON. TheNext day the policearrived...
  6. 6. The Flonus Family was dead.        
  7. 7. The only clue of the mass murder wasSallys ripped off nails, Laras head andcomet dust. Rizos body was missing fromthe scene.ONE MONTH LATER.An old man was fishing when he pulledsomething out of the water.It was Rizo he was dead but beside thefact that he was dead he had the ugliestgrin on his face to make matters worstin his stomach was a scrappy weasel, adead comet, and a bloody chainsaw.    
  8. 8. THE END