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Anyone can be a Philanthropist (its not just for billionaires) by Liz Hector

  1. PM4THEWORLD Anyone can be a Philanthropist (its not just for billionaires) Liz Hector
  2. Famous Philanthropist
  3. A philanthropist is a person who donates… - time, - money, - resources, - experience, - skills or talent …. to help make a better world. Anyone can be a philanthropist, regardless of status or net worth. Can you be a philanthropist? Okay - Let’s start with the basics: What is a Philanthropist?
  4. Your Questions and Comments are important - We will use the Chat section to capture your input YOUR QUESTIONS AND IDEAS WANTED
  5. My Story
  6. So, what is your paintbrush? “I’m painting my own painting. I come down to the office, I get on my back, and start painting. And I think I’m in the Sistine Chapel” Warren Buffet says his work is his ‘painting’?
  7. - What do you want to give and get? - What effort are you willing to put in? - What results do you expect? Goals
  8. Resources - What do you have to share? - How will you share it? - How can you leverage your skills?
  9. Focus - Are you trying to help close to home or overseas? - Can you do more than one thing? - Where can you align with others?
  10. - How to get started? - How will you know if its working? - How to grow to the next thing? Action
  11. How we give
  12. Give smarter, use Matching
  13. Leverage your Time & Knowledge
  14. 8 Ways to Start your Own Journey
  15. Work in Action
  16. Move from ‘passive player’ to ‘active creator’ Learn. Code. Play For students and teachers TM TM only 2 choices …. ….inspire or get inspired!
  17. - Use the QR code to contribute Start here.
  18. - - - PMI Member Volunteer - - donate to the Ukraine Ready To Do More? Find your passion, your purpose and personal growth.
  19. 2021 Charitable Giving by the Numbers Corporations gave $21.08 billion Foundations gave $90.88 billion Individuals gave $326.87 billion (billionaires not included) Source: National Philanthropic Trust We are all Philanthropists!
  20. Your Questions and Comments will be taken now GO AHEAD - ASK US ANYTHING
  21. Thank you!