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Global Ad Program0209 Rates And Info

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Global Ad Program0209 Rates And Info

  1. 1. 2009 G lobal M arketing P rogram
  2. 2. 2009 Global Marketing Program Marketing luxury properties requires partnering with an expert who brings the right amount of discretion, contacts and experience selling exceptional real estate. Coldwell Banker Previews International®, the luxury marketing program of Coldwell Banker Real Estate, proudly claims 28% of the luxury real estate segment in 25 key markets in the US–220% higher than our nearest competitor. In fact, in those markets we participate in 1 out of every 5 million dollar plus properties sold.* Our goal is to provide you with opportunities to reach the ultra affluent consumer, whether they are located in your marketplace, across the country or the globe. The 2009 global marketing program features extensive ability to geo-target and affordable options with media vehicles which attract and deliver sophisticated upscale impressions. We know you will appreciate the return of The Wall Street Journal, Unique Homes and The Robb Report Collection, as well as 11 new publications, including Conde Nast Luxury Group, Country Life and The International Herald Tribune. Please review these exceptional publications and create your own marketing program that leverages your expertise, your local company affiliation and the power of Previews® only at Coldwell Banker®. karen Foley karen burke Senior manager, Previews & regional marketing Senior Director, Previews & regional marketing ColDWell banker real eState llC ColDWell banker real eState llC 973.407.7260 973.407.8506 *Source: 25 market MLS reports as of April 2009. © 2009 Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. A Realogy Company. All Rights Reserved. Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC fully supports the principles of the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Opportunity Act. Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated. Coldwell Banker®, the Coldwell Banker Logo and Coldwell Banker Previews International®, the Previews International Logo are registered service marks licensed to Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC.
  3. 3. New for 2009! Conde nast Luxury Group Four upsCaLe MaGazines…one priCe “There’s a connection our readers have with us, a connection fueled by passion.” Conde Nast that passion for living fully and well motivates your perfect target market. Your prospective clients have the background and taste to appreciate these magazines’ influential reporting and excellent design. Whether the editorial delves into business, politics, architecture and design, or society its quality is unsurpassed. the advertising environment is also first rate. Full Page, Full Color Ads. Available in 24 Regions. Call or email for rates in your region. manhattan, nY $ 10,225 Circulation: 66,000 orange County, Ca $ 9,150 Circulation: 59,000 Chicago metro, il $ 17,650 Circulation: 114,000 Houston, tX $ 6,200 Circulation: 40,000 South Florida $ 11,150 Circulation: 72,000 atlanta $ 6,950 Circulation: 45,000 boston $ 16,100 Circulation: 104,000 Seattle/tacoma $ 11,450 Circulation: 74,000 minneapolis/St. Paul $ 6,350 Circulation: 41,000 Washington DC metro $ 16,900 Circulation: 109,000 lower rates for multiple insertions are available. Deadline: 60 days before publication date. regional ads are distributed to paid subscribers only. 2009 Global MarketinG ProGraM 3
  4. 4. Published monthly. Architectural Digest is a modern icon of Published monthly. models of journalistic integrity, Conde Nast architecture and design. more about the art of architecture than Traveler writers do not accept free travel and accommodations. the commerce, it has far more cachet than a mere “house book.” others do. because of its objectivity and fascinating editorial content, Architectural Digest spurs decisions as well as feeding fantasies. its the magazine has earned the loyalty of the most frequent and affluent audience sees and sources affluent travelers in the world. they spend more than virtually any dream homes to pursue directly from other group on luxury items including lavish vacation homes and its advertising. Special issues focus on, primary residences. With six national for example, cities, country houses and magazine awards, Conde nast traveler global architecture. is the only travel magazine to have won even one. Demographic Information Demographic Information • Paid Circulation: 805,502 • Paid Circulation: 820,217 • Total Readership: 4,482,000 • Total Readership: 3,045,000 • Median Household Income: $95,054 • Median Household Income: $158,903 • Median Age: 49 • Median Asset Value: $1,915,562 • Median Home Value: $592,027 • Median Age: 52 New for 2009! Published Weekly. The New Yorker has made many artists and writers Published monthly. Vanity Fair has been highly influential and often household names. many of its short stories are masterpieces, its quoted for many decades. thought provoking as well as style making, reporting award winning, its cartoons legendary. millions turn to it covers every aspect of modern life from world affairs to business, its mix of the arts, architecture and design, business, politics and architecture and design to society. Vanity science. and millions of high achievers Fair reaches affluent opinion leaders who think of The New Yorker as the authority are in a position to purchase multiple on practically everything including their high-end homes, often on more than one future dream homes. continent. they’re the perfect audience for even your highest priced estate. Demographic Information • Paid Circulation: 1,043,931 Demographic Information • Total Readership: 6,074,000 • Paid Circulation: 1,144,001 • Median Household Income: $155,300 • Total Readership: 6,107,000 • Attended/Graduated College: 92.5% • Household Income above $100,000: 34.5% • Professional/Managerial: 57.1% • Median Age: 39.5 2009 Global MarketinG ProGraM 4
  5. 5. With a global audience of 3.6 million, The Journal is the world’s leading business publication. Comprised of The Wall Street Journal, The Wall Street Journal Asia and The Wall Street Journal Europe, our global edition is by far the best way for marketers to reach the world’s most powerful business leaders, investors and affluent consumers. Ad Dates Reservations Due Material Due Circulation & Demographics • The Global Wall Street Journal’s global print circ: 1,857,926 June 19 June 1 June 8 • The Wall Street Journal’s US print circ: 1,698,990 august 7 July 20 July 27 • Average Household Income: $253,100 September 18 august 31 September 7 • Average Household US Net Worth: $2,489,200 october 16 September 28 october 5 november 6 october 19 october 26 Pricing per property. Individual property ad size 1.7” wide x 3” deep 1-7 Quarter Page 9-19 Half Page 21-34 Full Page Region Properties 8 Properties Properties 20 Properties Properties 35 Properties global $ 1,655 $ 1,185 $ 1,655 $ 1,270 $ 1,655 $ 1,200 national $ 1,235 $ 1,390 $ 1,235 $ 995 $ 1,235 $ 1,030 east $ 1,015 $ 535 $ 1,015 $ 385 $ 1,015 $ 395 northeast $ 500 $ 600 $ 500 $ 430 $ 500 $ 440 midwest $ 785 $ 415 $ 785 $ 295 $ 785 $ 220 Southwest $ 535 $ 140 $ 535 $ 100 $ 535 $ 105 West $ 575 $ 305 $ 575 $ 220 $ 575 $ 225 texas $ 185 $ 220 $ 185 $ 155 $ 185 $ 160 n. California $ 240 $ 285 $ 240 $ 205 $ 240 $ 215 S. California $ 325 $ 390 $ 325 $ 280 $ 325 $ 285 Florida $ 210 $ 250 $ 210 $ 180 $ 210 $ 185 Southern $ 355 $ 425 $ 355 $ 305 $ 355 $ 315 Pacific nW $ 170 $ 205 $ 170 $ 145 $ 170 $ 150 All Coldwell Banker Previews International® properties may be found on New for 2009! eastern edition Western edition reGionaL rates MidWest & southWest edition Sources: march 2009 abC Statement; abC Uk June 2008; abC Hong kong June 2008; 2007 Wall Street Journal asia Subscriber Study; 2007 Wall Street Journal europe Subscriber Study; 2007 Wall Street Journal Subscriber Study; 2008 mendelsohn affluent Head of Household; HHi $100k+ 2009 Global MarketinG ProGraM 5
  6. 6. The Robb Report Collection is published monthly. With in-depth Published bi-monthly. exclusively for owners, buyers, and sellers of editorial coverage and unique advertising content, The Robb Report luxury homes and real estate, Robb Report Vacation Homes celebrates Collection is unrivaled in its ability to reach deep into the hearts and the growing and exclusive world of multiple luxury home ownership. 2009 ADVERTISING RATES minds of affluent consumers. each issue educates and informs on high- these consumers are the decision makers end real estate, quality home and design products, exceptional vehicles responsible for the phenomenal growth of and performance boats, art, gourmet pursuits, travel experiences and the luxury home market worldwide. collectibles. Created for connoisseurs and enthusiasts, The Demographic Information MAn Elite Group of ultiple Homeowners Robb Report Collection • Number of residential properties This groundbreaking publication serves the unique needs of an exclusive market: the owners, buyers, and sellers of the world’s most desirable properties. From beachfront hideaways, vineyard succeeds like no other owned: 2.5 retreats, and equestrian estates to elegant country homes, ranches, and golf resorts, Robb Report Vacation Homes spotlights an interna- magazine in advising • Total Value residential properties tional array of luxury real estate. Each issue also examines such key topics as multiple-home management, tax advantages, up-and- coming communities, membership clubs, and fractional home and influencing a highly owned: $2,414,000 ownership. Number of residential properties owned: acquisitive audience, • Circulation/Distribution: 100,000 2+: 3+: 86.5% 39.3% Average: 2.5 properties guiding their purchases Total value residential properties owned: $1,000,000+: 75.3% Closing Dates of products, services and $2,000,000+: 49.4% Space Materials Full Page $5,000,000+: Average: Full Color17.4% $2,414,000 Issue$ 4,200 Closing Closing On Sale experiences that will enrich Do you have fractional ownership or destination club membership? Feb/Mar 09 Nov 18 Nov 24 Jan 2009 1/2 Page Yes: 17.7%Full Color $ 2,200 Apr/May 09 Jan 20 Jan 27 Mar 2009 their lives. No: 60.9% 1/4 Page Full Color $ 1,200 Jun/July 09 Mar 24 Mar 31 May 2009 Interested in it: 21.4% Source: 2006 Robb Report Vacation Homes Multi-home Lifestyle Mini Survey Aug/Sept 09 May 26 Jun 2 Jul 2009 1/9 Page Full Color $ 475 Base: 5,000 Qualified RRVH Subscribers Oct/Nov 09 Jul 28 Aug 4 Sep 2009 Demographic Information 2009 Coldwell Banker Special Group Advertising Rate* Dec/Jan 10 Sep 22 Sep 29 Nov 2009 • Average Income: $1.4 million Deadline: 60 days before publication date. UNIT Advertising Inquiries RATE • Average Assets: $7.7 million Full page 1/2 page 4,200 2,200 Please contact Abbe Smith at 978.264.7567 or Email: • Average Value Primary Residence: $1.9 million all properties placed in robb report Collection receive free, 1/4 page 1,200 a 30 day complimentary online listing on *All Rates are Net • Average Value Other Real Estate Owned: $3.4 million • Own 2+ homes: 63% • Own 3+ homes: 24% • Total Circulation: 106,005 • Total Readership: 319,000 New for Full Page Full Color $ 5,600 2009! 1/2 Page Full Color $ 2,900 RegIonAl SCHeDUle and RAteS 1/4 Page Full Color $ 1,600 August Mountain West / Pacific / Midwest 1/9 Page Full Color $ 630 September northeast / Southeast / International Deadline: 60 days before publication date. october Mountain West / Pacific / Midwest november northeast / Southeast / International all properties placed in robb report Collection December Mountain West / Pacific / Midwest receive free, a 30 day complimentary January northeast / Southeast / International online listing on Full Page Full Color $ 3,085 1/2 Page Full Color $ 1,946 1/4 Page Full Color $ 1,168 1/9 Page Full Color $ 295 Deadline: 60 days before publication date. all properties placed in robb report Collection receive free, a 30 day complimentary online listing on 2009 Global MarketinG ProGraM 8
  7. 7. New New Published weekly in london, Country Life is the Uk Published monthly. over 80,000 magazines are market leader for property advertising. overseas distributed to newsstands, upscale bookstores, for properties now account for 45% of all advertising for domestic and international airports, commuter 2009! carried in Country Life, reflecting the increased demand in the market. 42% of 2009! terminals and an elite subscriber base including Country Life readers plan professional actors, athletes, entertainers, to buy an overseas property in the next 12 months. the most common purchase reasons Fortune 500 executives and private business are: holiday home (60%), investment (18%) owners. and retirement (15%). Demographic Information • Average Age: 36 years Demographic Information • Household Income: 345,000 • Circulation: 40,408 • Household Average Net Worth: $2,077,300 • Average Income: $140,000+ • Median Age: 57 Full Page Full Color $ 1,150 1/2 Page Full Color $ 2,300 Full Page Full Color $ 4,900 1/2 Page Full Color $ 3,350 Deadline: 60 days before publication date. 1/16 Page Full Color ad in “the Directory” $ 680 all properties placed in the duPont registry receive free, a 30 day Deadline: 21 days before publication date. complimentary online listing on duPont Published bi-monthly. For more than 35 years, Unique Homes has been the premier magazine for luxury real estate, unlocking doors New The International Herald Tribune is for influential, sophisticated global citizens, people who know that for 2009! to the most spectacular properties for sale in the world - european world events have a real impact on their lives, their castles, oceanfront contemporaries, world-class resort properties, professions and their sense of well-being. luxurious hideaways, high-end communities and much more. available on newsstands or Demographic Information via paid subscription, Unique Homes reaches • Circulation Worldwide: 241,625 consumers in all 50 states and in more than • readership Worldwide: 510,000 80 countries around the world. • average annual household income: $286,743 • Own 2+ properties: 41% Demographic Information • Average net worth: $2,100,000 International Herald Tribune (Friday) • Average real estate holdings: $1,500,000 • Average household income: $250,000 1 column b&W Full Color 2 1/16” W x 3” D $938 $1,160 Full Page Full Color $ 3,225 1/2 Page Full Color $ 1,825 Deadline: 10 days before ad run date. 1/4 Page Full Color $ 1,075 many other ad sizes are available. Deadline: 60 days before publication date. Please email or call for a price quote. lower rates for multiple insertions are available. 2009 Global MarketinG ProGraM 6
  8. 8. New New The New York Times is widely recognized as america’s Published weekly. today’s most influential and newspaper of record, the most influential news source entertaining writers offer the in-depth narratives, trendy for for some of the nation’s most sophisticated, and loyal for stories, and opinionated essays that are the heart of The 2009! readers. and today’s Times is more influential in more ways than ever, with sections devoted to everything 2009! New York Times Magazine. a portion of The Magazine is dedicated to luxury from the arts and entertainment to sports and science, business and real estate, and that section is aptly titled technology to dining and home design. the largest 7-day newspaper in Luxury Homes & Estates. every Sunday, this the U.S. The New York Times delivers the buying power of america’s top portion of the magazine has showcased prospects. luxury properties of all types, from the country’s most exquisite homes. New York Times Weekend (Friday) Demographic Information 1 column • Circulation: 1,500,000 1.8” W x 3” D $593 • Average Income: $109,304 • Median Age: 50 Deadline: 10 days before ad run date. minimum page size: 27/8 x 2 b&W $ 2,388 many other ad sizes are available. 1/2 page b&W $14,891 Please email or call for a price quote. 1/2 page Full Color $27,000 Deadline: 45 days before ad run date. New Published bi-monthly, Estates West is a luxury New Ocean Home magazine is devoted to the enhanced real estate and lifestyle opportunities to be found lifestyle and real estate magazine that connects for for discriminating real 2009! only at the ocean’s edge. Ocean Home magazine 2009! was created for two targets only: luxury oceanfront property owners/developers and, of course, estate investors with prestigious architects, homebuilders, oceanfront homebuyers. Ocean Home developers and realtors. Estates West magazine provides its readers with is published six times annually and is a single resource that profiles the available via subscription distribution most stunning oceanfront properties through luxury resorts and hotels, private jet owners, high-end real estate available anywhere. agents and on newsstands Demographic Information across the United States and Canada. • Distribution: 56,000 Demographic Information • Average age: 51 • Average income of $1-million-plus • Average HHI: $1,456,000 • 63 percent own multiple properties • Total asset value: $7,500,000 • 100 percent have home values of $1-million-plus • Primary Residence: $2,103,710 • 64 percent have a $10-million-plus net worth Full Page Full Color $ 1,350 Full Page Full Color $7,550 1/2 Page Full Color $ 800 1/2 Page Full Color $3,775 1/3 Page Full Color $ 500 1/3 Page Full Color $2,525 Deadline: 60 days before ad run date. Deadline: 60 days before ad run date. 2009 Global MarketinG ProGraM 7
  9. 9. advertising Space reservation Form ColDWell banker® _________________________________________________________________________ Phone ( ) _______________________________________ Fax ( ) _______________________________ address __________________________________________________________________________________ City State: Zip: email ___________________________________________________________________________________ Publication issue Date ______________________________________________________________________ broker or agent placing this ad ________________________________________________________________ Person to contact about advertising material _____________________________________________________ i agree to advertise the properties in the editions and dates indicated. Signature _____________________________________________________ Date _____________________ Print name _______________________________________________________________________________ Credit Card q Visa q master Card q american express Card # ____________________________________________________ expiration ____________________ Security Code # ___________________________________________________________________________ to reserve your space: Complete the form below and scan to: or fax to 212-677-2791 or Call Phil Kaminowitz and the team at Sky Advertising at 212-677-2500 Ad material requirements: 1. Email quality high resolution photo(s) of the property clearly labeling each property with the town/state and price. Digital cameras should be set at a minimum 1290 pixels by 950 pixels with a minimum of 300 DPi. 2. Property description including town and state of listing, price, listing agent name, full office name, phone number, and website. Please observe the following rules: • Only luxury properties will be accepted, no raw land or commercial investment properties • Only exterior photographs will be accepted, unless the property is a condominium. If only renderings are available, they must be pre-approved by Coldwell banker Previews international® before being placed in the ad. © 2009 Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. A Realogy Company. All Rights Reserved. Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC fully supports the principles of the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Opportunity Act. Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated. Coldwell Banker®, the Coldwell Banker Logo and Coldwell Banker Previews International®, the Previews International Logo are registered service marks licensed to Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC.