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CHAK DE INDIA Lesson on Leadership

  2. CHAK DE INDIA Kabir Khan, a former hockey star, is tainted as someone who betrayed his country. He faced allegations regarding game fixing and taking bribe from the opponent team. Faced false allegations and gets defamed. Takes a pledge to restore his image. Leads Indian Women Hockey team to the final of the championship. Creates history by winning the championship. Teaches us great leadership lesson.
  3. LEADERSHIP LESSONS Team Spirit Goal Setting People Management Overcoming personal odds Strategy and Planning
  4. TEAM SPIRIT It is esssential to achieve any goal. Spirit is the first step to achieve anything as a team. It is when a team really feels infested in reaching a goal together. It also shows that collaborative problem solving leads to better outcomes. Even negative instances can also be used as a building blocks for an organization.
  5. GOAL SETTING Organtizational goals is more important than personal goals. As depicted in the film , national interest comes first keeping aside personal goals. It also helps trigger new behaviour,helps build focus. Also gives long term vision and short term motivation. Short term goals were achieved in the movie to achieve long term goals.
  6. PEOPLE MANAGEMENT Following conclusions can be taken from this film. Conflicts can be resolved by understanding their cause. It improves morale and player engagement. Builds a bond between the fellow mates. Enhances communication between the games. It can either make a team or break a team. Team coordinates is built using this.
  7. OVERCOMING PERSONAL ODDS It can be one of the reasons of the failure. Personal and professional aspects shouldnt be merged. Fortunately this was not shown in the movie. The team captain preferred not to indulge in personal problems rather focus on National level. Same goes with Preeti Sabarwal.
  8. STRATEGY AND PLANNING Strategy and planning creates a vision and direction for the team. Kabir Khan as a team uses various strategies during the competition. One is that of introducing Bindia Naik during the match against Korea. This made them register a win against Koreans.
  9. CONCLUSION The film is realistically made. This film gives a huge lesson in terms of team leading and leadership qualities. King Khan has a lot to teach us while playing the character Kabir Khan. Truly inspirational film indeed.
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