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Convergence angles of full veneer crown Preparation

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Dr Paresh B Patel is the Principal Dentist at Family dentistry of Frisco: ( ).
He has extensive experience in all areas of General Dentistry. His passion and zeal for dentistry is displayed in his enthusiasm for dental research, The presentation shows his research that was awarded a international prize by the world renowned International association for Dental Research. The world has been referenced in numerous academic and research papers in the last decade.
Dr. Paresh B Patel, continues to bring this level of enthusiasm and experience to his patients at Family dentistry of Frisco (

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Convergence angles of full veneer crown Preparation

  1. 1. Dr.Paresh B Patel DDS BDS MFGDP MFDS RCS MICOIFamily Dentistry of Frisco Family Dentistry of Frisco
  2. 2. Research Study • Convergence angles of full veneer Crown Preparations • Presented at the International Association of Dental Research, San Diego 2002 • Winner: Research Travel Prize (IADR 2002) • Published in international peer review journal; European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry: Comparison of Convergence Angles Achieved in Posterior Teeth Prepared for Full Veneer Crowns. P.B.Patel, D. Wildgoose, R.B. Winstanley. Eur.J.Prosthodont.Rest.Dent. Vol13. no 3, 10-104 Dr.Paresh B Patel Family Dentistry of Frisco
  3. 3. Dr. Paresh B Patel’s Research article has been cited in the following Peer reviewedResearch articles: J Vet Dent. 2011 Summer; 28(2): 72–82. Achievable Convergence Angle and the Effect of Preparation Design on the Clinical Outcome of Full Veneer Crowns in Dogs Jason W. Soukup, DVM, Christopher J. Snyder, DVM, Tina L. Karls, DVM, and Jessica Riehl, DVM The ability of dental students and faculty to estimate the total occlusal convergence of prepared teeth Doyle R. Nick, DDS,a Mike Clark, DDS,b Jon Miler, DDS, MS,c Chad Ordelheide, DDS,d Charles Goodacre, DDS,e and Jay Kim, PhDf Loma Linda University, School of Dentistry, Loma Linda, California Dr. Paresh B Patel Family Dentistry of Frisco www.
  4. 4. Dr.Patel’s research cited in the following peer reviewed articles: Family Dentistry of Frisco
  5. 5. Dr .Paresh B PatelFamily Dentistry of Frisco
  6. 6. Family Dentistry of Frisco
  7. 7. Family Dentistry of Frisco
  8. 8. Family Dentistry of Frisco
  9. 9. Family Dentistry of Frisco
  10. 10. Dr.Paresh B Patel DDS BDS MFGDP MFDS RCS MICOIFamily Dentistry of Frisco Family Dentistry of Frisco