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Discount real estate services

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Questions to ask a Discount real estate agent when wanting to hire a Cheap Agent or Cheap Realtor Team. Commission and money to be charged when wanting to sell a home is a big deal. To solve this, we have given some insight into the Discount real estate services and hope you find value in this presentation. Some agents will tell you they are going to discount their services or give you that special deal, just make sure you are getting this in writing. Also, one of the other important factors in hiring a discount real estate agent or a Cheap Realtor is having them local with real live offices. This serves two masters, it shows they are established and you can "drop by" if they are not answering your calls or go dark on you because of "issues". However, with Discount Realty Brokers, if they are in business today, they don't typically operate by those methods. Real Estate is a referral based business and to be at the top of the real estate business, in ranking and reputation, a Discounted Services Broker, or DSB, must keep an above average reputation in the local community, amongst their discounted services seeking clients and the other Local Realtors serving in their same "focal" communities. We are REMAX of Valencia California's Paris911 Team of Realtors serving the Greater Los Angeles Areas and the Santa Clarita Valley as Real Estate agents.

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Discount real estate services

  1. 1. How to hire Discount Realtor services Do you think Realtors charge too much for their services?
  2. 2. Remember, You get what you pay for Some agents charge a lot for no verifiable reason(s) Find out how those you are hiring are going to give you more for your money Ask them point blank - “What do you do different than a discount broker?”
  3. 3. How much is the “discount”, really? Ask for a “Realtors Net Sheet” based on an agreed upon sales price! Have the agent point out the “discount” to you and explain it Ask each agent you interview to bring you a “net sheet” to your Listing Agent interviews, compare them.
  4. 4. List of real estate services provided What is the agent or agent’s team going to do to market your home at the discounted rate? Get these in writing for accountability reasons!!! Ask them to provide to you, if hired, to send you a “verification” email showing their promises enacted…
  5. 5. Make sure the “discount” is worth it Liability insurance, Find out how much the Broker/Agent Carries. Ask to see a statement showing there is an actual policy in force :) Errors and Omissions insurance verification, ask for explanation pertaining to your specific dealing.
  6. 6. Cost vs. Value of a Discount Broker -“Cost is a one time thing, Value goes much further…” -Experience is critical, most agents in this category don’t “discount”. -Knowledge is key, most “discount” realtors lack this trait, comparatively… -During your Discount Broker Interviews, ask them to explain their Knowledge and Experience to you...
  7. 7. Track records of Discount Realtors Average yearly Sales Volume Number of “actual” closed transactions Years as an “actual” full time Realtor Brokerage Info - example “Why REMAX?”
  8. 8. Discount Realtor Connections Ask if they are “allowed” in the local Networking Groups where Realtors Pitch their sellers to other Top Agents Find out other information by “punching” their name into Google or your favorite search engine (very important) As we said in the LAPD, some don’t pack the gear to serve...
  9. 9. Final words re: Discount Agents - Hiring “Local” is very important. - Brick and Mortar Offices are important, for accountability reasons. - Reputation is important. - Communication methods that work, are critical(ask them how they will…) - Broker Branding and Agent Branding can make all the difference in the world when hiring a Real Estate Broker...
  10. 10. Where to send the hate mail... ℅ Connor MacIvor RE/MAX’s Paris911 Team 25101 The Old Road Santa Clarita CA, 91381 Or you can call me: -661-513-4620