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How much is that Southern California home worth - text value

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Ah - the old text message. There are several ways for you to see what your home is worth. But, the best way is to use a system that obtains it's information directly from the local Boards of Realtors. Without being able to use those types of systems, you may be discounting your worth. In fact, you will see that some of the Real Estate syndication websites give you what homes are worth - but they are more than often, way off target with realistic prices for home values in most of the local markets. This system is different.

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How much is that Southern California home worth - text value

  1. 1. “How much is that home worth”, in 30 minutes… text message: value to 661-888-4424
  2. 2. Specific home prices/values by address • Any address in Southern California • Including Condo’s and Town-homes • Local Southern California Realtors • Find out the FMV – Fair Market Value
  3. 3. Public Value of our Data Versus others… • Our Data is obtained directly from the Board of Realtors • All of the local Boards of Realtors • Anywhere in Southern California • Cross referenced with Tax Assessor Records • Updated Daily • Non manipulated system text message: valueto 661-888-4424
  4. 4. The Paris911 Team REMAX of Santa Clarita CA 25101 The Old Road Santa Clarita CA, 91381 661-400-1720 CABRE: 01238257 text message: valueto 661-888-4424