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How to build and Publish a Podcast by the Paris911 team on Video

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We have just completed a video on how to prepare for, build, and publish a podcast on iTunes. This is a very simple process, however if you have not had it explained and shown to you it may seem as alien as, well - aliens :) The resources that we referenced in this "how to podcast by the paris911 team on video" are these: and after you type the words Business tips into the MacboX you will be taken to this category page here Then you will choose the blog post we put up about how to build a podcast, here is that location online That should give you the best intel to build, start and start to publish your podcast / radio show further enforcing your brand and also spreading your knowledge on-line via podcasting. BTW, we have nothing to sell, except real estate, we hope this helps you in your business, whether B2B or B2C - Be safe - check us out and please let us know if you need our assistance.

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