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How to find the current prices for the santa clarita valley cities

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I have to say this was probably the more interesting Slideshare I have completed to date.

We will let the critics have a short at it :)

I love real estate data. I love to watch the real estate market, as you probably do. We hired an independent research company a while back that tabulates the real estate data for us.

The nice thing about it is the data is fresh, accurate and has not been manipulated in any way, shape or form.

It is exact, just what our clients demand, and we guarantee.

Have a watch about "How to find the current real estate prices in the Santa Clarita Valley cities".

Let our Paris911 Team at REMAX of Valencia CA know when you are ready to MOVE and we will be there for you and yours...

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How to find the current prices for the santa clarita valley cities

  2. 2. Go to  Top Santa Clarita real estate agents website  Updates every 15 minutes with the Real Live MLS based listings  Actual local real estate agents  6 person team  Not a Syndication Website
  3. 3. Look for the MacBox… Type the word Prices into it!  Exclusive Paris911 Search and Keyword engine  Try typing “Chuck Norris” into the MacBoX(without the quotes)  We use the MacBoX as a linking tool  You are going to want to type the word “prices” into it without the quotes.
  4. 4. You will be taken here…  Top Santa Clarita listing agents Blog.   We talk about listing residential real estate in the Greater Los Angeles Areas and in Santa Clarita Valley.  We also talk about prices…
  5. 5. Choose the Santa Clarita City you want the prices within…  We hired an independent research company  The data updates every single week  Santa Clarita City specific graphs related to prices  Graphs are adjustable  5.5 years of history  Interactive active graphs
  6. 6. Fully Featured Price Graphs  Adjustable  Zoom levels 1M 3M 6M 1Y and Max  Dated graph showing range  Prices on right  Single pricing bar  Inventory rendering on mini graph  City name shown at bottom
  7. 7. More interactivity  Expand the graph below to show a longer time period  Go all the way back to the height of the real estate market  Select any of the dates or plots on the lines or within the inventory bars at bottom for more detailed information
  8. 8. Inventory Focus Supply and Demand figures  Supply and demand as they relate to the sales prices  Specific inventory information  Correlate inventory to sale prices easily
  9. 9. Pricing line dynamic interface  Pricing line clickable at various points  Obtain the exact pricing at any point in history back 5.5 years  Expand and Contrast the graph to see more detailed pricing stats  Just hover your cursor over anywhere on the “pricing line”
  10. 10. We hope you enjoyed the show…  Please head back to our Main website.  Enter your email address into the “Subscribe” box.  We promise not to bombard you with too much junk.  Just twice a month.  Opt out at any time.  No Spam Guaranteed!!!  Thanks!
  11. 11. Thanks for Watching…