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Questions to ask a realtor as a real estate buyer

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What are the best questions to ask as a real estate buyer when approaching the real estate buying table? When you are looking to buy a home, it is always best to find your own real estate representative. I also believe this to be the case, through experience, when dealing with new home builders and new construction sites. Having someone on your corner 100% is a great thing when the waters start to get a bit choppy. And in Real estate- Whether you are in the Greater Los Angeles areas, in the cities in which we are Head Quartered - Santa Clarita Valley or beyond, it happens.

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Questions to ask a realtor as a real estate buyer

  2. 2. How long have you been a Realtor? Make sure you ask the question in this exact way Asking “how long have you been in real estate”, can get you a “non-exact” answer Some agents may give you their answer, if formatted incorrectly, from when they bought their first home Being a Realtor is being a part of a professional and policed organization with rules and laws in place…
  3. 3. Do you have a Team? Not meaning if they have Escrow people they work with or title officers they use… Team: On their direct staff – Agents working for them. Example, some agents employ Buyers Agents that can focus 100% on the needs of the Real Estate Team’s Buyers Advantageous because the “Full Time Buyers Agent”, is only tasked with finding the buyer what they want 100% of the time They are not tasked with other parts of the business
  4. 4. How many buyers are you working with? This could give you an indication if the agent, (without a team), is too busy to help you in conjunction with the other buyers This could also be an indicator of how your internal competition is going to be – “ the agent’s other buyers having the same requirements” competing for the same homes as you
  5. 5. If you have another buyer for the same listing– how do you handle that? This question will have the agent you ask, doing some dancing. A Buyers Agent, working with multiple buyers, have more than one buyer that likes a specific home, and all want to write offers, what is the best way? Fair and Equitable. Highest and BEST offering without the revealing of either buyers hold card to the other buyer!
  6. 6. Whatmethods do you have, besides the MLS, to find me what I want? MLS = Multiple Listing Service. It’s the database where the actual and real listings are housed by the local Boards of Realtors How dug in is the agent or team? How far are they willing to go for a real estate buyer, in finding that buyer real estate listings that are not on the market? Are they members of local Networking Groups where they can get access to “pocket listings”? Would they consider “door knocking” of pre foreclosures and those properties with Notice of Defaults filed on them?
  7. 7. Whatwould be your advice if I wanted to offer $50,000less than the asking price? Good question for a real estate agent and one not asked very often. You will see their ability to explain their methods of operation when it comes to their buyers writing offers It maybe that they are not a good fit for you by the answer they give If they are stringent and say, “I would never do that!!!” – find out their reasoning However, most Truly Seasoned Real estate professionals know the adage all too well of , “Never say Never…” 
  8. 8. Whichbuyer had the lowest ratingof you or your team and why? All Real Estate agents have had a buyer did not think it went in their best interests Some buyers were actually screwed by the realtor Some just thought they were Remember, there are always three versions of the truth – what I say, what they say and what God would say 
  9. 9. Whatif I find another house I like better afterI’m in escrow? The answer should be it “depends”. Having a bird in the hand is always better than having two in the bush Where are we in the escrow process? Have you waived any contingencies? What were the terms related to your offer and the deposit? This question will give you a glimpse into the heart of your Realtor. The agent should use questions to educate the client, while always remembering the “buyer” is the boss that needs gentle guidance.
  10. 10. Why would you recommend a lender? It’s true that some real estate agents get some type of compensation by the lender they refer business to. That is illegal in some states without it being disclosed. That can also create an issue when it comes to being “impartial”. While most realtors say they know nothing about loans, if they have any time on the job, they will know enough to realize when their client is getting taken or if it’s a fair deal.
  11. 11. When are you availableto show me properties? The best answer: Whenever you are  The home viewing process can be better handled by a committed buyers agent. However, some “singular” agent teams do a great job too. Just find out if you want to view homes on weekends, if the agent you are hiring works weekends. Make sure you are also going to be working with a single realtor, getting “passed around” creates lapses in time and trust.
  12. 12. Real Estate Consultants – Final Word Your real estate agent should answer these questions and more They should be all about disclosure and explanation The realtor you choose should be like your shield and guide in the real estate process They should never be about pressure or force They should always view you, the client, as being the reason they are in business in the first place. Communication is Key and the Lacking of communication is the biggest complaint of real estate buyers!!!
  13. 13. We are REMAX of Valencia CA’s Paris911 Team REMAX of Valencia CA 25101 The Old Road Santa Clarita CA, 91381 661-400-1720 Connor and Paris MacIvor – Plus a Team of 6 Full Time Buyers Agents and a Full time Licensed Assistant and short sale negotiator.