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Real estate websites and spam generated tips to avoid

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Publicado el On today's show we spoke about Spam and what things you will find when searching for homes and real estate online. The most important thing you can do, before giving up who you are, even a simple email, is to vette the site to ascertain whether or not it's syndication in nature. While you may be surprised to hear, but any local real estate agent's website is going to protect your personal information and identity. While I would love you to use our systems so you will become our real estate clients, that is not always the best scenario for some who have tried and trusted Realtors they have done business with. If there is one piece of information I could share with you it would be this. Find the local agent. They have the actual permission by the Boards of Realtors to publish the actual real estate listings on their websites. Zillow does not. Trulia does not. The local real estate agents do and trust me, they will be happy to give you answers to any and all questions. There is a reason you are seeing listings, which appear as if for sale, when they are not. You are being gamed. Have a nice day :)

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