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A Home Buyer’s
Guide to Making It in
a Competitive Market
In hot real estate markets, buying a property
may feel like a ne...
Page 2
Worth Reading
Personality Can Change over a
Lifetime …
By Christopher Soto
NPR Radio
Some people dispute the notion...
A home is so much more than just a
shelter, according to the most recent
Life at Home report.
The 2016 report, which is pu...
This newsletter and any information contained herein are intended for
general informational purposes only and should not b...
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Santa Clarita real estate newsletter October 2016

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Publicado el This month in Santa Clarita real estate we present our daily radio show which presents the local real estate markets their activity and our daily Santa Clarita real estate news and event stream. Now, when it comes to educating the home sellers and homebuyers in Santa Clarita Valley, we have our in office or offsite real estate crash course. You can register by calling our toll free number - or sending your name, email address and contact number - plus the time you want to attend our crash course on Santa Clarita real estate and the location, in our offices or at another location you designate. I'm Connor T. MacIvor and I'm a REMAX Relocation Realtor and Glad to be of service to you and those you know.

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Santa Clarita real estate newsletter October 2016

  1. 1. A Home Buyer’s Guide to Making It in a Competitive Market In hot real estate markets, buying a property may feel like a nearly impossible feat. Skyrocketing prices, low inventory, and bidding wars can make a prospective buyer feel dejected. But becoming a homeowner in hot cities can happen, if you employ the right techniques. A recent article in RISMedia outlines tactics for buyers to use when shopping for a home. For example: Don’t be naive. Understand the market realities. Instead of obsessing over prices, value, and comparables in the area you’re considering, focus directly on what it will take to get the home you want. Work with someone you trust. It may pay to find an agent who is sufficiently skilled to develop a rapport with sellers and their listing agents. Or you may need a superior number- cruncher to get you the best deal. But whatever the agent’s strengths, ensure he or she is a person you feel comfortable working with; the journey to finding a home can be long and arduous. You’ll need a friend. Be realistic. Be very realistic. If you’ve only seen one home in your desired market that fits your budget, then that market probably isn’t in your price range. Accept that and either pick another area or be prepared to boost your budget. Finally, try to relax. Expect that all will not necessarily run smoothly, particularly in a highly competitive market. Don’t get worn down by the process. You can become a homeowner if you relax and go with the flow! Page 1 October 2016 855-SCV-NEST Connect With Us! Free Home Searches 24/7 Find out the true Fair Market Value (FMV) of your home? What did your Neighbors home really sell for? What Foreclosures are being listed on your block? How to sell real estate for the most profit?
  2. 2. Page 2 Worth Reading Personality Can Change over a Lifetime … By Christopher Soto NPR Radio Some people dispute the notion of personality traits, but research increasingly confirms that personality traits exist, and that they help to shape our lives. According to Soto, associate psychology professor at Colby College in Maine, there are five main personality traits, and they can be modified – either gradually over time or by concerted effort – usually for the better. There’s more to learn about personality. As Soto suggests: stay tuned. More: Why Are No Two People Alike? (Part One) By Shane Parrish Farnam Street blog Nature or nurture? Apparently, science has now definitively answered this age-old question, and the answer is: both. But as the work of author and social scientist Judith Rich Harris suggests, along with genetics, children are more influenced by peer culture than (as previously thought) by their parents. The discussion continues … More: Why Are No Two People Alike? (Part Two) By Shane Parrish Farnam Street blog As “socially functioning beings,” we select traits in common with the group we want to belong to. Then we focus on our strengths relative to theirs. What does this have to do with status and competition? Just about everything, Judith Rich Harris says. And this offers an explanation for the title question: Why are no two people alike? More: This month’s real estate broadcasts include: - Millennials with housing heartburn - The best real estate deals - First time home seller and buyer tips - SCVnest Real Estate resources - politics and religion August 16, 2016 - Best tips for the real estate interested - Two dangerous scams in real estate - what is my Santa Clarita home worth - Best home seller tips in real estate - Home sellers still calling the shots - Termite Tips - Agents jumping ship - No Spam - don't over stretch yourself when buying real estate. - Downstairs Bedrooms Home Search tips - Santa Clarita And Valencia Real Estate Market Update 2016 Get the best intel for: Santa Clarita real estate Bridgeport included Plus Valencia
  3. 3. A home is so much more than just a shelter, according to the most recent Life at Home report. The 2016 report, which is published annually by the IKEA global home furnishings company, says a home is defined by what inhabitants experience through their senses: sight, smell, taste, sound, and touch. Together, these five senses make a house feel, well, homey, and create happy memories. After surveying thousands of people around the world, the Life at Home report found that a whopping 63% of respondents said they cook to feel at home, while 59% attributed their home’s comfortable vibe to music. Interestingly, when the sensation is not a pleasant one – too bright or too noisy Page 3 – that homey feeling is challenged. And, thanks to a society that prizes outdoor kitchens and living rooms, some 42% of individuals say they now feel more comfortable outside their homes. The home is now a place of relationships and connections, both personal and virtual; the report found that 48% of respondents described their home as the “place where they have their most important relationships.” However, 23% noted that having Wi-Fi is more important in their homes than having a gathering space to bring family together. It makes a strange sort of sense: Loved ones can move away, but, realistically, they’re as close as the nearest Internet connection. A wired home is a happy home. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the report found that people highly value their “tchotchkes”: 53% suggested the objects in their homes hold memories and/or reflect who they are, while 43% said they assigned importance to objects that facilitate meaningful activities – for example, the kitchen island is where the kids do their homework, creating daily memories. The report concluded that, no matter who we are or where we live, our feelings of home are all remarkably similar (if clichéd): we love our homes because “home is where the heart is.” Thoughts on Homeyness and the Home in 2016 Ask the Agent: This Month’s Question I’m looking to buy a new home. Do I go with a condominium or a traditional house? There are pros and cons to each, but ultimately your lifestyle and budget will dictate the best choice for you. Condos are perfect for busy urban- dwellers. Enjoy amenities like pools and gyms, and walk to restaurants, shops, and work. You won’t have to worry about maintenance, but you’ll have to shell out coin for association fees and share decision making with your neighbors. If you want complete control over your property, a house is perfect. You’ll have total control, privacy, and a lot more indoor and outdoor space – perfect for families with kids and pets. But there are downsides to a house, too. You’ll be responsible for all the maintenance on your property, which means you’ll have to invest in extra tools and equipment. You’ll also have to pay more on your utility bills – the drawback for having all that extra space. For All Your Santa Clarita Housing Info Visit: to find out now! Is Your Home Worth More Than Your Neighbors?
  4. 4. This newsletter and any information contained herein are intended for general informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal, financial or medical advice. The publisher takes great efforts to ensure the accuracy of information contained in this newsletter. However, we will not be responsible at any time for any errors or omissions or any damages, howsoever caused, that result from its use. Seek competent professional advice and/or legal counsel with respect to any matter discussed or published in this newsletter. This newsletter is not intended to solicit properties currently for sale. is brought to you free by: Connor & Paris MacIvor RE/MAX of Valencia 25101 The Old Road Santa Clarita, CA 91381 661.400.1720 CalBRE #01238257 CalBRE #01256647 I’m Connor MacIvor with REMAX of Valencia and I’m glad to be!! If your home is currently listed for sale this is not meant as a solicitation. REMAX of Valencia, 25101 The old road, santa clarita ca 91381 661.284.5429 each office independently owned and operated. 25101 The Old Road Santa Clarita, CA 91381