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  1. 1. “Our time is valuable.” That’s the message we want to get across to energy suppliers as part of our Service Denied campaign. When it comes to dealing with our electricity and gas companies, all too often we spend hour upon hour hanging on the telephone while we wait for an answer. Or we find ourselves being passed from pillar to post, repeating the same information ad infinitum. It’s not unreasonable to expect competent service from these multi-million pound companies. The Service Denied campaign is all about empowering consumers, helping you to demand better treatment from your supplier.  Find information on your rights as a consumer  Read guidance on how to take forward a complaint.  Get tips on switching  Persuade your supplier to sign up to our customer charter  Share your stories of mismanagement and poor service.  Help your supplier understand that your time is valuable – invoice them! To find out more, visit our Blog or join our Facebook Page.