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07 player_issue7_by_Paula

  1. 1. I S S U E S E V E N SISTER ACT 2 incredible Kiwi courses ART SMARTS Has the recession affected art sales? SALON DAYS Salon’s French finesse TRAVEL Argentina, Zürich and Seychelles THE MASTERS The Black Knight’s 52 Years at Augusta PLAYER
  2. 2. SignatureCompiled by paula Story URBAN MOBILITY
  3. 3. Issue seven PLAYER 21 TECHNOLOGY Personal Transport PROJECT P.U.M.A. A partnership between Segway and General Motors Corp aims to change the way we move from point A to B or, more specifically, say, the 18 km between the Eiffel Tower in Paris to the Palace of Versailles. The Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility Project, P.U.M.A. for short, is a small, nimble vehicle and a new vision of urban transportation in an increasingly congested world. The driving force behind this transportation solution is a less-is-more equation: less mass, less energy, fewer parts and fewer emissions equals more enjoyment, productivity and connectivity. Built on the same technology found in the popular, two-wheeled Segway Personal Transporters, the P.U.M.A. prototype, introduced at this year’s New York Auto Show, expands passenger capacity to two riders in a seated position. The vehicle travels at speeds up to 25 mph, (56 km/h) to distances as far as 25 miles (56 km) between recharges. The vehicle’s advanced two-wheel balance system provides a zero turning radius, a small vehicle footprint and a unique, fun rider experience. Electric propulsion means zero emissions and quiet operation, with operating costs estimated at about one-third of that of a normal car. Segway and GM envision platoons of P.U.M.A.s prowling about cities, sensing other objects and avoiding collisions. The vehicles would all be connected by an Internet-like web for communication, safety, parking resources and social and business networking. The technology is available today; Segway is seeking partner cities for pilot projects, and the next- generation P.U.M.A. prototype is expected out later this year. THE FUTURE OF PERSONAL URBAN MOBILITY AND ACCESSIBILITY – P.U.M.A. ∙Lithium-ion batteries for efficient operation and zero tailpipe emissions ∙All-electronic acceleration, steering and braking for safety and a smooth ride ∙Dynamic stabilisation, or two-wheel balancing, for maneuverability and fun ∙Vehicle-to-vehicle communications for convenience and safety ∙Autonomous driving and parking for convenience, ease and safety ∙Future designer input for fashion, style and personal expression ‘Less mass, less energy, fewer parts and fewer emissions equals more enjoyment, productivity and connectivity.’
  4. 4. Signature 22 PLAYER Issue seven Android-powered phone SAMSUNG I7500 Samsung was an early member of the Open Handset Alliance, a group devoted to advancing open standards for mobile devices, and the brand has backed its commitment to the emerging Android operating system with the I7500. The cutting- edge smartphone features a 3.2-inch AMOLED touch screen, 7.2 MB/sec HSDPA Internet and Wi-Fi connectivity, a 5.0 megapixel camera with flash and autofocus, plus 8 GB of internal memory with a microSD expansion slot supporting up to 32 GB. Services include Google Search and Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Street View and more – and it’s only 11.9 mm thick. It launches in major European countries in June but there is no current launch plan for the US. For more info visit Energy saving made ‘elementary’ WATTSON HOME ENERGY MONITOR The Wattson home energy monitor measures electricity consumption for your home or small business and can help you save between 5 and 25 percent annually. Simple operation makes it intuitive and easy to install; smart design features make it portable, wireless and a sleek, contemporary addition to décor. A sensor clip and transmitter measure the electricity coming into your home; the monitor shows usage via colours and numbers. Mac or PC compatible, you can install tracking software and join an online community to swap energy-saving hints and tips. Pricing starts at £97.82. For more info visit COMPILED BY PAULA STORY Power-assisted skiing SKI~MOJO Next ski trip, while everyone else takes a break or takes it easy, you can enjoy extra runs. In fact, the only thing that might stop you is an out-of-service gondola or the closing of lifts. Your secret weapon on the slopes? New, power-assisted ski technology designed to act as an additional set of thigh muscles which help support you in the optimal skiing position. The Ski~mojo reduces strain on knees and thighs by up to 33 percent and absorbs shocks to reduce jolts and strains. It is lightweight and fits unobtrusively under your skiwear, which will keep your ‘bionic’ secret safe. Pricing from US$589. For more info visit
  5. 5. Amateur filmmakers flip FLIP ULTRAHD Capture high-quality, high definition video, then download and share it instantly and simply, plugging the built-in USB arm directly into a Mac or PC. Two full hours of recording capacity, simple editing and organising tools and a bright, two-inch, transreflective screen for no-glare viewing – even in direct sunlight – will make you look like a pro videographer. The rechargeable, AA battery pack can be fueled through the USB arm, too. In white with chrome trim, or black; HD video resolution 1280 x 720, with widescreen HDMI TV output and 2 x digital zoom. From Pure Digital Technologies; priced at US$200. For more info visit TECHNOLOGY Issue seven PLAYER 23 Music never looked better OAKLEY SPLIT THUMP MP3 SUNGLASSES No matter how challenging your chosen form of exercise, these sunglasses with built-in MP3 player will keep pace, with no wires to dangle and catch on your gear. Run, bike, jump, crush a ball, soar through the air – the sweat-resistant frames and speakers take just about anything you can give, keeping your vision optimised with razor-sharp clarity and your soundtrack in play. Store up to 500 songs, lectures or work files on the 2 GB version with seven hours of playtime in a single charge. Compatible with iTunes, MP3, WAV and more; quick audio controls are cleverly hidden in the frames, and speakers are removable. Priced at US$399. For more info visit Computer peripherals with security and style PANDORA USB FLASH DRIVE WITH FINGERPRINT SCAN Keep sensitive information secure. The Pandora USB Flash Drive has 64 GB memory capacity and a fingerprint scanning detector to ensure privacy and security of your sensitive information. The drive is crafted of 200-year-old African blackwood and 18K gold. The case is crowned with a white diamond, set above a flashing LED to highlight every facet. Also available in red African wood and silver, crowned with a ruby. Priced from US$999. For more info visit