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Globtel AIR Gigaray Integra

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Multi Gigabit Fixed Wireless Access solution based on DOCSIS standard which does not require an air conditioned indoor room.

A cloud based solution where you can add up to 48 wireless nodes to a single server cluster and provide gigabit speeds to the end user.

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Globtel AIR Gigaray Integra

  1. 1. Globtel AIR Gigaray Integra NEW JULY 2020 Powered by
  2. 2. Docsis Remote Phy integrated into the base station No indoor equipment at the base station needed Direct fiber connection to the antenna Outdoor or indoor power supply The same 4.7 Gbps / 2.7 Gbps performance as AIR Gigaray product family Simpler solution with less maintenance Lower total cost of ownershipGLOBTEL AIR GIGARAY INTEGRA Base Station Antenna With Integrated Docsis Remote Phy Powered by
  3. 3. Globtel AIR Gigaray Integra Globtel AIR Gigaray Integra was designed to reduce the tower footprint as the DOCSIS remote phy is integrated into the sector antenna on the tower and fully incorporated in Harmonic CableOS Docsis CMTS cloud solution and its ecosystem. With the integration of DOCSIS remote phy, we were able to completely remove AIR BSI modular chassis indoor equipment which was previously required. Space reduction, air conditioning requirements made obsolete and reduced power consumption result in direct savings. With less equipment installed the solution is simplified, comes with less potential failure points, and requires less maintenance. Switch (for multiple sectors) and power supply that are required can also be acquired in an outdoor version thus completely removing the need for indoor space. New Globtel AIR Gigaray Integra solution is especially suitable for locations with no indoor space or with limited space and air conditioning capacity. Powered by
  4. 4. EDGE ROUTER INTERNET BACKBONE CORE CableOS Core Server Indoor or Outdoor Power Supply Fiber 1/10G Directly to Antenna Network Schematics EDGE ROUTER Powered by Indoor or Outdoor Power Supply Fiber 1/10G Directly to Antenna
  5. 5. Adding Antenna Nodes Globtel AIR Gigaray Integra is powered by Cable OS, a cloud-based centralised DOCSIS CMTS solution provided by Harmonic and installed on a server cluster. Each server cluster: • Supports up to 15,000 subscribers • Can support up to 48 tower locations • Supports up to 50 Gbps of downstream traffic Larger systems can deploy multiple server clusters By using CableOS cloud-based CMTS, the operator can easily extend the network footprint by seamlessly adding new Globtel AIR Gigaray Integra nodes to the network. Each new node is easy to integrate and configure. After the installation, everything can be configured and managed remotely. Powered by
  6. 6. EDGE ROUTER INTERNET BACKBONE CORE CableOS Core Server - AIR Gigaray Integra Antenna Node Adding Antenna Nodes Is Easy Fiber 1/10G Point to Point Link Point to Point Link Powered by EDGE ROUTER
  7. 7. • Wireless point to multipoint system • Gigabit or ultra-fast broadband • Support for triple play service (internet, 4k UHD, HD TV, SD TV, IP TV, OTT, VoIP) • Enables additional value added services like VoD, Pay per View, CCTV… • Coverage up to 50 km • Suitable for urban, suburban and rural areas • Supports up to 18 Gbps download capacity per base station in the downlink alone • Supports up to 2 Gbps data transfer per user • Can be adjusted to use any frequency from 2 to 100 GHz • Number of internet users per 90 degree wireless node – 2000, • Unlimited number of live TV users (DVBx, ATSC). Globtel AIR Gigaray Product Family Main Facts Powered by
  8. 8. Frequency Throughput* DOCSIS 3.0** @ 500 MHz Throughput* DOCSIS 3.1 @ 500 MHz Range 10 GHz 3,1 Gbps 4,7 Gbps 50 km 12 GHz 3,1 Gbps 4,7 Gbps 50 km 24 GHz 3,1 Gbps 4,7 Gbps 25 km 26 GHz 3,1 Gbps 4,7 Gbps 22 km 28 GHz 3,1 Gbps 4,7 Gbps 20 km 31 GHz 3,1 Gbps 4,7 Gbps 18 km 37 GHz 3,1 Gbps 4,7 Gbps 16 km 47 GHz 3,1 Gbps 4,7 Gbps 12 km 60 GHz 2,3 Gbps 3.5 Gbps 1,5km 70 GHz 2,3 Gbps 3.5 Gbps 9,5 km 80 GHz 2,3 Gbps 3.5 Gbps 8,5 km*Capacity per 90 degree sector antenna. **With Docsis 3.0 frequency bandwidth is shared with adjacent sector Supported Frequency Ranges
  9. 9. For more information please contact GLOBTEL HOLDING d.o.o. Panonska ulica 30, SI-2000 Maribor, Slovenia Web page:, E-mail: Powered by