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The UCLA AIDS Institute

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The Pediatric AIDS Coalition Cause Education Committee – The UCLA AIDS Institute

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The UCLA AIDS Institute

  1. 1. UCLA AIDS Institute
  2. 2. Background Info ● Doctor Ronald Mitsuyasu ○ Founder ○ A clinical investigator in HIV-associated malignancies since 1982 ○ Conducts trials with immune-based and gene therapy for HIV ● The Center for Clinical AIDS Research and Education (CARE) Center’s primary function is to ○ support and conduct clinical investigations in HIV
  3. 3. UCLA Researchers were the first to... ● Report a case of HIV transmission through breast milk-in patient Ariel Glaser, daughter of Paul and Elizabeth Glaser ● Discover that some individuals are wholly or partially resistant to HIV infection ● Reduce mother-to-child transmission rates by pioneering the use of the drug AZT in HIV-positive pregnant women ● Demonstrate clearance of HIV from an infected infant
  4. 4. Accomplishments in the Last 5 Years ● establish an in vitro model for HIV latency in primary cells ● generate T cells from human embryonic stem cells ● show the gut mucosa is highly vulnerable to HIV infection ● indicate that African American men who have sex with men and are HIV positive report a one in four likelihood that they experienced sexual abuse before age 18
  5. 5. Thomas Coates ● Associate Director ● Focuses his Studies on ○ Men who have sex with men ○ Recently completed a nationwide clinical trial of an experimental HIV-Preventive Intervention focused on this population ● Directing Clinical Trial to determine impact of de-stigmatizing HIV strategies in ○ South Africa ○ Zimbabwe ○ Tanzania ○ Thailand
  6. 6. Gail E. Wyatt ● clinical psychologist, sex therapist, and associate direction of UCLA Aids Institute ○ Analyzes consensual and abusive sexual relationships of people in the context of STIs and HIV ■ Shed light on the pattern of HIV transmission in heterosexual male and female couples; not just a gay male problem ○ One of the first people of ethnic minority group to receive sexologist training; first African American woman to get license to practice psychology