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All Info on Baghouse

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All Info on Baghouse

  1. 1. RDP Baghouse Info
  2. 2. Full Immersion Description The Patented MECAIR: “full immersion” system consists of a round header tank with fully integrated diaphragm valves, suitable for dust collector filters and sintered metal fibre filters. The RDP MECAIR 500 series diaphragms valve has been specifically designed to be mounted onto a round header tank. This valve is exclusively a MECAIR design and has worldwide patent. The particular design of the MECAIR 500 series diaphragm valve, allows you to fully optimise the increased flow rate performance this valve has to offer, and also the simple way which you can mount the header tank onto the filter wall, eliminating the excessive weight of the traditional square header tanks. The MECAIR header tanks are manufactured and tested 100%, in accordance with the CE directives, 97/23/CE, 87/404/CEE and 90/488/CEE. The relevant directive used for the calculations relating to manufactured of the header tanks are UNI EN 286/1. This covers all production up to a maximum diameter of 10” while header tanks manufactured with external diameter of 12” are based upon VSR calculations.
  3. 3. Pneumatic Air Cannons Descriptions RDP supply
  4. 4. 200 Series Description The RDP 200 Series is a range of diaphragm valve suitable for dust collector applications, in particular for reverse pulse jet filter cleaning of filter bags, cartridges, envelope filters, ceramic filters and sintered metal fibre filters. The RDP 200 series valve has the inlet port at 90° to the outlet port. The RDP 200 series range comprises 7models, from ¾” to 3”, all with threaded female gas connections. The 1½” model is available in the single and double diaphragm versions, while the 2”, 2½” and 3” are all double diaphragm valves, while the 2”, 2½” and 3” are all double diaphragm valves. The special design assures an extremely fast opening time, high flow rates and easy installation. The valves are constructed in die-cast aluminium and have an anodised protection treatment which protect them from corrosive and environmental agents. Bolts and screws are stainless steel. MTS PR 1/4” Description The model MTS PR1/4” -24/DC sequencer is an integrated model which incorporates the remote pilot valves, model PR1/4:, which can be pneumatically connected to the diaphragm valves type “VEM” rather than with electrical connections. This version has been designed to guarantee the control of diaphragm valves mounted on pulse jet dust collector filters containing filter bags or cartridges. All the technical characteristics comply with the CE directive. The MTS-PR1/4” conforms to the European Directive (89/336 EEC and 93/68 EEC). MT Description The electronic microprocessor sequencer model MT uses advanced microprocessor technology, expressly designed to control the interval and pulse time of diagrams valves, focusing on reverse pulse jet system with pneumatic cleaning procedures. All the technical characteristics satisfy the CE directives which relate to various protection relating to the terminal board, respecting the distance on the printed circuit boards, galvanic separation, ect.
  5. 5. Baghouse and Catridge Filter Cartridge Filter Baghouse Filter