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Periscopix google event 9 may

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Periscopix google event 9 may

  1. 1. Periscopix and GoogleThomas Byrne Adriano AccardoHead of Sales, Periscopix Industry Manager, Agency Google Confidential and Proprietary
  2. 2. Half the new Internet connections come from mobile devices Last year, more smartphones were sold than PCs WHY By 2015, more people in the UK will begoing online via a mobile device MOBILE? than on a computerSources:Eric Schmidt 2010 Mobile World CongressCNN, via International Data Corp (IDC): Data Corp (IDC): More Mobile Internet Users Than Wireline Users in the U.S. by 2015 2 Google confidential Google Confidential and Proprietary 2
  3. 3. Agenda1.  What’s Next for Search: Matt Bush, Head of Agency2.  Website Conversions: Shane Cassells, Google Conversion Expert3.  Coffee Break4.  Mobile Performance: Jonathan Abraham, Industry Head, Mobile5.  Optimizing for Mobile using Google Analytics: Ben Gott, Head of Web Analytics3 Google confidential
  4. 4. What’s next for search? Google confidential
  5. 5. •  The changing consumer•  Measuring through Attribution•  Google+•  Research Online, Purchase Offlline5 Google confidential
  6. 6. Product Consumer Knowledge 90% of Search as a ? clients key channel6 Google confidential
  7. 7. 7 Google confidential
  8. 8. “The CMO role is to be more data-focused and less creative over the next five years… …because of the increased pressure to prove the ROI of campaigns”Source: IBM via Marketing Week.8 Google confidential
  9. 9. 63 43 % %Source: IBM via Marketing Week.9 Google confidential
  10. 10. 28 39 % % Volume share Revenue shareSource: The Deloitte Multichannel Consumer Survey, Sept 201110 Google confidential
  11. 11. %  of  consumers  who  make  their   decision...   Before$visi4ng$the$store$ In$the$store$ 60%$ 75%$ 83%$ 40%$ 25%$ 17%$ 2007$ 2008$ 2009$Source: Longitudinal Economic Study Series, IRI Attitude Link, n = 1,000+ shoppers. CPG Purchase Decisions. IRI, 2009. 11 Google confidential
  12. 12. ZERO MOMENT OF TRUTH12 Google confidential
  13. 13. Category  Searches   Travel            20   Mobile  phones              7   Apparel              6   Energy              5  Source: Beyond last click: Understanding your consumers’ online path to purchase, 2011, Google/Neilsen 13 Google confidential
  14. 14. Last click is not the whole story14 Google confidential 1 4
  15. 15. Conversion path: the whole story Assists clicks and impressions Last click Generic Display Organic Brand Affiliate search network search search click15 Google confidential
  16. 16. Generic assists drive brand search Branded Conversions preceded by Generic clicks grew at a rate that was 10x that of Brand-only Brand conversions exposed to Generic Terms 329% GrowthSales Q3 Q4Source: Google internal, Cross-Advertiser Search Funnels Analysis, Q3 & Q4 201016 Google confidential
  17. 17. Consumers take time to convert Source : Google / Nielsen ‘Beyond Last Click’ whitepaper covering the UK market published 201117 Google confidential
  18. 18. Search funnel opportunities High impression assists may indicate need to increase position or modify copy High click assist to last click ratios indicate that ads may be undervalued by last click.18 Google confidential
  19. 19. Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels A single view of interactions across digital channels Top Paths Time Lag Path Length Assisted ConversionsOverview 19 Google confidential
  20. 20. From metrics to models20 Google confidential 20
  21. 21. What is attribution modeling? Distribute value to multiple interactions along the path to conversion according to different models. Generic Display Organic Brand Affiliate search network search search click $50 + $0 $20 $20 +$0 $20 +$0 $100 = $100 $20 + $50 $2021 Google confidential
  22. 22. Google’s attribution philosophy •  There is no ‘one size fits all’ attribution model •  Compare multiple attribution models •  Seek an evidence basis for attribution22 Google confidential
  23. 23. Influencing shopping in the real world23 Google confidential
  24. 24. 24 Google confidential
  25. 25. 25 Google confidential
  26. 26. 91% of 91% of all UK sales happen offline offline all UK sales happen 91% of all UK sales happen offlineSource: Forrester eCommerce Forecast, Q1 2011 26 Google confidential
  27. 27. 40% of 40% of shoppersresearch online andoffline shoppers research online and purchase purchase offlineSource: Consumer Commerce Barometer (TNS, IAB & Google) 201027 Google confidential
  28. 28. Category  ROAS   Apparel      3:1   Mobile  and  contracts      4:1   Home  and  garden      6:1   Consumer  electronics    12:1  28 Google confidential
  29. 29. 10% of  all  offline  sales  driven  by  the  website  29 Google confidential
  30. 30. of  all  media-­‐influenced  offline  sales     1/4 driven  by  Paid  Search  30 Google confidential
  31. 31. incremental  store  visitors  who  bought   +27k 1200  products  through  up-­‐weighted  SEM    31 Google confidential
  32. 32. higher  basket  size  from  ROPO  customers   2x driven  by  Paid  Search  32 Google confidential
  33. 33. Testing Products Reporting tools33 Google confidential
  34. 34. OFFLINE ONLINE PHONE RESEARCH ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? PURCHASE34 Google confidential
  35. 35. Tracking Combine data Experiments/ Geo-tests Attribution of Correlation of Prove offline sales online ads and incremental offline sales effect35 Google confidential
  36. 36. 1.  Ensure local stores are 2. Attract consumers to the 3. Promote specials andeasily found online store (Pull) weekly deals (Push) Place Search & Offer Ads (Desktop) eCirculars Location Extensions Local shopping Offer Ads (Mobile) Mobile “Proximity”36 Google confidential
  37. 37. 1.  What  is  the  consumer  searching  for?  2.  What  is  the  journey  to  your  site?  3.  How  do  people  navigate  through  your  site?  4.  Where  do  people  eventually  buy?  37 Google confidential
  38. 38. Remember : the truth is out there... You’ll only know for sure if you test Thank you Matt Bush mbush@google.com38 Google confidential 3 8
  39. 39. Conversion Shane Cassells39 Google confidential
  40. 40. 40 Google confidential
  41. 41. 41 Google confidential
  42. 42. 250msec 1msec = 1/1000th of a second42 Google confidential
  43. 43. Sites Must EVOLVE “ Every year the amount of content we add to our website doubles, ” while our user’s patience with our website halves. ~ Cassells’ Law43 Google confidential
  44. 44. Web Marketing Team Website Team + Marketing Team = Same Targets44 Google confidential
  45. 45. 45 Google confidential
  46. 46. 46 Google confidential
  47. 47. “ There is no such thing as a training class or a manual for a website. People have to be able to grasp the function of the site immediately ” after scanning the home page – for a few seconds at most. Jakob Nielsen47 Google confidential
  48. 48. Focus on the User Focus on the Conversion Focus the User on the Conversion48 Google confidential
  49. 49. 49 Google confidential
  50. 50. of Sales are lost because users cannot find what they are looking for on a site Source: Kiss-Metrics50 Google confidential
  51. 51. INTUITIVE51 Google confidential
  52. 52. Navigation Search52 Google confidential
  53. 53. 53 Google confidential
  54. 54. 54 Google confidential
  55. 55. 55 Google confidential
  56. 56. 56 Google confidential
  57. 57. 57 Google confidential
  58. 58. 58 Google confidential
  59. 59. 23% of users abandon a cart when they are required to Register ✗ Source: Forrester, April 200859 Google confidential
  60. 60. 60 Google confidential
  61. 61. 61 Google confidential
  62. 62. 62 Google confidential
  63. 63. www.whichMVT.com63 Google confidential
  64. 64. 64 Google confidential
  65. 65. 47% of mobile owners in the UK have a Smart phone Source: Enumeration Study, Feb 201265 Google confidential
  66. 66. DEMOGRAPHICS66 Google confidential
  67. 67. boost performance: 51% more likely to purchase from retailers 85% increased engagement keep customers: 40% would visit a competitor’s site instead because of a disappointing mobile experience Source: Compuware, “Why the Mobile Web is Disappointing End-Users”. March 201167 Google confidential
  68. 68. 68 Google confidential
  69. 69. 69 Google confidential
  70. 70. 70 Google confidential
  71. 71. keep it quick make it easy to convert help mobile users - design your site to load quickly and make copy easy focus on information that to scan. will aid conversion. simplify navigation make it local clear navigation, hierarchy include functionality that helps and vertical scrolling aid people access to information. find you and get to you. be thumb friendly make it seamless design your site so that even bring as much of the large hands can interact with functionality of your desktop it easily. site to mobile as you can. design for visibility use mobile/tablet site redirects ensure that your content can give users a choice to go back to be read the desktop site, but make it easy to at arm’s length. return to the mobile site. make it accessible learn, listen & iterate ideally, your mobile site should work good mobile sites are user-centric, across all mobile devices and all meaning they’re built with input from handset orientations. your audience.71 Google confidential
  72. 72. Thank You!72 Google confidential
  73. 73. How to execute mobile performanceJonathan AbrahamIndustry Head, Mobile. Google Confidential and Proprietary
  74. 74. 74 Google confidential
  75. 75. How we can help you?1 Insights: UK trend data on search, display, mobile behaviour and effectiveness.2 Implementation: Share learning‘s, best practice and benchmarks3 Impact: Partner with your research teams to understand brand and multichannel impact.75 Google confidential
  76. 76. Smartphones Used While Consuming Other Media Watch TV 53% Listen to music Read a book 49% 11% 74 % Use smartphone while…. Read Use internet newspaper /magazine Play 26% 18% video games 16%76 Google confidential 76
  77. 77. Mobile is Transforming EverydayShopping Behaviour 24% 21% 45% Intentionally carry a Have changed their Of Smartphone mind about Smartphone when purchasing a product owners use the shopping to or service in store as phone in their compare prices and a result of information purchase process for information gathered on their Smartphone77 Google confidential
  78. 78. google mobile core proposition Video Search Home WorkMobile Sites Apps Shopping Commuting78 Google confidential
  79. 79. Mobile  Search  79 Google confidential
  80. 80. 50%  start  with  a  search  of  mobile  internet  users   +223%  YoY   for  top  1000  commercial  queries  via  mobile   80 Google confidential 8 0
  81. 81. Technology  Queries   on  Mobile   2010:  5%   2011:  13%  Google confidential
  82. 82. Entertainment  Queries    on  Mobile   2010:  7%   2011:  18%  Google confidential
  83. 83. Travel  Queries   on  Mobile   2010:  4%   2011:  14%  Google confidential
  84. 84. CPG  Queries   on  Mobile   2011:  7%   2012:  15%   84Google confidential MOBILE CONTRIBUTES HUGELY TO34% INCREMENTAL GROWTH INCREMENTAL MOBILE’S SHARE OF TOTAL REVENUE MAY BE SMALL, BUT DRIVES REVENUE GROWTH 54% 49% 33% 36% 37% 34% 23% 14% 23% 21%
  85. 85. Retail  Queries   on  Mobile   2010:  4%   2011:  13%  85 Google confidential
  86. 86. Mobile Search Formats Click- Site- to-call LinksClick-to- Hyperdownload local Google Confidential and Proprietary Google confidential
  87. 87. Split out mobile campaignsSeparate campaigns are the best way to guarantee strongerresults. 1 More Control •  Set bids and budgets just for mobile, run separate reports to track results, easier optimization. • Include messaging with a strong mobile 2 Relevant Messaging call-to-action •  Use relevant ad formats that drive to a mobile optimized landing page. 3 Better Targeting •  With AdWords you can target different carriers and devices. Google Confidential and Proprietary 87 Google confidential
  88. 88. Mobile App Extensions - BETA Once the app is downloaded, click-to-download extensions allow you to direct users to a destination inside the appAdvertiser Benefits:•  Shorten the conversion cycle by deep-linking directly into an app so that users don’t have to fill out shipping addresses or other information on the site•  Drive additional downloads of your app by offering a download link along with your regular text ad•  See results – From the initial beta results, we’ve seen a 5.8% CTR increase for ads which have the “fancy sitelink” Google Confidential and Proprietary 88 88 Google confidential
  89. 89. Roy’s Restaurants achieves 800% ROI with hyperlocaladvertising and mobile-only campaigns Mobile searchers looking for dining options could effortlessly see how close they were to a nearby Roys Restaurant and the click to call function allowed for instant reservations. Our hyperlocal mobile-only campaign drove a 40% increase in calls with a CPC 67% less than desktop ads. The numbers are impossible to ignore. We have to invest in hyperlocal mobile advertising as part of our long-term growth strategy. - Jason Maloney, Vice President of Marketing for Roy’s After realizing that mobile1 traffic was outperforming Results desktop traffic in CTR and ü  Achieved 800% ROI on CPCs, Roy’s created a mobile-only campaigns separate mobile-only ü  Drove 40% more calls campaign to maximize number of calls and clicks ü  Hyperlocal mobile ads had a 539% higher CTR and2 Used hyperlocal location 67% cheaper CPC extensions to better target compared to previous on-the-go customers desktop campaigns searching nearby one of their 89 local restaurants Google Confidential and Proprietary Google confidential
  90. 90. Build a mobile site Google Confidential and Proprietary90 Google confidential
  91. 91. what kind of content does your 1. customer want or need? 2. what experience is best for that kind of content? 3. how will your customer discover this content?91 Google confidential
  92. 92. 10 best practices for mobile sites be thumb friendly make it local design your site so even large hands can include functionality that helps people easily interact with it. find and get to you. design for visibility use mobile site redirects ensure your content can be read give users a choice to go back to the desktop site, at arm’s length. but make it easy to return to the mobile site. simplify navigation keep it quick clear navigation, hierarchy and vertical help mobile users, design your site scrolling aid access to information. to load fast and make copy easy to scan. make it accessible make it seamless ideally, your mobile site should work across all bring as much of the functionality of your mobile devices and all handset orientations. desktop site to mobile. make it easy to convert learn, listen & iterate focus on information that good mobile sites are user-centric, meaning will aid conversion. they’re built with input from your audience. Google Confidential and Proprietary92 Google confidential
  93. 93. TicketsNow launched mobile optimized site & experiences higher conversion rates “Search queries and purchases in our space are migrating to mobile at a rapid pace. Mobile is where consumers are now and increasingly where they’re headed, so that’s where we need to be.” --Sachin Gadhvi, Director, Search &Mobile Marketing TicketsNow.1 Launched a mobile optimized site for a simple, Results easy-to-use experience ü  Boosted conversion rate: when buying tickets 50% up ü  Return on ad spend higher:2 30% higher return on ad Ran Google mobile ads to spend from paid search drive traffic to their site as ü  Order value increased: The well as the click-to-call ad average order values from unit mobile devices was up 8% Google Confidential and Proprietary 93 Google confidential
  94. 94. What is your tablet strategy? Google Confidential and Proprietary 94Google confidential
  95. 95. Tablets have changed the way consumers engage with digital content How are people using tablets differently from computers and smartphones? Using touch on HOW: WHEN Evenings a big screen, and on the productivity & weekends. entertainment Multi-task while Desirable watching TV, demographic -relaxing in bed & WHO young, high WHERE in the kitchen income 95 Google confidential
  96. 96. Searches across 3 screens compliment each other 3 devices allow for constant connectivity in the evenings and weekends Hourly Distribution of Searches by Platform (doesn’t reflect absolute traffic volume) Night Morning Day Evening 12:00 AM 3:00 AM 6:00 AM 9:00 AM 12:00 PM 3:00 PM 6:00 PM 9:00 PM Tablet Mobile DesktopSource: Google Internal Data, 2011. % of each platform’s traffic shown hourly for one day. Does not indicate absolute or relative traffic volumes. 96 Google confidential
  97. 97. Tablet usage is growing exponentially, driven by affluent demographics UK Google Searches by Device +23% WoW Queries Indexed UK Tablet Survey 2011 Highlights DEMOGRAPHICS •  2 in 3 Tablet Users are aged 25-54 •  60% of tablet users are males •  73% have house hold income greater than £30K USAGE •  77% use tablets more than an hour a day, 48% >2hr/day • 81% search online; including product review •  62% of tablet users do online shoppingSource: Google Internal, Canalys Q3 2011! Google Confidential and Proprietary 97 Google confidential
  98. 98. Conversion rates on tablets dwarf those on mobile and are similar to desktop Conversions are 10-15% * cheaperSources: ! than on desktops21) Adobe Digital Marketing Insights, 2012, USA!*Average Order Value!2) Google Internal! Google Confidential and Proprietary Google confidential
  99. 99. The Spectacular Rise of the Tablet Tablets are the fastest-selling consumer tech device in history Tablet shipments are growing rapidly Number of days to reach 1M units sold 101m 360+ 74 28 65m 16m 2010 2011 2012 2001 2007 201099 Google confidential
  100. 100. Tablet users are engaged 68% use their tablet at least 1 hour per day 40% 2 use their tablet daily while watching TV1Source:1) Nielson, 20112) Google Mobile Display Tablet Usage Survey, US, March 2011. n=1,430, all members of the Google Mobile Display Network 100 Google confidential
  101. 101. Build tablet-specific ad campaigns on GooglenetworksBest practices for tablet-only campaigns •  Point ads and ad extensions (on Search) to tablet focused landing pages •  Designate separate budgets for tablet campaigns. In search campaigns: bid for 1st-3rd position above the fold •  State a clear value proposition for tablet customers in your ad creative, such as “view our selection of iPad cases today!” •  Day-part campaigns to match when consumers are using tablets (evenings, weekends). •  Review Google Analytics for tablet traffic patterns, and allocate bids and budgets based on peak times. •  Leverage large, touch friendly screens! Utilize our new tablet rich media ad units in your campaigns.101 Google confidential
  102. 102. What are the DO‘s and Don‘ts 1 Do split out mobile campaigns, use mobile creative and relevant ad extensions 2 Do build a mobile site or mobile app 3 Do treat tablets as differently but drive to desktop site 4 Don’t drive to a flash site 5 Don’t neglect tracking on mobile Google Confidential and Proprietary Google confidential
  103. 103. Mobile Display Google Confidential and Proprietary103 Google confidential
  104. 104. Mobile Display Advertising104 Google confidential
  105. 105. Recap: Where our Display ads run40,000+ iPhone Apps 20,000+ Mobile Websites 40,000+ Android Apps 105 Google confidential
  106. 106. An Introduction toWhat does AdMob do best? App Promotion mCommerce Video & rich media engagement Drive footfall Google Confidential and Proprietary 10 Google confidential 6
  107. 107. Targeting Options Standard Advanced Interest Category Location (Android Only) & time Traffic Bundles Enhanced Operator Demographic Remarketing OS Newly Activated App (and OS version) Device Device Enthusiasts107 Google confidential 10 7
  108. 108. Buy across a selection of apps and sitesBusiness & News Social Kids Sports Game Entertainment The Football LeagueThe Independent Absolute Radio 108 Google confidential
  109. 109. Key Ad Format: click-to-App-Store / MarketplacePut your store onto your customers device in 2 clicks Google confidential
  110. 110. Google Wallet 11 Google confidential 0
  111. 111. Thank you.Questions?111 Google confidential
  112. 112. GA: Measuring for Mobile Ben Gott 09/05/2012© Periscopix 2012
  113. 113. Periscopix are GACPs Google certified us to do: • GA Training • GA Implementation • Website & campaign analysis & reporting • Conversion rate Optimisation© Periscopix 2012
  114. 114. • Do I have sufficient volume? • How do performance metrics compare to my ‘full’ site Mobile site? • Content – what are people already consuming • Intent – what does their consumption/traffic sources/hour of day What do I put in there? tell me about their intent on my site? • Size/dimensions/actionable features • Speed – are slow page loads affecting my mobile conversion rates? • Usability – do mobile users fall down on certain page types How do I improve it?© Periscopix 2012
  115. 115. The Good© Periscopix 2012
  116. 116. The Bad & Downright Ugly© Periscopix 2012
  117. 117. Mobile in GA© Periscopix 2012
  118. 118. Mobile Segment: beware the tablet© Periscopix 2012
  119. 119. Do I Need A Mobile Site? Significant visitor numbers? Poor Engagement? Poor conversion performance?© Periscopix 2012
  120. 120. Do I really need a mobile site? ROI = Monthly value realised by extra conversions X 42% Cost of mobile site %age of mobile internet users ONLY use a mobile for the internet.© Periscopix 2012
  121. 121. If not now then……. Jan 2010 – Dec 2011: Ten fold increase in mobile visits Doubled during 2011 & rate of growth increasing! 150+ websites/17.6 million visits© Periscopix 2012
  122. 122. Designing my new mobile site Audience > Mobile > Devices Audience > Mobile > Devices > Audience > Mobile > Device > Screen resolutions Goal set 1 iPhone = 1 in 10 web handsets 65 different resolutions Huge variations in conversion rate are common© Periscopix 2012
  123. 123. What do my mobile users want? Image of the advanced segment + ipad & other excl. Bored Lost Rushed© Periscopix 2012
  124. 124. Rushed, Lost or Bored?© Periscopix 2012
  125. 125. When do mobile visitors call in? 7 6 5 176 Million visits 4 Jan – Feb 2012 Mobile (inc iPads) 3 Non-Mobile 2 1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24© Periscopix 2012
  126. 126. And just how do they find me? Visits by Medium organic referral cpc email other • Branded or not? 5% 2% • Higher or lower intent? 11% • Email campaigns – optimised? • How well SE optimised is 24% 58% your mobile site? • Which referral sources are mobile users coming from – social? 100+ sites + 11 million visits© Periscopix 2012
  127. 127. Improvements 1: Speed© Periscopix 2012
  128. 128. Improvements 2: Flow? High Exit Rates!© Periscopix 2012
  129. 129. © Periscopix 2012
  130. 130. Attention to detail: P.E.F score (The Periscopix Employee Face score)Lost Opportunities ONLY 73 lost 106 lost opportunities opportunities per year! per year! • New non-exec? • Ban red jumpers • More staff that look like me? Bounce rate© Periscopix 2012
  131. 131. The Future?© Periscopix 2012
  132. 132. Thank you Ben Gott head of web analytics© Periscopix 2012