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Brigthen up your class with web 2

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Brigthen up your class with web 2

  1. 1. BRIGTHEN UP YOUR CLASS WITH WEB 2.0 TOOLS Maria Bossa – February 2013
  2. 2. LET’S DISCUSS SOME FACTS… 1) I don’t know anything about technology 2) Using computers isn’t 3) Why should I use interactive. computers if I’ve a very good coursebook Adapted from “How to teach English with Technology” Gavin Dudeny & Nicky Hockly – Pearson Longman - 2007
  3. 3. BLENDED LEARNINGWhat is “Blending Learning”?
  5. 5. SOCIAL NETWORKSFacebookEdomodoTwitter
  6. 6. TOOLS TO CREATE AVATARS Voki Build yourself wild Be Funky Dopple Me Unique raster boy Fakebook Fotobabble
  7. 7. TOOLS FOR DIGITAL STORYTELLING Make Beliefs Comix Professor Garfield
  8. 8. TOOLS FOR WORD CLOUDS &SPEAKING Wordle ABCya! Image Chef Word it out My Cloud Vocaroo Voxopop Voicethread
  9. 9. VIDEOS Youtube The mom’s song The mom’s song with captions A girl replies the mom’s song The Facebook song The importance of learning English The Interpretor
  10. 10. VIDEOS – CONT. Youtube Rio Trailer Rio official trailer Literal Video – Take on me – Aha Literal Video – Total Eclipse of the heart Literal Video – Harry Potter my BBF Rose – AT&T commercial Toyota funny commercial
  11. 11. EXTRA TOOLS - DIFFERENT USES Photopeach Wallwisher Switchzoo Fodey Mailvu
  14. 14. THANKS FROM THE HEART TO… Ayat Al-Tawel – a dear friend, twin sister and colleague Jennifer Verschoor – a dear supporter and mentor “Becoming a Webhead” – EVO Session “Webheads in Action” – Community of Practise
  15. 15. “WHEN THERE IS A WILL, THERE IS A WAY” Smiles  February 2013