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Soc eng information session bachelor open day february 3 2018 peter

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Slides used for the information session of our Bachelor Programme International Sociology - februari 3rd

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Soc eng information session bachelor open day february 3 2018 peter

  1. 1. International Sociology Bachelor Information Saturday, February 3, 2018
  2. 2. Welcome!
  3. 3. Open day: International bachelor of Sociology Welcome! Jitze OomenPeter Achterberg Manaar Mohammed
  4. 4. 1. What is Sociology? 2. What is the bachelor program International Sociology? 3. Why choose for International Sociology at Tilburg University? 4. What are your options after the bachelor International Sociology? 5. Need more information? Content
  5. 5. What is sociology?
  6. 6. International Sociology focuses on the dynamics between man and society. You study social themes and cultural differences, while connecting these themes to politics and policy.
  7. 7. Sociology: Understanding Society 1. Sociologists look at societal problems and trends with a scientific perspective 2. Sociologists study social impacts on individual behaviour
  8. 8. • Bachelor thesis Luisa Decker Gender differences in sexual preferences (casual sex) Contemporary Societal Issues
  9. 9. • Did opinions about freedom of speech change during the last decade? • Which groups of refugees integrate more and why? • Why do people vote against their own interest? • Does flexible work lead to polarization in the labour market? • What are consequences of the Internet for social contacts? Problems in society today
  10. 10. Sociology and science
  11. 11. Bachelor program International Sociology Tilburg University
  12. 12. • Two programs: • Sociologie: mens en samenleving • International Sociology • Choice out of 3 majors (specialisations): • Grootstedelijke vraagstukken • Culture in Comparative Perspective • Social Risks in a Changing World Bachelor Sociology in Tilburg
  13. 13. Year 1: base Block 1 Block 2 Block 3 Block 4 Introduction to Sociology Political Science Sociological Themes Contemporary Sociological Theories Social problems Research Methodology Introduction to Psychology Social Problems in Research Academic Skills 1 Academic Skills 2 Introduction to Statistics Economics for International Students Academic Skills 3 Courses in Sociology Other disciplines Academic and research skills
  14. 14. A week in a student’s life
  15. 15. Year 2 and 3: specialisation Grootstedelijke vraagstukken Culture in Comparative Perspective Social Risks in a Changing World
  16. 16. Choice out of one of three majors: • Four thematic courses • More academic and research skills • Practical assignments o Sociological research project (year 2) o Internship (year 3) • Bachelor thesis (year 3) In year 3 lots of flexibility and choice (mobility window) Year 2 and 3: specialisation Minor Other sociology major Other discipline Educational minor Study abroad
  17. 17. Study abroad Do you want to follow courses abroad? You can do so without study delay! The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  18. 18. Differences between Sociologie and International Sociology Sociologie International Sociology Almost all courses in Dutch Completely taught in English Comparative perspective but with a focus on the Dutch context Example: impact of Dutch ‘participatiewet’ on citizens Comparative perspective with a focus on Europe Example: impact of globalization on labour markets in European countries Dutch classroom International classroom Prepares for national career Example: policy maker municipality of Tilburg Prepares for international career Example policy advisor NGO in Brussels
  19. 19. International Sociology at Tilburg University
  20. 20. Why International Sociology in Tilburg? Good returns and satisfied students Small-scale program: you are not a number! Affordable student housing Understanding society: contribute to humanity Green campus Tilburg Educational Profile
  21. 21. Tilburg Studentenstad Active studentlife Study association Versot
  22. 22. Application deadline: 1 May 2018 • Diploma comparable to Dutch VWO diploma or HBO propedeuse • English language proficiency • Maths (comparable to 6 VWO) Questions about admission and application? Admission requirements International Sociology Yvonne Alofs Liesbeth Bluekens Study advisor Admissions officer
  23. 23. Options after bachelor program International Sociology
  24. 24. • Master Sociology (1 year) • Extended Master Sociology with internship (1,5 years) • Research Master Social and Behavioral Sciences (2 years) • Double Degree program with • Trento (Italy; 2 years) • UPF (Barcelona, Spain; 1,5 years) • Post-Master: Universitaire Lerarenopleiding Maatschappijleer en Maatschappijwetenschappen (in Dutch; 1 year) Master’s programs
  25. 25. Career perspective
  26. 26. Branche perspective Source: alumni-survey TiU October 2017 Consultancy 17% Education 15% Social work 14% Policy advice 11% Entrepreneurship 11% Politics 8% Research 7% Other 17%
  27. 27. Alumni
  28. 28. More information?
  29. 29. Sociology Tilburg University on social media
  30. 30. More information? Visit our Trial lecture International Sociology! 16:00 – 16:45 Cobbenhagen building 1.09 (Cz1.09) Become a Student for a Day! • Meeloopdag Sociologie March 12, 2018 • Student for a Day International Sociology March 16, 2018 As a Student for a Day you will immerse yourself in one specific program for a full day.
  31. 31. Create your own brochure with more in-depth information about the programs of your choice, including an overview of the curriculum and admissions requirements. Questions (1): Questions (2): More information?
  32. 32. Enjoy your day and good luck in choosing the study that fits you!