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Clinical Trainer and Assessor Role Description

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Clinical Trainer and Assessor Role Description

  1. 1. Role Description Role Title: Clinical Trainer and Assessor Division/Hospital: People and Learning Department/Unit: Mater Education Date Created/Reviewed: 08/05/2015 Reports To: Education Coordinator Level of Accountability: Team Member Role Purpose Provide training and assessment services of nationally recognised training course at various delivery locations for Mater Education Limited. With primary responsibility for certificate 3 Health Services Assistance. Behavioural Standards This role requires the incumbent to adhere to the Mater behavioural standards including the Values, Code of Conduct, Credo and any other relevant behavioural standards. Role Level Accountabilities This role is responsible for fulfilling the following accountabilities: Self Accountabilities: For all Mater people My Behaviour  I role-model the values in the way I behave towards others and adhere to organisational behavioural standards at all time  I translate mission into practice in my behaviour and actions My Role I am accountable for ensuring that:  I am clear on the tasks and accountabilities that are associated with my role  I fulfil any mandatory/professional competency requirements  I contribute to, and sign off on, my performance objectives and development plan  I request regular feedback from my manager in order to meet target performance expectations throughout the year  I carry out my development plan  I make an active contribution in my role as a team member Safety and Quality I am accountable for:  contributing to safe and quality patient care and employee safety on every occasion by adhering to the relevant legislation, standards, policies and procedures  contributing my part to ‘zero harm’ for staff, and ‘zero preventable harm’ for patients Patient Experience I am accountable for:  contributing to the positive experience of patients and visitors to MHS in everything that I do  providing information to patients, carers and consumers that is evidence based, useful and meaningful to them Continuous Improvement  I am accountable for recognising inefficiencies in my role and raising them with my Manager Reputation  I am accountable for representing MHS and being a champion of all that is great about working at Mater Mater Health Services –Role Description Page 1 of 4 Last updated: 19 July 2016
  2. 2. Role Specific Expectations • Ensure compliance with NVR standards in all of the training and assessment activities you provide associated with your role as trainer and assessor • Maintain compliance with guidelines, accreditation, legislation, regulations and organisational policies as relevant to your role • Meet nationally agreed competency requirements and continue to develop competence as per current NSSC determination on Training and Assessment competencies to be held by Trainers and Assessors • Actively participate in the transition arrangement from superseded training packages so that only current endorsed qualifications and units of competency are delivered • Maintain awareness of and implement MEL’s record keeping procedures in accordance with relevant policies and procedures • Develop/assist in the development of training and assessment strategies • Participate in peer validation of training and assessment strategies • Ensure a currently training and assessment strategy is followed for each qualification delivered • Only use the most recent version of training and assessment materials • Collect, analyse, act and report on feedback • Develop assessment tools, benchmarking materials and mapping documentation • Maintain evidence of industry consultation of assessment tools • Maintain evidence of per validation of assessment tools • Maintain evidence of moderation with other assessors • Participate and contribute to meetings relevant to your role • Source professional development opportunities that align with training and assessment an d vocational competency currency • Ensure awareness of and adherence to MEL’s Standard operating procedures and policies • Maintain accurate, current and up to date records of training and assessment activities • Initiate and participate in continuous improvement opportunities • Participant in reviews, internal and external audits as necessary • Implement strategies that ensure students receive training, assessment and support to meet their individual needs • Experience in effectively delivering training and assessment of nursing and or health programs o Ensures necessary preparation has been undertaken prior to commencement of each lesson o Facilitates student learning by using effective training notes and validated training resources o Identifies student learning outcome and course competencies to be achieved and selects and implements appropriate training methodologies o Ascertains individuals learning styles, adapts training as needed and coaches students for improved performance o Ensures all student assessment procedures are valid and reliable, fair and recommends additional training where necessary to gain competency o Ensures protocols, policies and procedures are followed in the performance of all duties and adheres to legislation regulation. • Curriculum / Resources quality assurance o Participates in continuous improvement processes by keeping current with nursing and health care o Recommends evidence based changes and communicates issues that my affect Mater education • Maintenance of training equipment and resources o To ensure that all training aids are hygienically cleaned and maintained in working order, when required • Excellent verbal, and written communication and presentation skills • Effective organisation and planning capabilities. • Ability to work with all levels of people internal and external to the organisation including volunteers, teachers and community groups • Ability to approach problems analytically and to produce innovative solutions Mater Health Services –Role Description Page 2 of 4 Last updated: 19 July 2016
  3. 3. • Proficiency in the use of computers and Microsoft word and PowerPoint packages • Ability to work autonomously as well as in a team environment Qualifications Essential • Currency of industry qualifications as per training package requirements • Registered Nurse with AHPRA • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE) • Current Driver’s licence Clinical / Technical Competencies • Sound knowledge and experience of RTO processes • An understanding of WH&S and Equal Opportunity principles and practices • Maintain vocational competency and currency in working in the VET sector Capabilities Patient/Client Centred: Ensures that the needs of patients, family members, students, and internal and external customers (collectively referred to as clients) are taken into account when problem solving and decision making, involving them in their own care or service wherever possible. Involves “putting the patient first” by anticipating and responding to the needs of the patient. • Excellent level of this capability is required for this role Results Focus: Organised and able to effectively plan for the completion of tasks that contribute to the strategic direction of the organisation. Strives to set and achieve challenging goals, and applies and builds upon own expertise in order to achieve outcomes. Holds self and others accountable for the successful attainment of goals. • Excellent level of this capability is required for this role Developing Self and Others: Mobilising, empowering, and developing self and others to meet current and future business needs. Able to create a culture of continuous feedback and collaboration where people strive for common goals and care about each other. Comfortable with complexity, examines problems carefully, is inquisitive, and can make fresh connections between different concepts. • Excellent level of this capability is required for this role Relationship Building: The ability to work in a co-operative and helpful way with colleagues, whilst dealing with interpersonal difficulties in a manner that ensures objectives are met. This high interpersonal effectiveness includes active listening, negotiation and influencing. • Excellent level of this capability is required for this role Critical Thinking and Problem Solving: The ability to effectively deal with complexity and ambiguity. Requires the ability to analyse data, seek and draw linkages between key sources of information, and show initiative in developing innovative solutions. Applying these skills on daily basis will assist in ensuring that a continuous improvement focus is maintained. • Excellent level of this capability is required for this role Mater Health Services –Role Description Page 3 of 4 Last updated: 19 July 2016
  4. 4. Commercial Acumen: The ability to understand the key business drivers within MHS, the health industry and the environment in which we operate in. Applies key financial concepts and analysis to decision making. Supports strategic direction, is politically astute and engages in information seeking/networking and exploration of external benchmarks. • Proficient level of this capability is required for this role Change Agility: Maximises opportunity that change offers and brings people along to understand and embrace change. Able to be visionary in the face of change and to adjust own behaviour to facilitate the change. • Proficient level of this capability is required for this role Self Management: Incorporates the ability to have a high level of self awareness, the ability to manage ones emotions, whilst also exhibiting self belief and self care. • Skilled level of this capability is required for this role Mater Health Services –Role Description Page 4 of 4 Last updated: 19 July 2016