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GEC+ 2016: Ainsley Lloyd

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Ainsley Lloyd, Global Operations Coordinator, The GEDI Institute on Measuring the Digital Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

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GEC+ 2016: Ainsley Lloyd

  1. 1. Measuring the Digital Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Ainsley Lloyd The GEDI Institute
  2. 2. Understanding digital entrepreneurship ecosystems • GEDI’s Telefonica Index on Digital Life – understanding digital life • Recent GEDI research – understanding the intersection of digital and entrepreneurial ecosystems • Unicorns and digital entrepreneurship ecosystems
  3. 3. Telefonica Index on Digital Life
  4. 4. Digital life
  5. 5. Digital life and GDP
  6. 6. Recent GEDI research • A significant gap exists in the conceptualization of entrepreneurship in the digital age. We introduce a conceptual framework for entrepreneurship in the digital age by integrating two well established concepts: the digital ecosystem and the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The integration of these two ecosystems helps us better understand the interactions of agents and users that incorporate insights of consumers’ individual and social behavior. • The Digital Entrepreneurial Ecosystem framework consists of four concepts: digital infrastructure governance, digital user citizenship, digital entrepreneurship, and digital marketplace. The digital marketplace is the interaction of agents and users in e-social network based business, e- commerce and digital services including e-health, e-education, and e- government.
  7. 7. Definition of Entrepreneurial Ecosystem • we define entrepreneurial ecosystems at the socio-economic level with properties of self- organization, scalability and sustainability, composed of sub-systems and systems, as • “…a dynamic institutionally embedded interaction between entrepreneurial attitudes, abilities and aspirations, by individuals, which drives the allocation of resources through the creation and operation of new ventures.”
  8. 8. The Merging of Two Ecosystems Digital ecosystems Entrepreneurial ecosystems Digital Entrepreneurial ecosystems
  9. 9. Conceptual Framework of Digital Entrepreneurship Ecosystems
  10. 10. Unicorns: Startups valued at $1 billion
  11. 11. Country Unicorns Country2 Unicorns3 United States 95 Czech Republic 1 China 33 France 1 Germany 6 Indonesia 1 India 6 Japan 1 United Kingdom 6 Luxembourg 1 Singapore 3 Netherlands 1 South Korea 3 Nigeria 1 Canada 2 Scotland 1 Israel 2 Switzerland 1 Sweden 2 United Arab Emirates 1 Argentina 1 Data from, 12-Aug-16
  12. 12. Company Valuation ($B) Date Joined Country Industry Select Investors Uber $68 8/23/2013 United States On-Demand Lowercase Capital, Benchmark Capital, Xiaomi $46 12/21/2011 China Hardware Digital Sky Technologies, QiMing Venture Partners, Didi Chuxing $36 12/31/2014 China On-Demand Matrix Partners, Tiger Global Management, Airbnb $30 7/26/2011 United States eCommerce/Marketplace General Catalyst Partners, Andreessen Horowitz, Palantir Technologies $20 5/5/2011 United States Big Data RRE Ventures, Founders Fund, In-Q-Tel $18.50 12/26/2014 China Fintech Ping An Insurance CDH Investments, Bank of China Internet Plus Holding $18 12/22/2015 China eCommerce/Marketplace DST Global, Trustbridge Partners, Capital Today Snapchat $18 12/11/2013 United States Social Benchmark Capital, General Catalyst Partners, WeWork $16 2/3/2014 United States Facilities T. Rowe Price, Benchmark Capital, Wellington Flipkart $16 8/6/2012 India eCommerce/Marketplace Accel Partners, Digital Sky Technologies, Iconiq Data from, 12-Aug-16 Top ten unicorns
  13. 13. Understanding digital entrepreneurship ecosystems • They are global – more interconnected than traditional entrepreneurship ecosystems (customers can be anywhere) • They allow leap-frogging – entrepreneurs can participate without the conventional requirements (geography, education, some institutional/ infrastructure factors) • They are flexible and social – they rely heavily on digital networks (the sharing economy) • They produce unicorns
  14. 14. Unicorn industries 80% of unicorns are in industries that are by definition digital Industry Unicorns Industry Unicorns eCommerce/Marketplace 36 Gaming 3 Internet Software & Services 27 Media 3 Fintech 20 Facilities 2 Big Data 14 VR/AR 2 Healthcare 11 Ed Tech 2 On-Demand 10 Auto Tech 1 Cybersecurity 9 Clothing & Accessories 1 Social 9 Greentech 1 Hardware 8 Other Transportation 1 Mobile Software & Services 5 Robotics 1 Adtech 3
  15. 15. Measuring digital entrepreneurship: a preliminary approach DIGITALENTREPRENEURSHIPECOSYSTEM Sub-indexes Pillars Variables DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP Digital technology absorption Firm level technology absorption (Institutions) Availability of latest technology (Users) DIGITAL GOVERNANCE Digital freedom Business freedom (Institutions) Laws relating to ICTs (Digital Infrastructure) DIGITAL MARKETPLACE E-education E-education: Internet access in school (Agents) E-education: MOOC per population (Users) DIGITAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP Digital business Digital startups (Agents) Impact of ICT (Digital Infrastructure)
  16. 16. Unicorns per population vs. Digital entrepreneurship Singapore United States United Kingdom Canada Sweden Switzerland United Arab Emirates Netherlands Israel Germany France South Korea Japan Czech Republic Indonesia Argentina India Nigeria China R² = 0.4231 0 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5 0.6 0 20 40 60 80 100 Unicornsper1millionpopulation GEDI simplified digital entrepreneurship ecosystem measure
  17. 17. Measurement issues • How to identify a digital enterprise – not necessarily tech sector (WeWork, Buzzfeed) • How to quantify intangible aspects like networks and flexible innovations (Integration across websites/apps) • How to value the contribution of digital enterprises (valuation vs. customers served)
  18. 18. Thank You