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GEC+ 2016: Gene Seow

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Gene Seow, Program Lead, Singapore Nanyang Technopreneurship Center, Nanyang Technology University, on Entrepreneurship Education

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GEC+ 2016: Gene Seow

  1. 1. Nanyang Technopreneurship Center (NTC) was established in January 2001 with seed funding from the Economic Development Board (EDB), Singapore. A multi-disciplinary university-level center, NTC was created to be the focal point of technopreneurship education within the University and the region, and is committed to fostering, promoting and nurturing a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship endeavours through technology entrepreneurship education.
  2. 2. 1. Minor in Entrepreneurship (MiE) & Electives 2. MSc Technopreneurship and Innovation (TIP) 3. Entrepreneurship Development Programmes 4. Ideasinc Programmes 5. Entrepreneurship and Innovation Events Entrepreneurship Education in NTU PROGRAMMES & ACTIVITIES
  3. 3. Transformative Experie
  4. 4. Philosophy and Pedagogy • Firm grounding in theoretical frameworks • Curriculum designed based on new venture creation cycle • Practice oriented, hands-on approach • Experiential learning • Exposure to the entrepreneurship ecosystem • Building entrepreneurs with character: ethical and responsible; philanthropic, making a meaningful difference to humanity
  5. 5. START-UP STAGE • Entrepreneurship & Business Planning • New Venture & Entrepreneurial Marketing • Accounting for New & Ongoing Venture • Developing New Business Models GROWTH STAGE • Strategic Management for New Venture and Technology Firms MATURE STAGE • Sustainable Leadership & Strategy Innovation Curriculum Modeled on theVenture Creation Cycle Seminars, Entrepreneurship Case Study Project, Immersion Trip • Strategic Human Resource Management for New & Ongoing Ventures • Technology, Innovation and Design• IP &Technology Evaluation & Commercialization • Venture Capital Financing • NewVenture Creation (Simulation): Implementing Business Strategy & Managing Growth • Corporate Finance & M&A
  6. 6. Classroom Instruction
  7. 7. Business Plan Presentation Adventure Learning VC Fair Networking Opportunities Character Development
  8. 8. Experiential Learning; Cultural Immersion
  9. 9. Train-the-trainers (ITE Instructors)
  10. 10. Criteria Key driver must be 35 years old and below. 1 A 9-month long startup accelerator program. ideasinc invests time and resources to help pre-seed stage ideas develop through capacity building workshops, mentorship and possible funding. IDEATION & VALIDATION CAPACITY BUILDING DESIGN & PROTOTYPE DEMO DAY & FUNDING A new business idea, or existing business below 1 year old. 2 How It Works
  11. 11. A 30-hour stay-in challenge. #startathon is a combination of hackathon, rapid prototyping and business modeling. CODERS DEALERS MAKERS A signature event organised by ideasinc, #startathon is a 30-hour intense innovation experience designed for coders, entrepreneurs and makers to rapidly ideate, code, prototype and model their business. Unlike traditional hackathons, #startathon emphasises learning and actualising. Several masterclasses are held during the event. You will also be creating a prototype of your idea with the latest tools in open source hardware and IoT development boards. There will also be equipment, tools and materials for traditional and digital fabrication. A 30-Hour Challenge Open to Public 1st S$2,000 2nd S$1,000 3rd S$500 #startathon
  12. 12. #startathon
  13. 13. Minister of State, Teo Ser Luck Ideasinc Participants Ideasinc Finalist Joytingle AudienceProf Freddy Boey Ideasinc Finalist Sustainable Living Lab Teddy Zmrhal Lead, IDEO Singapore Audience Ismail Gafoor CEO & Co-Founder, P&N Holdings Leslie Loh Managing Director, Red Dot Ventures Conference Sam Baker CEO & Co-Founder, StreetSine Technology Group
  14. 14. Gene Seow Programme Lead
  15. 15. Thank You