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Fearless Pitch Deck

  2. FEARLESS is all about figuring out what you do and why you do it. Then helping you say it better. We are a niche brand strategy agency that develops wide-reaching, well-rounded communication strategies for a variety of brands within diverse industries. We are a team of highly skilled Brand Strategists that develop and execute brand campaigns which are guided by target audience insights but driven by brand bravery. Our services include high-level brand strategy, insights research, and day-to-day brand guardianship. We help brands become better by matching their purpose with a relevant cause, igniting a passion in their internal teams and engaging with their audiences on a meaningful level. We create reasons to believe, sustainable points of difference, and brand loyalty. We turn your organisation into more than just a brand.
  3. PROBLEMS we solve. NO BRAND STRATEGY We have worked with startups and small businesses to create brand strategies from the ground up. We have also worked with established organisations to reimagine their business opportunities. NO PURPOSE Are you only in business to make money? Without a belief system and a cause, you’re in danger of becoming obsolete in today’s transparent and socially aware world. We help you find a cause. NO POINT OF DIFFERENCE Find yourself in a crowded market space where everybody is saying (and selling) the same thing? It’s time to offer new value and achieve a sustainable point of difference. We can help with that. NO CLEAR MESSAGE Is your brand shouting into the void and only hearing your echo back? You need a clear and succinct message to cut through the noise of sameness. Something that will have your audience standing to attention. We do that for you. OUT OF TOUCH Have you been in business for ages and are now seeing your sales steadily declining for seemingly no reason? You’ve probably lost touch with the needs and wants of your customer. You need to get back on the same page and address the pain-points that your customers are experiencing. We do that too.
  4. PEOPLE we serve. GREAT BRANDS We work with brands that recognise the importance of getting their messaging right from the word “go”. Understanding that it’s not always about immediate ROI, our favourite clients are the ones that enjoy the process and the ones that get as excited about their brand’s strategy as we do. OTHER NICHE AGENCIES We believe that a jack-of-all-trades is a master of none. That is why we work with other niche agencies, combining our individual strengths to develop actionable and enduring brand and communication strategies. ACCOUNTING FIRMS We help accounting firms add “branding” to their livery. After all, who knows your business more than your accountant? By joining forces, we develop brand strategies that fully align with a brand’s business goals. MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS Working with people who have insights into industry best practices and are solely driven to help organisations improve their performance is a match made in heaven. Our brand strategies + their consultancies = proven success.
  5. VISION mission, and purpose. BRANDS THAT GIVE BACK We envision a business world that is more focused on people, not just profit. CREATING BETTER BRANDS Our mission as an agency is to create brands with purpose. Brands that make a real difference to people’s lives and play meaningful roles in society. HELP BRANDS CREATE BETTER FUTURES Our purpose is to elevate the importance of cause-related brand strategy in the minds of business leaders and make them more aware of their impact on the world.
  6. SERVICES we provide. BRAND STRATEGY We create and reinvigorate brands through our collaborative Brand Development Process. Working with key stakeholders, we cut through the fluff and create succinct, powerful, and purposeful brand messages. INSIGHTS RESEARCH We engage your target clients and distribute internal surveys to gain relevant insights that fuel the brand and communication strategies. COMMUNICATION STRATEGY We help strengthen all forms of communication by providing strategies that help you launch the right message, to the right person, at the right time. BRAND GUARDIANSHIP After all is said and done, we keep you on track. By making sure that your communications stay consistent and relevant, we ensure that your brand stays focused and committed to your cause.
  7. THINGS we don’t do. ONGOING ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT Think of us as a mama bird. Once we believe that you are ready to leave the nest, we will push you out with both hands. But understand, we only do this when we know that you are prepared to face the big wide world. And if you ever need to come back into mama’s warm embrace, we’ll have open arms. WORK FOR ARSEHOLES We’ve had our fair share of people coming through our doors asking for a logo that they “can get cheaper on Fiver”. We’ve had enough. We only work for people who understand the value of what we bring to the table (and who know the difference between a logo and a brand strategy).
  8. PROCESS we take you through. 1. INSIGHTS RESEARCH Before we dive into your brand, we have to understand it’s inner workings and external environment. To do this, we will interview past, current, and potential clients, as well as survey your internal staff. 2. BRAND DEVELOPMENT PROCESS Armed with the insights we’ve gained, we will take you and your key stakeholders through our proprietary Brand Development Process that enhances your brand essence, articulates your brand positioning and discovers any new value your brand can add to the market. This is done either in one three-hour workshop or three two-hour workshops, depending on which program you choose. 3. BRAND ESSENCE This is a comprehensive and rigorous brand evaluation and development exercise that ensures the delivery of a powerful single- minded brand essence that will be in-line with your business objectives, mission and strategies. 4. BRAND POSITIONING This establishes a solid position for the brand amongst your target customers and sets out key parameters for success through visual brand mapping and differentiating against your immediate competition. 5. BRAND VALUE INNOVATION Value Innovation defies competition based strategy. It seeks to create a sustainable point of difference, driving the brand into new uncontested market spaces by creating buyer value that has never been offered before. 6. COMMUNICATION STRATEGY With the combined power of the insights research and an in-depth understanding of your brand, we will assess and recommend the appropriate channels to distribute your newfound message. Depending on the Brand Development process, this may also include initial creative concepts. 7. INITIAL ROLLOUT Once all the stakeholders agree on the direction of the communication strategy, we will either hand it over to your in-house team, or source the appropriate industry partners to help rollout the finalised brand and communication strategies. 8. BRAND GUARDIANSHIP/BRAND REFRESH Our process is both time and cost efficient. This allows brands to reevaluate their strategies on a more regular basis to ensure that their messaging and purpose remains relevant to their target audiences in the long run.
  9. PRICES we charge. A MINIMUM OF $3,000 The final price of your project will be determined by: -Which Brand Development program you choose -What kind of Insights Research you require -Whether you choose to be on a retainer -Any initial content creation needed (plus corrections) -Any additional creative concept development -If you require initial Brand Guardianship -Any additional consultation For a full price list or a proposal, please contact us directly.
  10. READY to be brave? WE’RE READY TO CHALLENGE YOU. Want us to help you find your purpose as a brand? Get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to set up a free initial consultation or help in any way we can. Suite 1, 138A Church Street, Brighton, VIC 3186, Australia. P: (+613) 8560 3133 W: E: