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Complete Company Solutions 1.1

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Complete Company Solutions 1.1

  1. 1. Outsourced Sales Solutions: •Outbound Sales Calls •Developing existing client relationships •Cold calling existing and new leads •Categorise top, middle non performing clients •Identify new customers •Re-engage old or dormant clients • New lead and client list generation •Appointment setting •Appointment attendance •Full reporting on all activity •Cloud based real-time activity update •Provide positions from sales rep to director level In-house Sales Support: •Staff sales training •Develop sales plan •Implement sales plan •Measure staff performance •Compile target base for sales team •Ongoing mentoring of staff •Executive Reporting on staff performance Sales Support Complete Company Solutions
  2. 2. Marketing Support Complete Company Solutions
  3. 3. CCS providing best of breed sales support: • With the ability to rapidly implement a proven sales strategy Complete Company Solutions (CCS) sales team support is a fast and effective way to create a successful sales team NOW. • Sales outsourcing cuts a lot of your risk. The investment of time and money into a new hire means that most companies are reluctant to cut loose a new hire who is not working out, but an outsourced sales team can be fired within 30 days. Complete Company Solutions
  4. 4. Complete Company Solutions
  5. 5. • Advantages of sales outsourcing: • Quick and efficient market penetration • No wasted time with sales training • Budgeted and manageable cost • No employee tax • No HR issues • No annual leave cost • No sick day payments • Eliminate tools costs: phones, car, pension, CRM, laptops, etc.. • Working with sales experts • Leverage the latest sales methods and tools • 100% focus on sales development • Quick entry and exit strategy to working with CCS Complete Company Solutions
  6. 6. A number of recent studies have shown that large and mid- market companies that are using sales outsourcing have a competitive advantage over companies that retain these functions in house. Many companies outsource "non-core" functions such as IT, Logistics, Human Resources and Advertising. The most profitable, high-growth companies are taking a different approach; they are outsourcing functions that can be done More effectively and efficiently by their outsourcing sales partners. Complete Company Solutions
  7. 7. Starting the relationship – Easy steps to success a) CCS will meet with the key personnel and provide a simple questionnaire to understand your business, culture, clients and unique selling points. This process normally takes from 1-4 hours to complete b) From the discussion and findings, CCS will make written and face to face recommendations on your bespoke sales and / or marketing plan c) Once approved ,CCS will provide a roadmap to success, summarising your campaign about to commence with agreed timelines and reporting metrics. d) CCS will review your current client service portfolio and adjust as needed e) CCS will review all the sales tools and make recommendations to management f) We can assist in creating new messaging and call scripts based on the modified portfolio g) CCS will ensure we understand any existing pipeline, and evaluate those details to management h) We will assess existing customers and prospects to identify opportunities for additional sales i) Work with your team to create pipeline methodology consistent with the sales goals for the company j) Test all messaging and recommendations through a concentrated and well thought out sales campaign Complete Company Solutions
  8. 8. Who We Work With • At CCS, we work with all size organisations from brand new start up’s , small to medium size enterprise and large native or oversees companies wishing to gain a strong sales foothold. We recognise that all of our clients wish to expand their sales footprint, open up new markets and territories and accelerate revenue growth in advance of building out their own internal sales staff. • We work with a number of funded, post start-up companies that are ready to ramp up revenues and also want specific market feedback and sales metrics to insure smarter hiring decisions. Our experienced sales teams get early reference wins, generate revenue and accelerate pipeline growth in assigned territories, allowing growing companies to leverage centuries of combined experience, relationships and training to jumpstart the sales effort needed to achieve revenue targets. • A number of clients whose headquarters are outside Ireland have called on CCS to help them bring their products and services to the Irish market. We act as their Irish sales organisations, helping them quickly establish a sales presence in Ireland without the commitment needed to build a distributed Irish force. We fill the pipeline, generate revenue, and get the reference wins they need to help them better understand how to successfully scale their operations. • Often, larger companies have new services they want to bundle, an acquisition they want to integrate, or new products they want to sell, but they want to make sure their internal sales teams stay focused and don’t get distracted by these new product or service offerings. That’s where CCS comes in. We help large companies test the waters by developing objective sales data on new products and services and then determining the best ways to integrate these into their existing sales portfolios. Then, the internal sales force has the information, pipeline and sales data that they will need for immediate success. Complete Company Solutions
  9. 9. Why Complete Company Solutions • The Bottom Line - We Produce Results • Our executive team have over 20 years of successful experience dealing with direct sales management of small to medium and large €100 million euro plus turnover businesses. • Our Sales Executives work with you to create a blueprint for sales growth based on your goals and objectives. We then help you validate the strategy through pure sales execution. We target your best prospects and jumpstart relationships that will create a repeatable revenue stream. • As part of our process, we deploy internal lead generation services, senior sales executives and operations professionals to drive your products and services through the sales funnel and into revenue growth. This leaves our clients with a scalable and sustainable sales model for the future. • With an outsourced sales team from CCS you can: • Put an experienced sales team in place for sales acceleration projects • Test new markets or open new territories before hiring internal sales resources • Keep internal sales teams focused while experimenting with new product or service offerings • Build a sales channel without impacting direct sales, or vice versa • Leverage our expertise to maximise your client development • Grown sales at a heavily reduced cost of employing a similar sized sales team • Work to your budget and bespoke requirements Complete Company Solutions
  10. 10. Complete Company Solutions