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  1. PERSONAL BRAND EXPLORATION Phillip Mattiaccio Project & Portfolio I: Week 1 February 3, 2023
  2. Sports; to me, is as polarizing and exciting as anything else in the world. Being involved in just about every sport growing up, and into coaching as an adult has helped me continue to grow and learn. My knowledge and experience in Microsoft office, in Imovie and other editing software helps me create and bring everything together. As a U.S. Navy Veteran I have experienced many pressures and situations that some fold under. The abilities to adapt and overcome, trust my instincts and follow instruction has been ingrained in my DNA. Mix that with the passion and enthusiasm I possess for sports and the confidence becomes contagious. IDENTITY Picture of You Goes Here
  3. PROFESSION Potential Job Titles: • Reporter • News Analyst • Journalist BRAND ARCHETYPE – My approach with providing content is a confident and a chess-like process. I try to get fans to listen to their gut and do their own due diligence with all the information I provide them with on the show. Just because someone is on tv or the radio does not make their take, the only take. Journalist for Sports Entertainment Picture Relevant to Your Industry Goes Here
  4. Hiring recruiters in sports entertainment Sports Entertainment Amy Riley Outreach Plan: • Add detail and customize my linked in profile and add much activity. • A professional note on Linked in explaining my search for mentor and future connections. • Once “connected” on linked in I will professionally send a message within 2 weeks inquiring advice or future goals after investigating her profile. PROFILE PICTURE Sr. Recruiter at ESPN Lauren Giovannitti Outreach Plan: • I will research every person she has had part in hiring and show my appreciation for the eye of talent. • I will follow her on all social media platforms and apply directly to her for internships. I will inquire about any helpful seminars and or programs to help me reach my goals. • I will follow up within 1 month, and every month after that. Persistence of knowledge and growth can pay off. PROFILE PICTURE Director, HR at NFL Evan Sporer Outreach Plan: • Meticulously go through his linked in profile along with other work he has been a part of. • I will investigate every social media platform and see which one he is most active on, and introduce myself informally to him, though posts and reactions. • I will ensure I am actively engaged on his work throughout the internet, not just social media. PROFILE PICTURE Manager of Brand identity at Bleacher Report
  5. GOALS Short Term: Within 1 year post graduation • To create an active NFL podcast. ‣ Extend my social media brand, creating consistent content, and reach 500 subscriptions within 365 days after first episode is recorded. Mid Term: 3-7 years • To report for a top sports network/NFL team. ‣ To have over 100 live ‘OC’ reports by year 5 . Long Term: By 10 years • Co-host or stand in on a major NFL radio/on camera show. ‣ Appear as a guest on five different network live shows by year 10 as a Sports network/NFL reporter.
  6. SKILLS ANALYSIS Notable Skills & Current Proficiencies: Notable Skills REQUIRED in TRADE & Current Proficiencies: Social media software and messaging SOFT HARD Novice / Adept / Expert Microsoft office software Novice / Adept / Expert Review and evaluate a story and remove all filler information Novice / Adept / Expert Develop new and creative ideas for stories/columns regarding current news and issues Novice / Adept / Expert Video creation and editing software SOFT HARD Novice / Adept / Expert Project management software Novice / Adept / Expert Photograph/Videotape sports/news events Novice / Adept / Expert Establish and maintain relationships with credible sources Novice / Adept / Expert
  7. I create informative content for sports fans who enjoy a refreshing take on the latest details and news .Providing multiple videos and blogs; breaking down the intricacies of the game and taking a deeper dive. I offer a viewpoint on trending topics that gets you to dig deeper yourself. My goal is to get you to understand the ‘why’ behind every ‘what’. PROMISE
  8. CREDENTIALS Work Experience: • Military experience- thriving in high pressure situations and having to adapt. Education: • S.C.B.S., Full Sail University 2024 Leadership: • Coached youth sports • Managed and trained men, women, and children in various aspects. Picture Relevant to Your Industry Goes Here
  9. COMPETITION Kirk Chavez Industry Experience: • N/A Education: • Currently enrolled for S.C.B.S. at Full Sail University Leadership Experience: • N/A Skills and Proficiencies: • Adobe Photoshop • Digital Photography • Adobe premiere pro Phil Mattiaccio Overall Online Presence: • 6 connections, informal headshot, little to no detail or customization, nothing published as of yet. • Grade: Poor 30 out of 100 HEADSHOT HEADSHOT Industry Experience: • Shadowed a local radio DJ and assisted in daily production of show Education: • Currently enrolled for S.C.B.S. at Full Sail University Leadership Experience: • 5 years in leadership roles as a SME • 3 years in youth coaching Skills and Proficiencies: • Analytical skills • Training • Microsoft office Overall Online Presence: • 4 connections, formal headshot, nothing published as of yet, little customized or too detail oriented. • Grade: Poor, 35 out of 100
  10. COMPETITION Ricardo Grant Noteworthy Experience: • ESPN radio • Fox sports radio Phil Mattiaccio HEADSHOT HEADSHOT Industry Experience: • Industry experience goes here Education: • Full Sail Graduate Skills and Proficiencies: • Switchboard managing • Creating ads for social media • Broadcasting protocols Overall Online Presence: • 443 connections, many customized things throughout profile, very active, self promoting, • Grade: Superior, 90 out of 100 Industry Experience: • Industry experience goes here Education: • Currently enrolled at Full Sail University for S.C.B.S. Leadership Experience: • Youth sports coaching and development- 3 years • Developing/training people in efficiency and Research Skills and Proficiencies: • Youth and adult training • Ability to create and develop a story without the filler information. • Being Relatable to any audience necessary Overall Online Presence: • 4 connections as of right now, formal headshot picture, not a very active profile yet but gaining more activity daily. Little customization. • Grade: Poor, 40 out of 100
  11. BRAND POSITION I plan to provide content for fans that gives them all the information in one spot. I will encourage and challenge the audience to put their biased opinions aside and follow me on a journey through different scenarios, reasonings, and film study. “PHILLY”
  12. NETWORKING & MARKETING Industry Events & Organizations • 2023 Pro Boxing Hall Of Fame ‣ June 8-11- in Canastota NY • NFL training camp ‣ Buffalo NY- July 2023 • Local Internship ‣ Syracuse NY- Final two semesters of class in 2024 Digital Marketing • Primary Content: The content I will create and publish online will be a breakdown and analysis of NFL news and film, along with upcoming collegiate prospects, and what teams should or might do next. To give the audience a few reasons to think outside the box about their favorite NFL teams. • Primary Tools: Youtube and twitter will be my primary tools of sharing content. I will use other NFL websites to give my takes credibility with statistics, valid sources and breakdown of film to show people a more in depth take on things a casual fan may not have thought about or seen. • Website: I will use twitter to try and break news as soon as the most credible sources do. To network with twitter and add to my linkedin profile will help to promote a youtube channel. Picture of You Goes Here
  13. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Mentor • The mentor I am looking for is someone who has been in the industry for decades. Someone who has reported and wrote for numerous companies, has been live on camera and also on the radio. Someone who is now an entrepreneur and has the wisdom of many aspects and is humble and confident. I expect to be in touch with said mentor no later than end of Formal Education • High school diploma- 2006 • S.C.B.S. at Full Sail University- class of 2024 Technical Skills • Become more proficient with video creation August- 2023 • Become more proficient in Video editing software Nov- 2024 • Become more proficient with photography and video taping. Jan-2024 Soft Skills • Networking and connecting with the correct people to gain credibility. Aug-2023 • Creating online sports content that grows to 100 subscribers by Nov-2023 • Becoming familiar with broadcasting and editing protocols. Aug-2024
  14. Phil Mattiaccio Too many fans take what the media says as the end all be all. I provide the information for the fans to be able to look at all the news, facts and truths, to allow them to feel confident in standing by their beliefs, as well as knowing the most up to date information. As my page continues to grow in subscribers it shows how relatable the content is and how fans can feel like subject matter experts. “ Picture of You Goes Here
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