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A different road

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Publicado el - Behind every image, there's a story...

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  • I love a good story, this presentation was great telling, and its prompting me to think about putting one together myself for something I'm working on... plus, I'll post a link at Thanks.
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A different road

  1. Behind Every image, there’s a story
  2. A DIFFERENT ROAD - Episode 1
  3. Everything before followed a perfect pattern
  4. It was how it had always been
  5. But she couldn’t rid herself of the feeling that something artificial was taking hold of her life
  6. She felt drawn into a world spinning out of control
  7. She skipped her commitments in search of a life without boundaries
  8. The uncertainty, although frightening gave her a renewed sense of wonder
  9. A friendly stranger was going her way...
  10. On the road everyone’s leaving something: “what was he escaping from?” - she pondered
  11. He appeared comfortable with little conversation. Perhaps he was accustomed to solitude?
  12. His friends they met on the way viewed her with suspicion
  13. She caught a glimpse of something hidden behind his jacket...
  14. He came back to an empty car
  15. She ran into the night towards an unknown town
  16. There was something strangely familiar to the place she found herself
  17. Little did she know, the stranger and his companions were not far behind
  18. ..To be continued