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How to make an impact?

How satisfied are you about the impact you have in your work and life? This is a talk for UX in Antwerp, sharing my personal story & learnings. I end the presentation with questions to ask yourself on your mission, role and impact.

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How to make an impact?

  1. 1. PIETER BAERT. How to make an impact? UX Beers in Antwerp (Mechelen) Tue 28 March, 2017 PIETER BAERT.
  2. 2. My talk isn’t a knowledge transfer. I’d like to share & question life lessons Heads up
  3. 3. I believe we are wasting a lot of talent. And all of us can do better. MyWhy? Pieter Baert
  4. 4. My mission is to inspire people to discover new perspectives and help them to do things better. MyWhy? Pieter Baert
  5. 5. Service designer for innovation Strategist to analyse challenges Marketeer for value proposition Facilitator for creative workshops Instructor for team training Speaker for inspiration talks The roles people hire mefor
  6. 6. A journey of exploration and asking why Apersonalstoryon lookingforwaysto make an impact. 1 PIETER BAERT.
  7. 7. I’ve studied storytelling But (art) school wasn’t the place for me learn.
  8. 8. I’ve studied people And I never stopped studying them.
  9. 9. I’ve learned the most from doing side projectsAnimator at youth camps, instructor in team building, student journalist, student job at KUL CUO, writing & blogging, self-employed photographer, …
  10. 10. 2005 Web editor & community manager in a public media company, focused on radio & TV
  11. 11. 2006 Community manager & digital strategist in the e-department of a creative advertising agency
  12. 12. 2009 Digital & strategic planner in a network agency, on the advertising side
  13. 13. I left… (again) Along the way someone questioned me: where did you make an impact?
  14. 14. 2010 Digital strategist & strategic director in an rapidly growing digital agency
  15. 15. …2014 Making people want thingsvs Making things people want
  16. 16. Looking for autonomy & self-direction Ifyou don’tfit in anybox,tryto inventyourown box. Orcome upwith something different. 2 PIETER BAERT.
  17. 17. 2014… Working as a freelance consultant in (digital) marketing, service design & innovation
  18. 18. Support SME’s Digital at a the best Belgian BMW dealership
  19. 19. Join a design studio Service design consultancy vs UX/UI production
  20. 20. UX for IT developers Match business objectives with user needs
  21. 21. Work with entrepreneurs From the first idea to a viable digital business.
  22. 22. Teach youngsters And get the opportunity learning from them.
  23. 23. Train corporates Service design training for a bank
  24. 24. Coach leaders In finding their mission and realising their project
  25. 25. The start-up department Leading a track in an in-house innovation engine
  26. 26. Consulting & design firm Service design lead in a digital strategy track
  27. 27. In house design team Digital strategist & service designer in a digital bank for youngsters, within the mothership.
  28. 28. 2017… Corporate venture, innovation agency, international mission, in-house role, …?
  29. 29. My learnings & questions for you What I’ve learned sofar&what I can learnfromyou. 3 PIETER BAERT.
  30. 30. Did you already define your personal mission? Startwith “Why?”
  31. 31. Do you know what motivates you & what makes you very unhappy? Energylevel& progress
  32. 32. Did you choose for an organisation type that works for you? (start-up, SME, agency, corporate, …) Organisationtype & size
  33. 33. Do you want to work on the inside or contribute from the outside? Role
  34. 34. Do you want to support others or do the work yourself? Yourwork
  35. 35. Have you decided to commit for a long term engagement? Commitment
  36. 36. Do you have a fit with the culture of the organisation? CompanyCulture
  37. 37. Do you have the mandate or support to realise your ambitions? Mandate
  38. 38. How do you feel about the impact you have? Myquestionforyou: ” “
  39. 39. Pieter Baert +32 473 667 861 Questions? Shoot! PIETER BAERT.
  40. 40. Pieter Baert 📞 + 32 473 667 861 ⌨ Youwantto get intouch?
  41. 41. As a service designer, I help you innovate the products & services of your organisation, by focusing on people and their needs. What Itellpeople about me Pieter Baert