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Accelerate Digital Transformation with Pivotal Cloud Foundry on Azure

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Enterprises are looking to leverage the flexibility and elasticity of Azure Cloud to support their business critical applications.

Join us to understand how Pivotal Cloud Foundry running on Azure Cloud can dramatically improve developer productivity, accelerate time-to-market, provide feedback loops, and streamline Day 2 operations for improved efficiency and heightened platform security.

Presenters : Martin McVay, Platform Architect EMEA, Pivotal & Ruediger Schickhaus, Global Black Belt, Microsoft

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Accelerate Digital Transformation with Pivotal Cloud Foundry on Azure

  1. 1. Atlanta Chicago Dallas Silicon Valley Washington DC Amsterdam Dublin* London Chennai Hong Kong Mumbai* Melbourne* Osaka Singapore Sydney Tokyo New York US DoD West US DoD East Korea South Korea Central Coming Soon
  2. 2. TALKING ABOUT DISRUPTION •  $15Mrd infrastructure investment •  > 1 million server world wide •  100+ data centers in 40 countries
  3. 3. HIPAA / HITECH Act Moderate JAB P-ATO FIPS 140-2 FERPA DoD DISA SRG Level 2 ITAR CJIS GxP 21 CFR Part 11 IRS 1075Section 508 VPAT ISO 27001 SOC 1 Type 2 ISO 27018 CSA STAR Self-Assessment Singapore MTCS UK G-Cloud Australia IRAP/CCSL FISC Japan China DJCP New Zealand GCIO China GB 18030 EU Model Clauses ENISA IAF Argentina PDPA Japan CS Mark Gold SP 800-171 China TRUCS Spain ENS PCI DSS Level 1 CDSA Shared Assessments MPAA Japan My Number Act FACT UK High JAB P-ATO GLBA DoD DISA SRG Level 4 MARS-E FFIEC ISO 27017 SOC 2 Type 2 SOC 3 India MeitY Canada Privacy Laws Privacy Shield ISO 22301 Germany IT Grundschutz workbook Spain DPA CSA STAR Certification CSA STAR Attestation HITRUST IG Toolkit UK Trust The most trusted and compliant cloud GLOBALUSGOVINDUSTRYREGIONAL
  4. 4. We’re Reimagining Microsoft We will empower every person and every organiza4on on the planet to achieve more Create more personal computing Reinvent productivity & business processes Build the intelligent cloud platform
  5. 5. “I know way too many Linux users who think of Microsoft as ‘The Evil Empire.’ People, that was yesterday. Get over it...Look at Microsoft in 2016 and you'll see a company which offers the open-source Hadoop big data software on Ubuntu and whose CEO proclaims that Microsoft loves Linux.” Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols “[The Red Hat partnership is] a testament to Microsoft’s ability to rise above product competitiveness and be open, especially when it comes to Azure.” “Seeing the words ‘Microsoft’ and ‘Linux’ together in a single sentence may still come as a shock to a few people, but Microsoft says more than 60 percent of images in the Azure Marketplace are now Linux-based.” “The new Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate Linux on Azure certification <…> It's something of a surprising move, considering that Azure didn't even support Linux virtual machines four years ago, but meshes with Microsoft's current strategy of embracing open source technologies.” Blair Hanley Frank “The new Microsoft has taken bold new steps and has been on a path to partner with its fiercest rivals of past years. Strategically, this is what is required to be a player at scale in the cloud platform wars.” Al Hilwa, IDC “Even Microsoft, long viewed as the enemy of open-source development, has focused on making its Azure cloud computing platform a hospitable place for open-source software, including different flavors of the Linux operating system.” Barb Darrow The Market is Embracing Our Open Source Transformation Frederic Lardinois Eli Khnaser, Gartner
  6. 6. Microsoft Azure
  7. 7. Azure Active Directory SQL Server Active Directory Azure data services Azure services Azure Stack Azure management and security Unified Development & DevOps Integrated Management and Security Common Identity Consistent Data Platform On-premises infrastructure Clouds
  8. 8. +
  9. 9. Pivotal Investors
  10. 10. Fastest growing public cloud provider, Fastest growing PCF target for Enterprise customers James Watters SVP Products, Pivotal Software Microsoft Azure Partner of the year - 2017
  11. 11.
  12. 12. Targeted for POCs & education
  13. 13. © Copyright 2018 Pivotal Software, Inc. All rights Reserved. Version 1.0 Pivotal PCF on Azure Martin McVay – Platform Architect (EMEA Partner & Alliances) @mmcvaytech
  14. 14. The platform that helps you ship and run all types of modern apps in a highly-available way, anywhere you want.
  15. 15. Operational Efficiency ●  Employ 500:1 developer to operator ratio ●  Perform zero-downtime upgrades ●  Runs the same way on every public/private cloud Developer Productivity Comprehensive Security ●  Accelerate feedback loops by improving delivery velocity ●  Focus on applications, not infrastructure ●  Give developers the tools and frameworks to build resilient apps ●  Adopt a defense-in- depth approach ●  Continuously update platforms to limit threat impact ●  Apply the 3 R’s → repair, repave, rotate ●  Run platforms that stays online under all circumstances ●  Scale up and down, in and out, through automation ●  Deploy multi-cloud resilience patterns High Availability The Pivotal value proposition
  16. 16. The Transformation is Real Ford delivers the next generation connected consumer experience with Ford Pass: run like a startup, quick software updates, global presence —specifically in China and better user experience for Ford customers T-Mobile goes from 7 months and 72 steps to update software, to same day deployments. Comcast supports over 1500 developers with an operator team of 4 people. from 30 days to get a MVP deployed down to 2-3 days.
  17. 17. Example Customer Outcomes Source: Greg Otto, Executive Director, Cloud Services at Comcast, CF Summit June 2017
  18. 18. Customer Outcomes
  19. 19. Accelerate Digital Transformation with Pivotal Cloud Foundry on Microsoft Azure
  20. 20. Using the right abstraction is key for results CONTAINERS EVENT-DRIVEN FUNCTIONS DATA SERVICESMICROSERVICES Batches MONOLITHIC APPLICATIONS IaaS Container Orchestrator (CaaS) Application Platform (PaaS) Serverless Functions (FaaS)
  21. 21. vSphere Openstack AWS Google Cloud Azure & Azure Stack Shared Services Shared Security Shared Networking Logging & Metrics / Services Brokers / API Management Credhub / UAA / Single Sign On VMWare NSX Embedded Operating System (Windows / Linux) Application Code & Frameworks Buildpacks / Spring Boot / Spring Cloud / Steeltoe PAS Pivotal Application Service PKS Pivotal Container Service PFS Pivotal Function Service Pivotal Services Marketplace Pivotal and Partner Products Any App Every Cloud One Platform PCF 2.x — for everything that matters Concourse
  22. 22. Cloud API (CPI) Operating System BUSINESS VALUE LINE Pivotal Application Service Overview Container Orchestrator Multiple Languages Microservices Support Services Marketplace App Deployment & Management Availability Visibility & Administration Native User Provided Partner Apps Platform & Dashboard Health Metrics Patching CI/CD Tools ID, Security Infrastructure Automation
  23. 23. Pivotal Cloud Cache ●  High performance, in- memory, data at scale for microservices Look-aside caches & HTTP session state caching ●  NEW: WAN replication MySQL for PCF RabbitMQ for PCF ●  Enterprise-ready MySQL for your developers ●  Automate database operations in developer workflows ●  NEW: Leader-follower for multi-site HA ●  Easily connect distributed applications with the most widely deployed open source message broker ●  Enable connected scalable, distributed applications ●  NEW: On-demand clusters ●  In-Memory cache and datastore, configured for the enterprise ●  Efficient provisioning matched to use cases Redis for PCF Brokered Services from Pivotal BOSH Managed | On-Demand Provisioning | Dedicated Instances | Custom Service Plans
  24. 24. Circuit Breaker Dashboard for PCF Visualizes a stream of Turbine health and metric data from the circuit breakers inside your microservices or applications. Service Registry for PCF Provides an implementation of the NetflixOSS Eureka Service Discovery pattern, as a service. Config Server for PCF Delivers a dynamic, central configuration service to manage an application’s external properties across all environments. Build & Operate Microservices with Spring Cloud Services Spring Boot Spring Cloud
  25. 25. Demo PCF + Azure
  26. 26. Architecture Cities UI Cities Service Azure SQLDB HTTP Bind
  27. 27. Transforming How The World Builds Software © Copyright 2017 Pivotal Software, Inc. All rights Reserved.