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devops, platforms and devops platforms

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Everyone has a platform. The choice is not between having a platform or not, the choice is between having an ad hoc organic platform or a deliberate structured platform. An army of administrators running scripts is a platform. The emergence of system automation tools provided powerful abstractions to increase the velocity and consistency beyond traditional approaches, but left orchestration and integration to be accomplished by additional scripts or manual processes. These tools and processes formed new platforms for deploying and managing software services. The new automation frameworks, like Cloud Foundry, represent the first generation developed after the advent of api driven cloud computing. This presentation will walk through the evolution of systems and software, the emergence of the process and practices driving innovation at scale, highlight the patterns of successful platforms leveraging both technology and people to deliver value with practical advice for evaluating and implementing change in the context of your organization. Visit to see the rest of our sessions at VMworld.

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devops, platforms and devops platforms

  1. 1. devops, platforms, and devops platforms Andrew Clay Shafer Senior Director of Technology
  2. 2. Andrew Clay Shafer
  3. 3. Andrew Clay Shafer @littleidea
  4. 4. EMC Federation Rules Everything Around me
  5. 5. devops, platforms, and devops platforms
  6. 6. wat
  7. 7. start with definitions?
  8. 8. everyone has a platform
  9. 9. just kidding we’ll come back to that
  10. 10. start with a story
  11. 11. start with my story
  12. 12. how did that happen?
  13. 13. Previously…
  14. 14. The power of automation!!!
  15. 15. automation at scale
  16. 16. turning the pages
  17. 17. I’m sure some of you have lived this too
  18. 18. maybe you didn’t (maybe you are about to)
  19. 19. this scenario played out over and over
  20. 20. everyone trying to solve similar problems everyone making similar mistakes
  21. 21. what you automate is just as important as the fact you do
  22. 22. technology can resist automation
  23. 23. day 2 matters
  24. 24. the architecture matters
  25. 25. please quit building installers
  26. 26. please quit building brittle clever solutions
  27. 27. please quit building stuff that will predictably explode
  28. 28. Typical Day at Work maybe you like being a hero? maybe your co-worker does?
  29. 29. Operations is the secret sauce configuration
  30. 30. paying interest on technical debt
  31. 31. paying interest on automation debt architecture debt process debt
  32. 32. everyone over and over and over
  34. 34. there has to be a better way
  35. 35. let’s rewind to definitions
  36. 36. What is devops?
  37. 37. I wrote a blog post. March 2010
  38. 38. devops • developers and operations can and should work together • system administration evolving to look more like software development • evolving together as global community sharing solutions
  39. 39. devops - calms • culture • automation • lean • metrics • sharing
  40. 40. What is a platform?
  41. 41. Everyone has a platform…
  42. 42. might be the one guy who runs scripts might be a bunch of configuration management might be a public PaaS
  43. 43. if you can deploy and operate code in any capacity, you have a platform maybe not be very good one
  44. 44. who cares about the word…
  45. 45. what about success?
  46. 46. ‘devops actualized’ represent patterns that emerged in high performing organizations that deliver highly available applications continuously at scale
  47. 47. devops, platforms, continuous delivery, microservices…
  48. 48. These things are all one…
  50. 50. from now on, I’m going to call all that together… ‘Cloud Native’
  51. 51. what would cloud natives do? wwcnd
  52. 52. Amazon, a bookstore in Seattle, deploys code to production every 11 seconds… 1 second
  53. 53. –Werner Vogels, CTO Amazon “The traditional model is that you take your software to the wall that separates development and operations, and throw it over and then forget about it. Not at Amazon. You build it, you run it. This brings developers into contact with the day-to-day operation of their software. It also brings them into day-to-day contact with the customer. This customer feedback loop is essential for improving the quality of the service.”
  54. 54. Adrian Cockroft - ex-Netflix What I learned from my time at Netflix.
  55. 55. Netflix Lessons • Speed wins in the marketplace • Remove friction from product development • High trust, low process, no hand-offs between teams • Freedom and responsibility culture • Don’t do your own undifferentiated heavy lifting • use simple patterns automated by tooling • self service cloud makes impossible things instant
  56. 56. Principles > Practices >Tools
  57. 57. why > what
  58. 58. Netflix Lessons • Speed wins in the marketplace • Remove friction from product development • High trust, low process, no hand-offs between teams • Freedom and responsibility culture • Don’t do your own undifferentiated heavy lifting • use simple patterns automated by tooling • self service cloud makes impossible things instant
  59. 59. Netflix built a platform to enable self service deployment
  60. 60. Netflix built a platform to deploy and operate microservices
  61. 61. Netflix built a platform to continuously deliver software
  62. 62. Netflix built a platform that could protect itself from failure
  63. 63. What Netflix did not do is build a platform for general ad-hoc automation…
  64. 64. Constraints are the contract that allows a platform to keep promises.
  65. 65. Everyone has a platform. What promises can your platform keep?
  66. 66. SLAs we promise
  67. 67. Pivotal Cloud Foundry promises starts at the API
  68. 68. •current_vm_id •create_stemcell •delete_stemcell •create_vm •delete_vm •has_vm? •reboot_vm •set_vm_metadata •configure_networks •create_disk •delete_disk •attach_disk •snapshot_disk •delete_snapshot •detach_disk •get_disks Cloud Provider Interface
  69. 69. Cloud Native Infrastructure Automation CPI
  70. 70. need to manage a large distributed system • deployment • configuration changes • updates/upgrades - minimal downtime • health checks and remediation • scale out/scale in • across multiple IaaS
  71. 71. Everything as a Service
  72. 72. Now that we have a tool chain for release engineering, deployment, and lifecycle management of large- scale distributed services… What should we do with it?
  73. 73. deploy a self-service self-healing container scheduler, of course!
  74. 74. routers Linux LinuxLinux Containers message bus cloud controller loggregators controller DB etcd hm9000 metrics firehose UAA login Cloud Foundry Elastic Runtime service brokers object store stagers
  75. 75. Cloud Native Runtime Platform Cloud Native Infrastructure Automation CPI BOSH release
  76. 76. • role based access to resources • run code on demand • coordinate cross service configurations • route public requests • read and write persistent data • add and remove resources • record internal and external events • isolate resources and failures • measure performance/health • detect and determine failure (plan & provoke failure) • recover failures • work tomorrow What problems does it solve?
  77. 77. 12 Factor Ops
  78. 78. your pipeline to continuously deliver microservices is ready (and win buzzword bingo)
  79. 79. ask me about distributed runtime configuration, service discovery, and circuit breakers
  80. 80. the patterns proven successful building and operating highly available systems with predictable scaling and failure characteristics
  81. 81. Cloud Native Runtime Platform Cloud Native Infrastructure Automation Cloud Native Application Framework CPI BOSH release 12 Factor Cloud Native Contracts
  82. 82. structured contracts determine the promises a platform can keep
  83. 83. simple patterns automated by tooling
  84. 84. simple patterns automated by tooling
  85. 85. simple patterns automated by tooling
  86. 86. This is the cloud native advantage
  87. 87. This is what helps organizations move quickly at scale
  88. 88. Conway’s Law Rules Everything Around You
  89. 89. Motivated to change the relationship between people and the computers I never set out to DO devops.
  90. 90. actually, needed to change the relationship between people and people
  91. 91. no one originally set out to do devops, continuous delivery, microservices, or platforms these were natural consequences don’t fixate on the words, fixate on the outcomes
  92. 92. if you want to align people in your organization, think about the interfaces, look at the promises they make and keep with each other.
  93. 93. Use tools and simple patterns to make doing the right thing the easy thing
  94. 94. can you keep promises?
  97. 97. Thank You @littleidea
  98. 98. We are uncovering better ways of developing software, by doing it and helping others do it