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Pivotal Cloud Foundry 2.4: A First Look

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Join Dan Baskette and Jared Ruckle for a view into Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) 2.4 capabilities with demos and expert Q&A. We’ll review the latest features for Pivotal’s flagship app platform, including the following:

- Native zero downtime push and native zero downtime restarts
- Dynamic egress policies
- Operations Manager updates
- Zero downtime stack updates to cflinuxfs3
- Zero downtime OS updates
- New pathways protected by TLS
- New scanning tools to assist with compliance

Plus much more!

Presenters : Dan Baskette, Director, Technical Marketing, Jared Ruckle, Principal Product Marketing Manager

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Pivotal Cloud Foundry 2.4: A First Look

  1. 1. © Copyright 2018 Pivotal Software, Inc. All rights Reserved. Pivotal Cloud Foundry 2.4: A First Look Jared Ruckle @jaredruckle Dan Baskette @dbbaskette
  2. 2. The platform can deliver on all of these outcomes as efficiently on day 1000 as it does on day 1. Operators can serve thousands of devs within tight budget constraints. Operators have choice around which cloud to run on. Developers reduce waste through small batch delivery and fast feedback. Operators can trust a secure-by-default platform that solves their security needs without introducing toil. Developers experience the safety to experiment and iterate rapidly.. Operators can provide a platform that meets their scale needs. Developers can ramp productivity linearly with personnel. Developers can run applications that handle large-scale loads. Operators can reason about the stability of the platform and provide well- understood SLOs. Developers can rely on the platform to allow them to deliver outcomes with low volatility. Operators can efficiently manage the platform and onboard new teams. Developers can iterate on delivering consumer value rapidly. We’re Going to Talk About These 5 Things Speed Stability Scalability Security Savings Sustained
  3. 3. vSphere Openstack AWS Google Cloud Azure & Azure Stack Shared Services Shared Security Shared Networking Logging & Metrics / Services Brokers / API Management Credhub / UAA / Single Sign On VMWare NSX Embedded Operating System (Windows / Linux) Application Code & Frameworks Buildpacks / Spring Boot / Spring Cloud / Steeltoe PAS Pivotal Application Service PKS Pivotal Container Service PFS Pivotal Function Service Pivotal Services Marketplace Pivotal and Partner Products Any App Every Cloud One Platform PCF — for everything that matters Concourse
  4. 4. Speed © Copyright 2018 Pivotal Software, Inc. All rights Reserved.
  5. 5. New! Zero Downtime Push & Zero Downtime Restarts
  6. 6. Native Zero Downtime Push and Zero Downtime Restarts Developers can do this natively for each app in PAS. • cf v3-zdt-push APP_NAME • cf v3-zdt-restart APP_NAME Beta in PAS 2.4. Previously, CLI plug-ins, custom scripts, and DIY orchestration were required. This meant fiddling with two different log metrics, and two different metrics stream. Now, it’s just part of PAS.
  7. 7. Apps Manager 2.4
  8. 8. Apps Manager: New Global Search 9 Plus, cf CLI parity for: Restage Service instance sharing
  9. 9. SMB Volume Driver & Broker
  10. 10. For customers with file servers supporting the CIFS/SMB protocol, PAS 2.4 introduces the SMB volume service. It will ship as part of the PAS 2.4 tile. When customers upgrade to PAS 2.4, they can use either SMB mounts or NFS mounts. SMB Volume Driver & Broker - Now GA! SMB mounts have an important advantage over the NFS option: password authentication is native to the protocol. This allows customers to control access to file shares without the additional overhead and complexity of configuring an LDAP server.
  11. 11. PCF Metrics 1.6
  12. 12. Automate the management of monitors for standard gauge metrics, Spring Boot app metrics, and app events via API and .yml file. PCF Metrics 1.6: Automate the Management of Monitors 1 3 Plus: Triggered Monitor Events Can be Retrieved via API Automated Logs Datastore Pruning Boosts Stability
  13. 13. Operations Manager 2.4
  14. 14. Speed Through Your Day with Operations Manager 2.4 ● New tools for IaaS customization. ○ Ops Manager supports Global CPI extensions. Operators can customize their IaaS deployment using 100s of different config extensions. ● Streamlined workflows for power users. ○ OpsManager "locks" certain fields after a successful deploy. If customers have a need to unlock some of these fields, they can do so via Advanced Mode. ● Improved permissions logic eases day-to-day administration. ○ Ops Manager users with write access can use the UI and API when another user with write access is logged in at the same time. ● OpsManager now persists historical Cloud Configs, Runtime Configs, and CPI Configs. ○ Persisting these primitives are a first step to enabling the diff-ing across historical and current configs.
  15. 15. Stability © Copyright 2018 Pivotal Software, Inc. All rights Reserved.
  16. 16. New! Dynamic Egress Policies
  17. 17. Dynamic Egress Policies Overcome the Limitations of ASGs Network admins can configure dynamic egress policies for CF apps and spaces using the IP address range. This feature will allow you to: ● Configure a destination object with details about the external service that the apps/spaces need access to ● Configure an egress policy from app/space to this destination object Perhaps more importantly you can Apply policy changes without an application restart! Previously, policy changes required production downtime. Beta in PAS 2.4.
  18. 18. Embedded OS
  19. 19. Upgrade to a New Embedded OS with Zero Downtime Ubuntu 16.04 v1803 PCF 2.3 updated several core tiles to include a new embedded OS. In recent months, even more tiles feature a new OS. (RabbitMQ 1.14+, Redis 1.14+, PKS 1.2+, Isolation Segments 2.3+, PCF Healthwatch 1.4)
  20. 20. New! Metric Registrar
  21. 21. Metric Registrar Brings Custom Metrics to Downstream Systems Metrics Registrar allows app developers to export custom metrics as native CF Metrics. Now developers can easily create custom metrics that better signal app health and performance, using standard client libraries like Micrometer or Prometheus. Useful alternative to Metrics Forwarder GA in PAS 2.4; disabled by default
  22. 22. Operations Manager 2.4
  23. 23. Ops Manager 2.4 will proactively show a warning when certs may be close to expiring.
  24. 24. Scalability © Copyright 2018 Pivotal Software, Inc. All rights Reserved.
  25. 25. App Automator for PCF
  26. 26. App Automator for PCF [beta] For app developers that need to run workloads based on a schedule or demand, App Automator for PCF enables flexible workload scheduling with an easy-to-use manifest. Developers can express when & what workloads should run via “Triggers” & “Actions.” ● These parameters live an App Automator manifest that lives within the app code. PAS will include predefined Triggers and Actions based on common scenarios. Here’s why this matters: ● It’s easier to build pipelines. Scheduling and scaling behavior lives in the Apps Tools manifest. ● Simplified operations. No database, no service broker. Just install via CLI, and the tool is available in the Space.
  27. 27. Security © Copyright 2018 Pivotal Software, Inc. All rights Reserved.
  28. 28. Compliance Scanner for PCF
  29. 29. Compliance Scanner for PCF A new offering that helps customers assess compliance. How? By scanning all BOSH managed VM’s against industry-recognized guidelines for secure configurations. The add-on tile includes: ● The OpenSCAP scanner that does the actual scanning ● Tests written by Pivotal Compliance Innovation in YML ● XGen: xccdf generator, which translates our yml tests to xccdf formatted (xml), that is needed by the OSCAP scanner. Beta in PCF 2.4
  30. 30. TLS in More Places
  31. 31. PAS 2.4 Security TLS encrypts more traffic flows throughout PAS 2.4. ● PAS operator can configure PAS to use TLS for all components' connections to the internal PXC MySQL database. ● PAS operator can configure PAS to use TLS for all components' connections to an external MySQL database by providing a CA cert. ● App developers can use CF SSH when PAS operator enables authenticated container ingress. ● PAS operator always has improved routing consistency, security, and stability from gorouters to Linux cells. This further advances PAS’ security profile towards removing the need for the IPsec Add-on.
  32. 32. cflinuxfs3 Stack & Related Buildpacks
  33. 33. PAS 2.4 Security PAS 2.4 will now use cflinuxfs3 stack and related buildpacks by default on new installs. ● Additional default system buildpacks for cflinuxfs3 will appear along with cflinuxfs3. ● Buildpacks will have same name, different stack. ● cflinuxfs2 remains default stack for 2.2/2.3. ● The default stack can be toggled between cflinuxfs2 and cflinuxfs3. This setting will be inherited upon upgrade. Work with your account team to get ready for this change as needed!
  34. 34. PCF Ops Manager 2.4 Security ● More options for compliance. Operators can now install and configure their own anti-virus software on Ops Manager's BOSH Director VM. ○ Helpful for compliance/security conscience customers, especially those that prefer to “bring their own” anti-virus solution ● Ops Manager 2.4 makes it easy to trust the root CA from all VMs. Operators no longer have to check the checkbox.
  35. 35. Savings © Copyright 2018 Pivotal Software, Inc. All rights Reserved.
  36. 36. Spring Cloud Data Flow for PCF 1.3
  37. 37. Spring Cloud Data Flow for PCF 1.3 Use SCDF for PCF to create modern data processing pipelines. Reduce your dependency on expensive legacy schedulers.
  38. 38. PAS for Windows 2.4
  39. 39. Memory & Disk Overcommit Control how many AIs end up on Windows cells. Choose to use fewer Windows VMs and reduce your IaaS footprint.
  40. 40. PSA © Copyright 2018 Pivotal Software, Inc. All rights Reserved.
  41. 41. PCF 2.4 will not support cf-mysql See the PCF 2.4 Upgrade Checklist for warning and link to documentation. Please work with your account team to upgrade!
  42. 42. Partner Ecosystem © Copyright 2018 Pivotal Software, Inc. All rights Reserved.
  43. 43. ISV Ecosystem Momentum Drives Platform Advantage ETL DATABASE IaaS CACHE / LB COMMERCE SEARCH IAM SECURITY TEST ANALYTICS BATCH APM MOBILE CI / CD NETWORKING ITIL BPM IDE/CODE API / SOA / uS / IOT MESSAGING SIEM / LOG / AUDIT CRM Microsoft Azure Microsoft Azure Google Cloud Platform Google Cloud Platform
  44. 44. © Copyright 2018 Pivotal Software, Inc. All rights Reserved. Version 1.0 ● Software published to ● Many features available now ● Contact your account team for updates on PKS & PFS availability ● Contact your account team to join roadmap call in March
  45. 45. Transforming How The World Builds Software © Copyright 2018 Pivotal Software, Inc. All rights Reserved.