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Pivotal Cloud Foundry 2.5: A First Look

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Join Dan Baskette and Jared Ruckle for a first look at Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) 2.5 capabilities with demos and expert Q&A. Attend this session and learn how you can:

● Accelerate developer productivity with new capabilities that give you more control over your applications.
● Improve operator efficiency and simplify administration of applications at scale.
● Reduce risk by keeping your your platform in a secure, healthy state.

Plus so much more!

Dan Baskette, Director, Technical Marketing
Jared Ruckle, Director, Product Marketing

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Pivotal Cloud Foundry 2.5: A First Look

  1. 1. © Copyright 2019 Pivotal Software, Inc. All rights Reserved. Pivotal Cloud Foundry 2.5: A First Look Jared Ruckle @jaredruckle Dan Baskette @dbbaskette
  2. 2. The platform can deliver on all of these outcomes as efficiently on day 1000 as it does on day 1. Operators can serve thousands of devs within tight budget constraints. Operators have choice around which cloud to run on. Developers reduce waste through small batch delivery and fast feedback. Operators can trust a secure-by-default platform that solves their security needs without introducing toil. Developers experience the safety to experiment and iterate rapidly.. Operators can provide a platform that meets their scale needs. Developers can ramp productivity linearly with personnel. Developers can run applications that handle large-scale loads. Operators can reason about the stability of the platform and provide well-understood SLOs. Developers can rely on the platform to allow them to deliver outcomes with low volatility. Operators can efficiently manage the platform and onboard new teams. Developers can iterate on delivering consumer value rapidly. We’re Going to Talk About These 5 Things Speed Stability Scalability Security Savings Sustained
  3. 3. vSphere Openstack AWS Google Cloud Azure & Azure Stack Shared Services Shared Security Shared Networking Logging & Metrics / Services Brokers / API Management Credhub / UAA / Single Sign On VMWare NSX Embedded Operating System (Windows / Linux) Application Code & Frameworks Buildpacks / Spring Boot / Spring Cloud / Steeltoe PAS Pivotal Application Service PKS Pivotal Container Service PFS Pivotal Function Service Pivotal Services Marketplace Pivotal and Partner Products Any App Every Cloud One Platform PCF — for everything that matters Concourse
  4. 4. Speed © Copyright 2019 Pivotal Software, Inc. All rights Reserved.
  5. 5. Manifest “Diff” View
  6. 6. PCF Ops Manager 2.5 Ops Manager shows a GitHub-style “manifest diff” view of proposed changes to a given manifest. Speed
  7. 7. Ops Manager 2.5: “Manifest Diff” View
  8. 8. Platform Automation for PCF
  9. 9. Platform Automation for PCF [beta] Platform Automation for PCF provides the building blocks for teams to create a repeatable and reusable automated pipeline for upgrading and installing their PCF foundations. The goal of Platform Automation for PCF is to enable platform engineers to make it easy to automate upgrades.
  10. 10. Platform Automation for PCF [beta]
  11. 11. Weighted Routing
  12. 12. PAS 2.5 Weighted Routing gives developers more control of how to split traffic when rolling out new versions of an app. [beta] ● Control what percentage of traffic for a route is forwarded to each application mapped to the route. ● This feature uses PCF’s new Istio & Envoy based routing subsystem. ● Operators will have to choose to deploy additional VMs for the subsystem, which includes components Copilot, Pilot, and Gateway Envoy. ● App Developers can then use the Cloud Controller API to control the % traffic to each app mapped to a route. Speed Stability
  13. 13. Multiple Custom Ports
  14. 14. PAS 2.5 PAS now supports apps that require multiple custom ports ● Some workloads listen on ports other than 8080 ○ Docker images ● Others listen on multiple ports ○ TCP protocols that require multiple ports ○ Apps that serve web client requests on one port and offer stats/debug on another ● We want you to run these apps on PAS! Now, you can. Speed
  15. 15. Metadata on API Elements
  16. 16. PAS 2.5 Operators can specify metadata on elements throughout PAS. ● Add metadata to Apps, Orgs, Spaces, Builds, Isolation Segments, Stacks, Deployments, Processes and Tasks ● This metadata helps users identify and enrich API resources with additional information. ● This can add useful context for other operators (i.e. understanding what’s in an app), and labeling apps for chargeback / internal billing purposes. Speed
  17. 17. Source: Labeling Cloud Foundry API resources with a git SHA
  18. 18. Windows Server & .NET Updates
  19. 19. PAS for Windows 2.5 Speed Windows Binary Buildpack will add multi-buildpacks capabilities. ● A number of you push .NET Core applications to Windows cells, which currently requires a self-published app and the Binary Buildpack. ● This new feature will enable the same add-on-like functionality for these apps and any Windows executables, like APM agents. vSphere Stemcell Automation ● With this phase of automation, all the stemcell-build steps are automated except Windows Updates. ● Simplifies the control plane for stemcell creation. SMB Service will be enabled in PAS for Windows 2.5. ● Made possible with a Windows Server 1803 update and the .NET Developer Experience team. ● Developers can use Steeltoe and “net use” with FQDN file paths in a .profile.bat script to mount an SMB network volume from a container. Coming Soon
  20. 20. Single Sign-On for PCF
  21. 21. SSO for PCF 1.9 (coming soon) Release Target: March 2019 The module will feature a revamped application developer dashboard, designed to improve onboarding. ● Key information is presented at-a-glance. ● Instructions are more clear, and workflows are simplified. ● The end result? First-time users become productive faster.
  22. 22. Spring Cloud Data Flow for PCF 1.4
  23. 23. Spring Cloud Data Flow for PCF 1.4 (coming soon) SCDF for PCF 1.4 will bundle OSS SCDF 2.0, and automate day-to-day operations. Highlights of the OSS release include: ● [speed] Java 11 compatibility (Java 8 is EOL) ● [speed] New Analytics and Monitoring abilities through Prometheus and InfluxDB ● [stability] Builds on the latest Spring Boot and Spring Cloud 2.1 GA foundation to provide a stable orchestration environment for Stream and Batch processing in PAS/PKS ● [scalability] Multi-platform backend support to launch Streams/Tasks from PAS to PKS, and vice-versa,
  24. 24. Stability © Copyright 2019 Pivotal Software, Inc. All rights Reserved.
  25. 25. Native Azure AZ Support for New PCF Installs
  26. 26. PCF Ops Manager 2.5 ● Ops Manager natively supports Azure AZs in available regions for clean installs of PAS. Stability
  27. 27. Windows Server 2019
  28. 28. PAS for Windows 2.5 Stability PAS for Windows 2.5 includes stemcells with Windows Server 2019. Never patch an OS again - let Pivotal do it for you! ● Operators can deliver rapid, uncomplicated, zero-downtime upgrades of Windows Server for their org. ● The new OS stabilizes and enhances a number of container APIs we consume in the Garden Windows implementation, winc. ● Perform a cf push with -s windows to target these cells. ● Stemcells will be available on PivNet and for all IaaS targets, except vSphere. Coming Soon
  29. 29. Steeltoe 2.2
  30. 30. Steeltoe 2.2 Steeltoe.Management Config server and Service Discovery Client can now contribute to an app’s health profile. Actuator endpoints are better aligned to the Spring Boot 2.0 spec (i.e. naming and functionality). Steeltoe.Connectors MongoDB has been added as an optional connector. This simplifies how .NET services call this database. Steeltoe.Discovery More support for additional scenarios: load balance across multiple Eureka server URLs and for Hashicorp Consul as a Discovery server. Blog | Docs Stability
  31. 31. MySQL for PCF 2.6
  32. 32. MySQL for PCF 2.6 ● MySQL for PCF 2.6 offers multi-DC replication (beta). ○ Developers can create a leader-follower mysql in two foundations ○ Developers can bind apps in either foundation to the multi-dc mysql instance. ○ Developers can trigger a failover to their DR site in the case of a disaster. ○ Operators can do datacenter maintenance while keeping mysql services up and running. ● Galera clustering remains in beta in this release. Coming Soon Stability
  33. 33. Scalability © Copyright 2019 Pivotal Software, Inc. All rights Reserved.
  34. 34. Apps Manager
  35. 35. Apps Manager Speed Scalability ● Developers new to PAS can use Apps Manager to become proficient with common platform functions. ● In PAS 2.5, Apps Manager gains additional parity with the CLI for async bindings ● PAS 2.5.x will also includes a new feature not found in the CLI: Multi-foundation support [beta] [coming soon] ○ Search on org name, space name, service instance name, and app names.
  36. 36. View and Manage Apps Across Multiple Foundations [coming soon]
  37. 37. Windows Stemcells for AWS China
  38. 38. PAS for Windows 2.5 Scalability Windows Stemcells in AWS China. ● When released, these stemcells will work with PAS for Windows 2.4 and 2.3 as well. Coming Soon
  39. 39. Security © Copyright 2019 Pivotal Software, Inc. All rights Reserved.
  40. 40. Trusted CA Certs in PAS for Windows
  41. 41. PAS for Windows 2.5 Security PAS for Windows 2.5 will support custom trusted CA certs. ● In this forthcoming release, Windows containers will load the trusted-CA certs provided by operators in Ops Manager. This leverages a new OCI-layer insertion process built by Garden Windows team. Coming Soon
  42. 42. Pivotal Cloud Cache OAuth Integration
  43. 43. Pivotal Cloud Cache 1.7 PCC 1.7 integrates with OAuth2 providers like UAA. Coming Soon Security
  44. 44. PSA © Copyright 2019 Pivotal Software, Inc. All rights Reserved.
  45. 45. PCF Ops Manager 2.5 Stability ● OpsManager 2.5 comes with a breaking change ○ Breaking change impacts any customers who are using pipelines to pull down new versions of OpsManager ○ New filename follow the format below: ops-manager-aws-2.5.1-build.123.p df ○ For more information on how to workaround this breaking change, please see the KB article
  46. 46. PSA PASW 2012R2 End of Availability In line with delivering the best experience for Windows workloads on PCF, the 2012 R2 stack is being retired. Please talk to your Pivotal account team to discuss migration and upgrade strategy.
  47. 47. PSA Please note: PAS 2.5 does not ship with cflinuxfs2. Operators must complete migration of their buildpack-based apps prior to upgrading. ● Resource [cflinuxfs3 Migration] These features remain in beta status: ● Dynamic Egress Policy Configuration [blog] ● Native Rolling Deployments ● App Automator [docs] [PivNet] ● Compliance Scanner Add-on
  48. 48. Partner Ecosystem © Copyright 2019 Pivotal Software, Inc. All rights Reserved.
  49. 49. ISV Ecosystem Momentum Drives Platform Advantage ETL DATABASE IaaS CACHE / LB COMMERCE SEARCH IAM SECURITY TEST ANALYTICS BATCH APM MOBILE CI / CD NETWORKING ITIL BPM IDE/CODE API / SOA / uS / IOT MESSAGING SIEM / LOG / AUDIT CRM Microsoft Azure Microsoft Azure Google Cloud Platform Google Cloud Platform
  50. 50. © Copyright 2019 Pivotal Software, Inc. All rights Reserved. Version 1.0 ● Software published to ● Many features available now ● Contact your account team for updates on PKS & PFS. ● Contact your account team to join roadmap call in June.
  51. 51. Transforming How The World Builds Software © Copyright 2019 Pivotal Software, Inc. All rights Reserved.