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Pivotal Cloud Foundry 2.6: A First Look

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Join Dan Baskette and Jared Ruckle for a view into Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) 2.6 capabilities with demos and expert Q&A. We’ll review the latest features for Pivotal’s flagship app platform, including:

In Pivotal Application ServiceⓇ 2.6 (PAS), developers can run custom sidecar processes in the same container as their application. This simplifies development for all kinds of “wire” use cases, including proxy forwarding, client-side load balancing, timeouts, and retries.

PCF now integrates nicely with the most popular CD tool, Spinnaker. Spinnaker 1.14 now supports several advanced CD scenarios with PCF. As a result, large development teams can more easily deploy to production to improve outcomes. Use Spinnaker with PAS as well as Enterprise PKSⓇ. (This integration is backed by community support.)

NEW PERMISSIONS MODEL IN CONCOURSE FOR PCF (coming soon) Concourse for PCF 5.2 will include a powerful new permissions model to better segment access to build pipelines. The new release will add compatibility with CredHub for secrets management as well.

MULTI-DATACENTER REPLICATION CAPABILITIES FOR MySQL (coming soon) MySQL for PCF 2.7 will add multi-DC replication capabilities as a beta feature. This will offer more stability and scalability for your database apps.

Plus much more!

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Pivotal Cloud Foundry 2.6: A First Look

  1. 1. © Copyright 2019 Pivotal Software, Inc. All rights Reserved. Pivotal Cloud Foundry 2.6: A First Look Jared Ruckle @jaredruckle Dan Baskette @dbbaskette
  2. 2. Operational Efficiency ● Employ 500:1 developer to operator ratio ● Perform zero-downtime upgrades ● Runs the same way on every public/private cloud Developer Productivity Comprehensive Security ● Accelerate feedback loops by improving delivery velocity ● Focus on applications, not infrastructure ● Give developers the tools and frameworks to build resilient apps ● Adopt a defense-in- depth approach ● Continuously update platforms to limit threat impact ● Apply the 3 R’s → repair, repave, rotate ● Deploy multi-cloud resilience patterns ● Run platforms that stays online under all circumstances ● Scale up and down, in and out, through automation Multi-Cloud Success The Pivotal value proposition.
  3. 3. Developer Productivity © Copyright 2019 Pivotal Software, Inc. All rights Reserved.
  4. 4. Sidecar Processes
  5. 5. App developers can run custom sidecar processes in the same container as their application [beta] ● PAS continues to be the best place for modern architectures, like the sidecar pattern. ● Use cases: proxy forwarding, credentials management, client-side load balancing, timeouts, and retries.
  6. 6. Spinnaker Integration
  7. 7. Add Spinnaker to Your PCF Deployment Open source, multi-cloud continuous delivery. Releasing software changes with high velocity and confidence. Works with PAS and Enterprise PKS • Zero-downtime blue/green deployments • Multi-foundation view of applications • Manifest-based deployment • Application management actions and pipeline stages • Clone stage for promotion of applications across environments • Pipeline stages to deploy/destroy services • Binding applications to services as part of deploy stages • Artifact framework for triggering and assembling deployments • Artifactory and Nexus integrations • Artifact traceability from build to deployed assets • Concourse trigger type
  8. 8. Application Rollback
  9. 9. PAS 2.6 App developers can easily rollback to an app revision from a specific point in time [beta] ● Quickly adjust if production deployments do not go as expected. ● What’s a revision? A snapshot of code and configuration for an application at a specific point in time. ○ Revisions are automatically created for an app when new app code or configuration is deployed. ● In order to rollback an app to a previous revision, a user creates a deployment for an app that points to that previous revision. Developer Productivity
  10. 10. Spring Cloud Data Flow for PCF
  11. 11. Spring Cloud Data Flow for PCF 1.5 Open-source SCDF 2.1 Integration with UAA The tile, and dependent components, are packaged, managed and updated by Pivotal The hub for learning about all things Data Flow related
  12. 12. Config Server 3.0
  13. 13. Spring Cloud Services for PCF 3.0 is GA! Config Server 3.0 includes across-the-board enhancements: ● Removes dependencies on RabbitMQ for PCF and MySQL for PCF tiles. This simplifies day-to-day management of the SCS tile. ● Improves performance by bundling in a local Git mirror service on each PCF foundation. Config Server property updates are faster. What’s more, the auditing and governance of these updates is easier. ● Bundles has an integrated CredHub backend to manage secrets for each service instance. (We will continue to support Vault.) PSA: Circuit Breaker Dashboard is discontinued. So for this release, continue to install and use SCS v2.0 alongside SCS v3.0, so that they can retain their existing Circuit Breaker Dashboard and Registry Server capabilities.
  14. 14. PAS for Windows
  15. 15. PAS for Windows 2.6 VCAP user can modify the ODBC section of the registry settings ● Customers will now have the opportunity to install ODBC drivers, including Jethro, to talk to their .NET Apps. .NET Framework and .NET Core apps on Windows can now use multiple custom ports ● Released in PAS 2.5 for .NET Core on Linux; now it comes to Windows! ● Some workloads listen on ports other than 8080; others listen on multiple ports. For example: ○ TCP protocols that require multiple ports ○ Apps that serve web client requests on one port and offer stats/debug on another
  16. 16. PSA & Important reminders PASW 2012R2 End of Availability In line with delivering the best experience for Windows workloads on PCF, the 2012 R2 stack is being retired. Please talk to your balanced account team to discuss migration and upgrade strategy. ‘-s windows2016’ is deprecated (as of PASW 2.5). Use ‘-s windows’ instead. You may run `cf buildpacks` to verify that you have the `windows` associated stack.
  17. 17. Operator Efficiency © Copyright 2019 Pivotal Software, Inc. All rights Reserved.
  18. 18. MySQL for PCF
  19. 19. MySQL for PCF 2.7 to add multi-datacenter replication (beta) Enterprise-ready MySQL. Self- service, on-demand, highly available. Coming soon • Developers to create a leader-follower mysql in two foundations • Developers to bind apps in either foundation to the multi-dc mysql instance • Developers to trigger a failover to their DR site in the case of a disaster • Operators to perform datacenter maintenance while keeping mysql services up and running • Galera clustering remains in beta
  20. 20. Platform Automation for PCF
  21. 21. Platform Automation for PCF: Your Perpetual Upgrade Machine Building blocks to create a repeatable and reusable automated pipeline for upgrading and installing PCF foundations Works with Concourse and leverages Concourse tasks Compatible with Ops Manager 2.3-2.6 Contains and extends om commands (the Ops Manager API) Uses externalized configurations, which enable reusability across foundations Can be used to update any supported infrastructure Provides how-to guides and example pipelines to show how to string together tasks
  22. 22. RabbitMQ for PCF
  23. 23. RabbitMQ for PCF 1.16.4: Across-the-Board Enhancements Easily connect distributed applications using with the most widely deployed open source message broker. Simplify connections between applications, deploy more scalable systems, and ship faster. New plugins for on-demand instances Share metrics with PCF Healthwatch Option to disable service metrics Simpler TLS setup Option to enforce TLS New metrics
  24. 24. Pivotal Cloud Cache
  25. 25. Pivotal Cloud Cache 1.8: High-performance caching for Spring microservices An in-memory, key-value store that performs read/write operations at blazingly fast speeds. ● Service instances can now be backed up and restored via BOSH Backup & Restore ● PCC now captures more details about the health of your deployment ○ Use this enhanced telemetry to establish SLOs for the throughput and latency of each cluster. ● Performance improvements ○ Puts are 7% faster ○ Gets are 9% faster ○ Server gets are 250% faster
  26. 26. Observability
  27. 27. Additional IaaS VM Metrics via the Loggregator Firehose New tooling simplifies this scenario and eases troubleshooting. ● System Metrics Agent. This is deployed as a collocated job within PAS. It collects metrics and makes them available over a Prometheus compatible exposition endpoint. ● Metric Scraper. This component consumes any Prometheus compatible exposition endpoint, and sends it to Loggregator Agent. It will report VM metrics for all PAS VMs. This component will run on the Scheduler VM and use Bosh DNS to discover Bosh deployed VMs.
  28. 28. PAS 2.6 App Operators can set up more than 10k syslog drains [beta] ● PAS 2.6 moves the syslog forwarding from the end of the Loggregator pipeline (at the adapter) closer to the point of emission, eliminating the scaling issue. ● The enhancements include an agent that runs on all VMs between the emitting jobs (containers and components) and loggregator-agent. This agent forwards the logs to the configured syslog drains and additionally to loggregator-agent / pipeline. ● Feature is a beta, off by default.Operator Efficiency
  29. 29. PCF HealthWatch 1.6 Operator Efficiency New UX Capabilities ● Highlight-to-zoom behavior ● Synchronised needles across charts for easier cross comparison of metrics. ● This is especially helpful when troubleshooting.
  30. 30. PCF Healthwatch 1.6: New UX Capabilities
  31. 31. Operations Manager 2.6
  32. 32. PCF Ops Manager 2.6 Ops Manager API users can now call an endpoint to receive a list of required fields. ● The OM GUI shows what fields are required for a deployment. Until now, API users didn’t have an easy way to check what’s required. ● The API response lists out actionable data to help the operator. ● API docs ○ Pre-deploy-check-for-a-staged-bosh-director ○ pre-deploy-check-for-a-staged-product Operator Efficiency
  33. 33. Ops Manager 2.6: APIs Calls to Get a List of Required Fields
  34. 34. PCF Ops Manager 2.6 Ops Manager supports specifying monitor_port for NSX load balancers. Now, PCF deployments on vSphere can use the OM NSX load balancer features. Ops Manager tracks and exposes how long an individual product takes to deploy. A new “change log” page shows a historical view of all your deployments. Operator Efficiency
  35. 35. Ops Manager 2.6: New Change Log page
  36. 36. Comprehensive Security © Copyright 2019 Pivotal Software, Inc. All rights Reserved.
  37. 37. Concourse for PCF
  38. 38. Concourse for PCF 5.2 Continuously integrate and deliver any change to your application stack New Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC) • Concourse Admin • Team Owners • Team Members • Pipeline Operators • Team View Parallelized Container/Volume Clean-Up Integration with Credhub ...and Much More! • Generic credential caching • Primitive audit logging • Pinned resources • Global Resource • Sidebar navigation added back • Icons on pipeline • Check out new Examples section
  39. 39. Enterprise PKS
  40. 40. Enterprise PKS 1.4 Production-ready Kubernetes on any cloud Kubernetes 1.13.5 Streamlined Install & Config for vSphere Single Operations Manager for PAS + PKS Lifecycle Management features • Pod Security Policies • Cluster Admin resource quotas. • Self-service KubeConfig access. • Backup and restore • ...and more! Want early access to PKS 1.5 for Windows workloads? Contact your balanced account team.
  41. 41. Other Security Features
  42. 42. PAS 2.6 Improved security for Gorouter ○ The system now defaults to DNS lookup for resolving user- provided internal route services. [docs] ○ Previously, Gorouter would prefer any route registered internally. Security updates to the new Istio-based routing tier ○ The new routing tier (launched as part of PAS 2.5) includes an updated Envoy version (1.9.1). This version fixes security vulnerabilities in the previous version. Comprehensive Security
  43. 43. Multi-Cloud Success © Copyright 2019 Pivotal Software, Inc. All rights Reserved.
  44. 44. AWS Service Broker for PCF
  45. 45. AWS Service Broker for PCF - now GA! Released The AWS Service Broker allows native AWS services to be exposed directly through application platforms that implement the Open Service Broker API, and provides simple integration of AWS Services directly within the application platform.
  46. 46. PCF Ops Manager 2.6 Ops Manager now supports 5th generation AWS instances. Ops Manager supports ADFS for Azure Stack. Enables use of PCF on Azure Stack in disconnected mode. Multi-Cloud Success
  47. 47. Partner Ecosystem © Copyright 2019 Pivotal Software, Inc. All rights Reserved.
  48. 48. ISV Ecosystem Momentum Drives Platform Advantage ETL DATABASE IaaS CACHE / LB COMMERCE SEARCH IAM SECURITY TEST ANALYTICS BATCH APM MOBILE CI / CD NETWORKING ITIL BPM IDE/CODE API / SOA / uS / IOT MESSAGING SIEM / LOG / AUDIT CRM Microsoft Azure Microsoft Azure Google Cloud Platform Google Cloud Platform
  49. 49. Register Today Use Discount Code S1P200_DBaskette October 7–10, 2019 Austin Convention Center and Save!
  50. 50. © Copyright 2019 Pivotal Software, Inc. All rights Reserved. Version 1.0 ● Software published to ● Docs available on
  51. 51. Transforming How The World Builds Software © Copyright 2019 Pivotal Software, Inc. All rights Reserved.