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Friends of Pimville Library - Report

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Friends of Pimville Library - Report

  1. 1. Friends of Pimville Library Report
  2. 2. Table of Content 1. Introduction of Friends of Pimville Library 2. Membership 3. Organisational Structure 4. Events 5. Projects 6. Conclusion
  3. 3. 1. Introduction  The friendsofPimville Library was formed inOctober 2009 • The legal status underthe Social Development is NPOnumber: 080-002 • The friendsprimarilyFunctionsat Pimville Library • One of the primary objectivesisto promote,stimulate and increase general interestin,and awarenessof, the servicesthat publiclibrariesprovide and oftheir educational,social and Cultural role in the community; • To addressthe social issuesthat inhibitmembersof the community that wish to utilize the servicesof the library; and to presentsolutionsto suit the needs of the under privileged. • To promote the activitiesof libraries,includinglectures,discussions, exhibitions,films, newsletters,storytellingforchildren,retail sales, fundraising,educational tours, etc. • The friendsstarted conductingBook Club sessionsat the library since the inceptionofthe body structure herewithmentioned. • We therefore were allowedan opportunityto host book clubsat the activity room withinthe library by the library manager. • The Friendsof Pimville Librarywere officiallyhandedthe certificate ofregistration by the Department of Social DevelopmentinMay 2010. 2. Membership • Initiallythe Friendshad 7 membersto effectivelyestablishthemselves(2009). • The numbersescalatedto 22 membersin (2010). • Followedwithby an impressive 45 membersin (2011). • The current membershipofthe FriendsofPimville Library stands at 75 active members (2012). • We have beenfortunate enoughto also establishrelationshipswith5 other corporate institutionsyetthe projectedmembershipfor2012 is 20. • Cultural Organisationstill stands at 0; the projectedmembershipfor2012 is 20. • Relationshipwithother NGO/ NPO’sstands at 0, the projectedmembershipis20. • One ofthe best methodthe friendshas utilizedingainingindividual membershipisthrough book club’sghost calling usingthe library’s attendance registerto invite new membersof the Friendsactivities. • The current strategy at hand is to involve more schools to be part of the Friendsof Pimville Library. • Membershipforindividual membershipisfree ofcharge howeverthere’sa fee of R 100. 00 will be requestedforcorporate membership.The roll out to start charging for corporate membershipwill commence once the SARS Tax exemptcertificate isissuedto the Friendsof Pimville Library.
  4. 4. • Corporate membershipandother organisation’s membershipwill be linkedwitha certificate issuedto that particular organisation or institutionand corporate structure joiningthe Friendsof Pimville Library. • The certificate issuedwill lapse after 12 months therefore require reactivationof membership. 3. Organisational Structure • The organisational structure consists of sixexecutive members. • The structures portfoliosinclude: - Chairperson - Secretary - Treasurer - PublicRelationsOfficer - DevelopmentOfficer - Project Manager • The challenge at hand is the functioningofthe appropriate portfolioofficersas there’s constant change due to other personal commitmentsfrom memberse.g.School and work relatedmatters. • The Friendshave requestedthe servicesof the eldercommunitymemberswho have shown enormoussupport for the state of the nation’s educationsystem. • The advisors board formedby the friendsincludessixmembershence four membersare constantly helpingthe friendson occasional basis. • The friendsrepresentand promote the servicesofthe Publiclibrary. • The friendsalso largelyconsiderthe community’sneedsand expectationsto be addressedor fulfilledbythe Publiclibrary services. 4. Events • The friendshave in the past been involvedon numerouseventsto visiblytake part in educational and social activities. • The friendspresentlyhostBook Clubsessionsbi-monthly. • We have taken part in the MandelaDay Celebration(2010 – 2011). • Attendedthe Annual Friendsof JohannesburgPublicLibraries Book Sale (2010 -2012). • Attendedthe Africa Day Book Fair Celebration(2011). • Taken part in the Annual Jozi Book Fair (2011). • The Friendsare currently conductinga recyclingproject. • The friendsrenovatedthe library’s bag card system. • The friendshave conducted numerouscommunity awarenessinitiativeswithinthe vicinityof Pimville andthroughout Soweto. • There has beena string of training and developmentsskillsworkshopsdone organizedby the friends. • The friendshave managed to secure the servicesof the Life Line Counselors’onsite withinthe library for the public. • The friendshave beenprivilegedtoconduct book signing sessionsinconjunctionwith Van Schaik Book store since 2010.
  5. 5. • The book signingsessionsincludedthe likesofthe following: - ProfessorPitika Ntuli – Author,Scholar, TV personality(PitikaNtuli’sarts collection). - Fred Khumalo– Author – (Zuluboy gone crazy). - NdumisoNgcobo – Author and Radio personality(Some of my friendsare white and Coconut). - Thato Wamogogodi – Author (South African Talktionary – Dictionary of Slang). - VeronicaMathebula - Author (Dare to Dream and Dreams do come true). 4.1 Current Projects • Sign language for the library staff and the community (WitsCentre for Deaf Studies). • Workshopson publishing,selfpublishinganddistributions. • Addressingchallengesofstudy groups in the community. • Lectures. • Friendsof SowetoLibraries. • Help2read campaign. • Unisaliteracy campaign. • Pigeonholes. • Dial a nerd– computer donations. • Consolidatingall 17 Soweto libraries. • Establisha body of writers. • Puppetshow for local crèchesand primary schools. • Fun day – All primary schools. • Readerthonschools competition. • Adopt a library initiative. • Fund raising. 5. Conclusion In conclusion,I would like to thank the entire city of Johannesburgfor allowingsuch an initiative to take place inthe townshipand to thank the Friendsof JohannesburgLibrariesfor all the helpthey have done for the Friendsof Pimville Library.It has beenan overwhelmingexperience toalsomix up or socialize with various friendsofother librariesin Johannesburgthrough the monthlymeetingsthat take place at Solomon Streetin Braamfonteinorganized by the Friendsof JohannesburgLibraries. The friendsofPimville / SowetoLibraries have identifiedthatSowetohas differentchallengesin terms of the geographical locationof libraries.Librarieshave their specificneedsthat needsto be addressedor accomplishedtherefore the friendshave made a commitmentto play a pivotal role in assistingeducational activitiesin all spheres.
  6. 6. The friendshave recentlyestablishedrelationshipswithlocal primary and secondary schoolsin managing the schoolslibraries.The aforementionedproject hascommencedsince April 2012. The friendshave also beenawarded the privilege tobe on the board of the Friendsof Johannesburg Libraries. I would like to thank you for your continuedsupport inthis regard. Kind regards LeefarMoshibe Chairperson Friendsof Pimville /Soweto Libraries 081 304 5768 086 72 6868 7