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Setting Up Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Practice

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Presentation on Setting up a Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Practice at Exploring Psychedelics, Ashland, Oregon, May 34-25, 2018

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Setting Up Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Practice

  1. 1. Starting a Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) Practice Veronika Gold, LMFT Gregory Wells, PhD
  2. 2. Why Ketamine? 
 Why Now?
  3. 3. Treatment Indications ◇ Treatment Resistant Depression ◇ Anxiety Disorders ◇ PTSD ◇ Addictions ◇ OCD ◇ Psycho-spiritual growth Contraindications ◇ Personality Disorder ◇ Delusional Disorder ◇ Bipolar with caution ◇ Untreated HTN ◇ Cardiovascular Disease ◇ Kidney disease or impairment
  4. 4. Set and Setting
  5. 5. Set and Setting
  6. 6. Non-directive, supporting emerging experience. A Manual for MDMA- assisted Psychotherapy in the Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Michael C. Mithoefer, M.D. Other contributors: June Ruse, Psy.D Annie Mithoefer, B.S.N., Lisa Jerome, Ph.D., Rick Doblin, Ph.D., Elizabeth Gibson, M.S., Marcela Ot’alora G.,L.P.C.
  7. 7. Treatment Approaches Low Dose ◇ Empathogenic Experience - Trance-like state ◇ Psycholytic Therapy ◇ Allows for ongoing communication ◇ Induces mild dissociation, mildly anesthetic, yet present and relaxed state ◇ Generally low-risk; low side Moderate to High Dose ◇ Out of Body Experience (OBE) ◇ Near-Death Experience (NDE) ◇ Ego-Dissolving Transcendental experience ◇ Moderate to profound dissociative sedation, may be similar to high dose classical psychedelics ◇ Potential for side effects; not suitable for
  8. 8. Treatment Protocol for Lozenge Sessions ◇ Medical and Psychological Assessment and Intake Session ◇ 1-2 in office sessions with low-moderate dose lozenges ◇ Education and guidance to prepare for at-home low dose sessions ◇ 6 at-home low dose sessions over 2-week period ◇ Therapist contact after every at-home session ◇ Patient required to have own therapist for weekly sessions ◇ Maintenance phase: less frequent sessions and/or IM sessions
  9. 9. Patient’s First At-Home Ketamine Session I am emerging which has been such a beautiful and powerful theme of this journey… most profoundly experienced in ways that are deeper than words could ever describe…both giving birth to myself and being birthed by myself, I could experience myself mothering me, guiding me, I was able to experience myself as my own therapist.
  10. 10. • Vision and mission of your practice • Education and Training • Set and Setting – preparation, approach, integration • Staff training • Protocol • Partnerships • Outcome measures and data collection • Preparation for Adverse Events
 Entrepreneurship in Ketamine Therapy

  11. 11. ◇ and The Center for Transformational Psychotherapy Phil Wolfson and Julane Andries in San Anselmo, CA ◇ Kriya Institute Raquel Bennett in Bay Area TRAINING IN KETAMINE ASSISTED PSYCHOTHERAPY
  12. 12. Polaris Insight Center 4257 18th St. San Francisco, CA 94114 415.400.5722 THANK YOU!